Fingers at Multicultural Leadership Conference

Earnie Fingers Ph.D.
Earnie Fingers Ph.D.
Victoria Kisluk
Victoria Kisluk

BATON ROUGE - Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes co-sponsored LSU's Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (MSLC) this year. As a part of the sponsorship, CCACSA had an opportunity to have Earnie Fingers Ph.D., a CCACSA learning specialist, to present at the conference.

"I always consider the total growth and development of our LSU students to be a shared responsibility," Fingers said. "The Multicultural Student Leadership Conference was an opportunity as a conference presenter and educator to be actively involved in engaging students in an interactive sharing of thoughts and experiences that covered a range of critical issues pertaining to diversity and leadership.  These are critical areas that determine how well our students are prepared as competent leaders who stand ready to maximize the benefits of being a more inclusive global community that is grounded by an awareness of and respect for individual differences."

The sixth annual MSLC was an interactive conference that engaged participants in workshops, seminars and discussion groups to enhance their leadership skills while challenging their awareness of areas of diversity.

As the only leadership conference on campus to focus on various components of diversity while incorporating competency skill sets, the MSLC provided a forum for all students to network and caucus around issues of diversity, become more aware student leaders and gain the motivation needed to actively and critically engage within the community where they live, learn and lead.

"Opportunities come once in a life time, and this was a great opportunity to capture a variety of listener's in one setting, in order to encourage, motivate, and to engage students in critical thinking," said Mike Mallet, Director of Student Affairs at CCACSA. "For Dr. Fingers to be one of the speakers, and with him coming from a different prospective, he could share with other students that leadership is important for everyone. I'm extremely proud that Dr. Earnie Fingers had an opportunity to speak and make a difference in the lives of those who attended the Leadership Conference."





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