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Lowe: New Food And More Of It At Tiger Stadium

Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Communications Sr. Associate

BATON ROUGE -- There’s more new food at Tiger Stadium this year?

That’s what I’ve been told and I can certainly see that food may be harder to resist this year. Much to my cardiologist’s chagrin, I am a fool for things that have cheese poured over it. That’s one way to say give me the cheese fries with everything over the top of it.

Aramark has taken over as LSU’s new concessionaire for all home athletic events this year. Steps are being taken to allow point-of-sale purchases with credit and debit cards at all concession stands; and, there are several items to sample this year.

Highlighting the changes is the new Skyline Club in the South Upper Deck. Besides that view that allows you to see plays develop from all over, the Skyline Club is an outdoor area that gives fans the opportunity to purchase beer and wine and also features an all-you-can-eat buffet in the price of the ticket which starts as low as $45 game.

Of course the concession stands will have all your normal fan favorites (it is an American football Saturday night right) of Tiger Dog, Nachos, Pizza, BBQ Burger and the famous Sausage Po-Boy, there will be some new items that I will attempt to describe below:

There are a couple of “regular” items that have been given quite a kick this year with popcorn available at the East and Portable stands in the South Lower billed as “Cheetos Popcorn.” Then there are the Creole Gumbo Nacho selected which just has no way of being bad, does it?

That will feature tortilla chip, chicken and andouille gumbo, sour cream, green onion, Pico de Gallo and pickled okra.

Then what about the Fry Staks located at south lower stands that my info says is large enough to be shared by two. This includes a Crawfish Stak of French Fries, Crawfish Queso, sour cream, green onion and pickled okra. Then there is the Gumbo Poutine Stak which is like the Gumbo Nacho product only there is queso and cheese curds added to the dish.

Maybe a little southern cooking is more your style. How about some Tasso White Beans, Rice, and Corn Bread. Now that sounds pretty good. The white beans dish can be found at stands on the upper stands on both sides and in the south end zone.

There are several local brands and restaurants that will be back that will be available both inside and outside the grounds serving up their specialties:

Triple B’s Cajun Corner
Smash Burger
City Pork
Caliente Mexican Craving
The Kolache Kitchen
Lava Cantina
Papa John’s
Dippin Dots
Kona Ice
Leroy’s Lemonade
City Gelato

So come enjoy the game at Tiger Stadium. But come hungry. Try some of the new items and maybe your football experience will be more than a box of popcorn and a bag of peanuts. Bring on the Gumbo Poutine please!




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