B. Moore Track & C. Maddox Field House - Site License 
              2013 LSU Tiger Relays - 3/22/2013 to 3/23/2013              
                           Bernie Moore Stadium                           
Event 82  Men Javelin Throw
 TOP 9 MARKS ADVANCE TO FINAL                                             
 MINIMUM MARK - 160-0                                                     
 MEASURE FIRST LEGAL MARK                                                 
 West Runway                                                              
     Stadium: S 264-05  1998        Andreas Linden, Unattached            
 Meet Record: M 234-01  2007        Chris Hill, McNeese St.               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Aaron Moore                  Tiger Olympians         64.26m     210-10
      62.53m  64.01m  62.70m  60.33m  64.26m  63.62m                      
  2 Matti Mortimore              New Orleans             64.05m     210-02
      56.78m  60.39m  64.05m  53.48m  57.41m  58.29m                      
  3 Jeremy Tuttle                LSU                     62.69m     205-08
      FOUL  60.39m  60.94m  62.69m  FOUL  FOUL                            
  4 Philip LeBlanc               LSU                     61.20m     200-09
      60.26m  57.48m  58.61m  57.11m  60.34m  61.20m                      
  5 Bryce Lemon                  Akron                   59.08m     193-10
      59.08m  55.09m  58.86m  56.72m  53.37m  56.34m                      
  6 Casey Revere                 SE Louisiana            56.93m     186-09
      FOUL  56.07m  51.09m  55.13m  56.93m  49.08m                        
  7 Isaac Grieder                UL-Monroe               56.67m     185-11
      56.67m  51.27m  FOUL  55.44m  FOUL  54.50m                          
  8 Bryan Dowdell                Akron                   56.45m     185-02
      52.16m  51.78m  53.77m  53.07m  56.45m  55.90m                      
  9 Garrett LeBouef              LSU                     54.34m     178-03
      51.31m  54.34m  52.28m  49.24m  50.78m  49.60m                      
 10 Philip Moody                 LSU                     53.75m     176-04
      51.68m  53.75m  53.33m                                              
 11 John Dahlstrand              Akron                   52.43m     172-00
      52.06m  52.43m  51.28m                                              
 12 Joey Womack                  UL-Monroe               50.17m     164-07
      50.17m  FOUL  ND                                                    
 13 Peter Benoit                 Embry-Riddle            49.22m     161-06
      49.22m  ND  ND                                                      
 14 Andrew Bridge                SE Louisiana            47.39m     155-06
      47.39m  ND  ND                                                      
 15 Collin Rowland               SE Louisiana            45.21m     148-04
      FOUL  45.21m  ND                                                    
 16 Kameron Turner               Embry-Riddle            41.91m     137-06
      41.91m  FOUL  FOUL                                                  
 17 Damion Ray                   Mississippi Valley      34.47m     113-01
      34.47m  ND  ND                                                      
 18 Deshaun Allen                Jackson State           32.04m     105-01
      32.04m  ND  PASS                                                    
 19 Jonathan Mack                UL-Monroe               30.03m      98-06
      30.03m  ND  ND                                                      
 20 Tray Madkins                 Mississippi Valley      23.90m      78-05
      23.90m  ND  ND                                                      
 -- Hasoni Alfred                Southern                  FOUL           
      ND  FOUL  FOUL                                                      
 -- Joshua Albert                Southern                   DNS           
 -- Andrew Paino                 Embry-Riddle               DNS           
 -- Jonathan Atkins              Jackson State              DNS           
 -- Bruce Nix                    Alcorn State               DNS           
 -- Travion Simpson              Mississippi Valley         DNS           
 -- Terry Hughes                 LSU                        DNS