LSU Outlines Pedestrian Access to Tiger Stadium West Side

Pedestrian Access Map
Pedestrian Access Map (@LSUsports) (@LSUsports)
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BATON ROUGE -- LSU will utilize a three-portal system to allow entry into the west side of Tiger Stadium during the 2005 LSU football season.

For the 2005 season, the west parking lot of Tiger Stadium, known as "Lot A", will again be closed for construction, severely limiting pedestrian access on that side of the stadium.  Of the 92,000 fans that attend each football game, approximately 34,000 enter gates that will be obstructed by the construction fence, so it is important for fans to know the most safe, comfortable and efficient manner to get to their seats.

The construction zone has been reduced in size since last year, allowing for the creation of one more entry portal than was used last season.

Portal A will again be located on the northwest corner of the stadium on North Stadium Drive and Portal B will again be located on the southwest corner of the stadium on South Stadium Drive.  The additional entry, Portal C, will also be located on South Stadium Drive.

"Last year we used the portal system with success, but we experienced pedestrian congestion at Portal B in the hour preceding the games," said LSU athletics director Skip Bertman.  "The addition of Portal C should alleviate those problems."

Fans who have tickets for the west upper deck of Tiger Stadium may access their seats through any portal, and then by using any of three high speed elevators to the upper deck, or the ramp located on the southwest corner of the stadium.  The elevators to the upper deck will be located in the southernmost bank of elevators.

Fans with tickets to the three levels of the Stadium Club can use any one of the three elevators in the middle bank of elevators.  Another elevator in the middle bank will provide access to the press box.

The gates and portals of Tiger Stadium will open two and one half hours before the games.  The Stadium Club will open three hours before kickoff, and access for the first 30 minutes the Club is open will only be through Portal C.

Fans are encouraged to arrive at campus early, and west side fans are encouraged to enter the portals early to avoid delays.  Also, because the ground surrounding the west side will be mostly crushed rock and gravel, fans on that side of the stadium are encouraged to wear flat-soled shoes.

Fans are also encouraged to become familiar with the Stadium Access Map at LSU's official website,



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