Football Players Put Best Foot Forward at Pro Day

LSU defensive lineman Charles Alexander
LSU defensive lineman Charles Alexander
Steve Franz
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
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BATON ROUGE -- Eighteen former Tigers put on one last exhibition for pro scouts, coaches and general managers on Monday, as LSU held it's annual Pro Day at the LSU Indoor Practice Facility and weight room.

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LSU Pro-Day
March 15, 2010
Player Quotes


On what he wanted to accomplish at pro-day ...
"I just wanted to show them that I could move my feet a little bit more. By the time I got to the shuttle and the three-cone at the combine I was so tired because I already did more drills. I wanted to improve my time in those and I did. Also here you get the work with a one-on-one coach here."

On if it is easier to do drills at home than at the Combine ...
"Of course. You are here with your friends and family, and you know all these guys. At the combine you just meet them and you only know them for three days. It is kind of like you have eyes on you from every angle but here it is like a home feeling because we train here day in and day out."

On how much he thinks he improved his stock ...
"I was just trying to re-establish myself. I didn't do as well as I wanted to at the beginning of the season, and I improved at the end of the season, but by that time they already had a base on me and stuff like that. I just wanted to show them how complete I am, drop a few pounds, increase my speed and stuff like that. You go away to train just like everybody else and you are trying to build your stock back up."


On what position he wants to play in the NFL ...
"They have teams that want me to come in and play strictly full-back, and not even play tight-end. Then there is that new position in the NFL, the H-Back position, where you are a combination. I think that is where I fit most at the next level, but right now I am just trying to learn and adapt and do whatever they want me to."

On what he has done to get prepared for today ...
"I've watched a lot of NFL film and there are great guys out there. I have worked with players who have played in the NFL and at all-star games I have worked with NFL coaches. I definitely feel confident at the next level I can play. I just have to look out for a team to give me that opportunity and a chance to get out there."

On what team he wants to get drafted by ...
"An NFL roster would just make me happy. I am sure a bunch of LSU guys would like to see us with the Saints, but I will go anywhere."


On what he wanted to accomplish at pro-day ...
"I was kind of happy with my 40 time from before, I didn't want to come out here and do it anymore. I just wanted to come out here and establish myself as a receiver and catch some more punt returns like I did earlier."

On if he proved his value to the scouts ...
"I think I did a lot more to convince those guys that I am not only a specialist, but that I can play a little slot receiver too."

On why he didn't run the 40 yard-dash ...
"I wanted to run, but my agent told me that he didn't think I needed to run anymore from what I did at the combine. I can run faster but he said that I ran well at the combine so there was no point in me coming out here and hurting myself."

Chad Jones

On improving his bench press from the combine...
"I like that I showed improvement. I did nine in Indy (at the NFL combine) and I did 11 here so that just shows improvement. I think scouts saw that if I get in the weight room I definitely can get stronger."

On if he expected this type of experience after declaring for the draft...
"It's exactly what I expected. The only thing that really gets to me is playing with my old teammates. I see these guys coming in here and they're having fun and cheering me on. I just remember last year I was in those guys' shoes sitting there watching other guys do their pro day workouts. It's just a great feeling being back home and being around those guys. I'm definitely having a good time doing this myself.

Brandon LaFell

On the pressure of running in front of scouts...
"It's a lot of pressure because this is the last time you get to run your routes, run your 40 time, and run your drills. It's the last time they get to see you for another month. It's a lot of pressure, but being around teammates, you get your laughs in and it takes the pressure off."

On how he felt about his running today...
"I would probably say I didn't improve too much because I hurt my hamstring so I couldn't better my 40 time. I wanted to show the coaches that even though I am injured, I come out here could push through it. I ran both my 40s and then I pushed through it and ran all my routes."

On his 225-lb. bench press performance...
"The coaches told me that anything over 10 reps would be good. They don't expect receivers to do a lot on the bench press. I went in there and my goal was to get anything better than 10 and I got 11 so I'm happy with it."

On which of his under-the-radar teammates will do well in the NFL...
"Chris Hawkins and R.J. Jackson. Those guys have been playmakers since they've been here. R.J. is a very good special teams player and Hawk is just one of those guys on defense who has a knack for the ball. He came out here today and ran a sub-4.40 40-yard dash and has been one of the best athletes on our team the last four years."  




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