Super Tiger Weekend Prize Winners Selected

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BATON ROUGE -- The LSU Athletics Department has announced the list of winners from the recent Super Tiger Weekend fan contest.

In all, 275 people won a prize in the random drawing in addition to the free t-shirt that everyone received when they turned in a complete Super Tiger game card. Approximately 1,400 cards were received from fans that attended at least four of the Super Tiger Weekend events and received stickers from the Fan zone to be eligible.

The top winners included Meagan Hingle who won two pregame sideline passes for the football opener this September against Vanderbilt. Meagan Jimenez was a winner of two Delta Air Lines Ticket Vouchers and Julia Noyes won a one-year supply of Coca-Cola.

Other prizes included pairs of LSU Crocs and several autographed items from LSU coaches, gift certificates to the Capitol Hilton Center, LSU visors and t-shirts commemorating some of LSU’s big events.

A complete list of winners can be found below. The drawing was held this past Monday and all prizes should be mailed by early next week.

2 Football Pregame Sideline Passes (LSU vs. Vanderbilt)
Meagan Hingle

2 Delta Air Lines Ticket Vouchers
Meagan Jimenez

One-Year Supply of Coke
Julia Noyes

$100 Gift Certificate Hilton Capitol Center
Anna Brown
Roberto Cardanas
Alicia Casner
Brett Cuningham
Josh Horacek
Beau Landry
Kaleb Matte
Logan Messina
Dirk Schexnayder
Alden Thomasson

Paul Mainieri Signed Baseball
Jan Carraway
Greg DeIulio
Kris Lejeune
Jessica Rumley
Jay-Kay Thornton

Yvette Girouard Signed Softball
Ashlyn Burlison
Daniel Finley
Melanie Garner
Joseph Hervey
Tyler Thompson Gift Certificate
Jude Bourque
Bernie Braun
Rebecca Courtney
Sydney Kleinpeter
John Knight
Dominique Maiaro
Taylor Martina
Eric Mayeux
Kevin Moresi
Eric Waynespal

Les Miles Gameday Hat
J. Clay Ashword
John Burch
Netta Free
Jeremy Myers
Daniel Watt

Mini-Basketball Signed by Coach Johnson and Chancellor
Jessica Garner
Ben Jumonville
Mary Stockwell
Jerry Williams

LSU Visor
Richard Adams, Jr.
Ryan Borst
William Fairey
Shaun Feinberg
Zach Glass
Drew Greer
Sara Hollis
Addison Laudry
Paula Lopez
Mark McCartney
Cathy Patty
Bryan Raley
Jeff Seighman
Bart Simon
Jake Welty

LSU Lady Tigers Basketball T-shirts
Toby Acasta
Joe Astone
Gabrielle Aultman
Linda Bohn
Charles Bottoms
Brandon Broussard
Shantelle Butler
Oliver Cassard
Tim Cate
Shane Debnam
David Deculus
Joyce Demouy
Annette Dempster
Lisa Downing
Noel Dragon
Nela Drome
Michael Fitzgerald
James Fontaine
Julie Gauthier
John Guilloary
Luke Guntry
Kelsey Hanson
Tricia Hayes
Larry Horacek
Bruce Lancaster
Dianne Leader
Nichollas LeBlanc
Emily Lively
Sandra McDaniel
Mary McKee
Clyde Messagner
Jessica Mizelle
James Newton, III
Will Oertiling
Daniel Paine
Robbie Patty
Easton Pitre
Tasha Quirk
Randy Raucabaugh
Wayne Rome
Nathan Roy
Janice Sanders
Derrick Schnyder
Jacob Schultz
Reggie Simon
Larry Simons
Laverne Spears
Al Stennett
Adele Swearingen
Allan Waguespack
Connie Woolie

2007 National Championship Coke Bottle
Quinti Borg
Russ Burlson
Jamie Ditman
Donna Green
Kathereine Johnson
Rachel Lemoine
Taylor Moresi
Jacob Most
Steve Ochnser
Kayla Perez
Michael Richard
Warren Schlingkamp
Josh Throne
Nichollas Valhos
Kelsey White
Andre Williams

LSU Baseball Home Run T-shirts
Jeff Ard
Terry Bianca
Tim Borst
Mathew Clark
Troy Corsentino
John Downing
Leslie Falgoust
Tim Fontenot
Kevin Fromme
Samantha Garner
Bonnie Glass
John Granier
Doug Guidry
Jon Harsch
Luke Littleton
Steven McCullar
Sharon Moore
Glenda Odom
Kristyn Pelt
Ethan Rault
Tiffany Simon
Ford Stinson
J.A. Wainwright, III
Lisa Williams
Judy Wilson

Pair of LSU Crocs
Johnathan Acosta
Dillon Adams
David Albano
Steve Baker
Ragan Baker
Suzanne Barnette
Bobby Barnette
John Bel
Holly Birch
Nathan Boone
Cannon Borussard
Lilllian Bourgeois
Pepper Bradford
Caitlin Bradley
Kyle Brehe
Jim Bridges
Calvin Bringol
Becky Brooksher
John Campbell
Les Carpenter
Prent Castle
Stefanie Champman
Casey Connell
Stacy Conville
Jimmy Cox
Timmy Dasinger
Michele Dasinger
Doug Daugherty
Ricky Davidson
Matthew Duet
Leigh Fairey
Cynthia Farr
Blake Fife
Brittany Forbis
Scott Fuller
Eli Garsee
Laura Gauthreaux
Wendy Gayle
Merle Gore
Nelson Green
Edna Greene
Nicole Guerin
Susan Guilloary
Kristen Gurthur
Spencer Harvin
Buddy Hernandez
Luke Hernandez
Betty Hicks
Joseph Hoffpauir
James Hornesby
Shemeela Howard
Allison Hunter
Lendsasy Hunter
Erin Ingram
Tiana Istre
Erin Jennings
Mary Jenson
Stephanie Kellum
Kel Kopecky
Sherie Lagarde
Andree Lapoint
Wayne Leader
Shane LeBlanc
Kent LeBlanc
Vic Ledgor
Ron Lemarie
Zoe Li
Robert Limbaugh
Anthony Liuzza
Michael Lively
Brian Logarbo
Lauren Madden
Kyle Mancaso
Timothy Martin
Jeff Martina
Sean McAdams
Ian McAdams
Amanda McDonald
Tammy Meadows
Blake Messenger
Taylor Miller
David Montgomery
Deanthony Moore
Walker Nation
Ivy Oberkirch
Suzanne Ochsner
Billy Odom
Laura Olsen
Dane Ortega
Lonnie Palmer
Laura Palmer
Kristofer Pelt
Jude Perrin
Stacy Pickett
Rachel Porel
Jianing Pu
Allison Raborn
CD Ramora
William Rhodes
Austin Rivere
Greg Rogers
Barbara Sepuluado
Eric Shorock
Jessica Sims
Chris Slavich
Tommy Smith
Robbin Smith
Regina Speer
Gus Stark
Dennis Steele
Lori Steele-McMullen
Jennifer Sutton
Juan Tanca
Sy Tate
Patrcik Tate
Steve Tate
Kelley Tate
Kyler Thibodeaux
Marshall Thomasson
Landon Walden
Carmen Walsh
Jennifer West
Wayne Wilbert
Jim Williams
Gary Wimberly
Jonathan Winters