Beach Volleyball Takes Two of Three Matches

LSU's Ashley Allmer
LSU's Ashley Allmer
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Fraser McAlpine
Fraser McAlpine
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BATON ROUGE, La. - Despite a three hour weather delay, the No. 9 ranked LSU beach volleyball team (20-9) collected two wins in three matches, defeating UNO and No. 16 New Mexico and falling to TCU on day one of the Battle on the Bayou tournament at Mango’s Beach Volleyball Club off of Sherwood Forest on Saturday

The Tigers will return to action on Sunday against No. 18 Tulane and Houston Baptist in the final set of regular season matches.

In the opening match against UNO, LSU jumped out to an early 1-0 lead as No. 5 pair Megan Davenport and Cheyenne Wood won in straight sets 21-8, 21-13. On court four, Victoria Boraski and Mandi Orellana tallied the Tigers’ second point of the match, claiming a win in a two-setter 21-10, 21-14. Riley Young and Callan Molle put LSU up 3-0 with another straight set victory 21-14, 21-17. No. 2 pair Lilly Kessler and Helen Boyle collected the Tigers’ fourth point of the match with a victory in two sets 21-15, 21-9. On court one, Katie Lindelow and Ashley Allmer completed the complete straight set sweep over the Privateers, winning 21-16, 21-8 to give LSU the 5-0 win.

After the weather delay, LSU took the court against No. 16 New Mexico. At the five, Davenport and Wood put LSU on the board first, claiming a victory in straight set 25-23, 22-20 in a tightly-contested match. The Tigers extended their lead to 2-0 as Orellana and Young rallied, coming back down a set to garner a point in three sets 20-22, 21-16, 15-9 at the four spot. New Mexico cut LSU’s lead to 2-1 as Lindelow and Allmer fell in straight sets 20-22, 18-21 on court one. No.3 tandem Leak and Molle were also defeat in three sets 15-21, 21-18, 18-20 to give the Lobos their second point of the match. On court two, Boyle and Kessler finished off their opponent in straights 22-20, 21-9, lifting LSU to a 3-2 win over New Mexico.

In the final match of the day, Orellana and Young won in straight sets at the four 21-17, 21-16 to tally LSU’s first point of the match. The Horned Frogs came back to tie the match at 1-1 as No. 1 duo Lindelow and Allmer fell in two sets 16-21, 18-21. Boyle and Kessler regained the lead for the Tigers, tacking on the second point of the match in straights 21-18, 21-15. At the five, Wood and Davenport fell in a three-setter 19-21, 21-17, 9-15 as TCU tied the match 2-2. On court three, Addison Hoven fell in straight sets 13-21, 12-21 as the Horned Frogs took the match over LSU 3-2, capping off day one of the tournament. 

“(TCU) played with a lot of energy and had good matchups,” said associate head coach Russell Brock. “I think we maybe got worn down at the end of the season. We didn’t play with the same pop or energy, and if you can’t play the way you need to win at this game, you’re always vulnerable. They played better than us.”

LSU will face No. 18 Tulane tomorrow at 11 a.m. followed by Houston Baptist at 1 p.m.

“It’s going to be challenging for us to come back,” said Brock. “The weather is supposed to be rough again tomorrow… (Our opponents) are going to come out and play hard, and if we don’t come with a great version of our game, we’re vulnerable to lose those matches as well. We haven’t lost very often and we’re not excited about losing. I think the way we come out and play well is to rediscover that passion and energy that maybe a good night’s rest can bring us.”

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Battle on the Bayou

Mango’s Beach Volleyball Courts

Baton Rouge, LA

April 30, 2016

No. 9 LSU vs. UNO (LSU wins 5-0)

1.       (LSU) Katie Lindelow and Ashley Allmer def. (UNO) Celeste Ramirez and Kaitlyn Grice (21-16, 21-8)

2.       (LSU) Helen Boyle and Lilly Kessler def. (UNO) Cara Sander and Lauren Levy (21-15, 21-9)

3.       (LSU) Riley Young and Callan Molle def. (UNO) Brooklyn Frank and Samantha Uline (21-14, 21-17)

4.       (LSU) Mandi Orellana and Victoria Boraski def. (UNO) Blessing Dunn and Madison Miller (21-10, 21-14)

5.       (LSU) Cheyenne Wood and Megan Davenport def. (UNO) Milica Zmiric and Lane Hindenburg (21-8, 21-13)

6.       (LSU) Carly Morris and Jeni Clark  def. **(HBU) Rachel Angeles and Laura Fox (21-9, 21-8)

No. 9 LSU vs. No. 16 New Mexico (LSU wins 3-2)

1.       (UNM) Ashley Kelsea and Cassie House def. (LSU) Katie Lindelow and Ashley Allmer  (22-20, 21-18)

2.       (LSU) Helen Boyle and Lilly Kessler def. (UNM) Devanne Sours and Lise Rugland (22-20, 21-9)

3.       (UNM) Julia Warren and Hannah Johnson def. (LSU) Callan Molle and Cati Leak (21-15, 18-21, 20-18

4.       (LSU) Riley Young and Mandi Orellana def. (UNM) Eastyn Baleto and Marisa Doran (20-22, 21-16, 15-9)

5.       (LSU) Cheyenne Wood and Megan Davenport def. (UNM) Carson Heilborn and Maddie Mayfield (25-23, 22-20)

6.       (LSU) Carly Morris and Roxanne McVey def. (UNM) Allie Askew and Chloe Crappell (21-16, 21-16)

 No. 9 LSU vs. TCU (TCU wins 3-2)

  1. (TCU) Shane Peters and Olivia Canales def. (LSU) Katie Lindelow and Ashley Allmer (21-16, 21-18)
  2. (LSU) Helen Boyle and Lilly Kessler def. (TCU) Michelle McNamee and Bridget Odmark (21-18, 21-15)
  3. (TCU) Jaelyn Green and Jillian Bergeson def. (LSU) Callan Molle and Addison Hoven (21-13, 21-12)
  4. (LSU) Riley Young and Mandi Orellana def. (TCU) Blaire Pickens and Jordan Terral (21-17, 21-16)
  5. (TCU) Molly Scheel and Ariah Palter def. (LSU) Cheyenne Wood and Megan Davenport (21-19, 17-21, 15-9)
  6. (TCU) Sierra Kile and Sara Grantham def. (LSU) Carly Morris and Jeni Clark (23-21, 21-13)



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