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* selected in the secondary phase of the draft 
** Supplemental First Round Selection/Compensation Pick

Year Player Position Round (Overall) Team
1965 Joe Moock SS 3rd New York Mets
1966 Bruce Baudier RHP 31st Washington Senators
1967 Bruce Baudier RHP 5th New York Yankees
  Richard Hicks RHP 6th Washington Senators
1968 Richard Hicks RHP 4th * Houston Astros
  William Hunt SS 7th * Baltimore Orioles
1969 William Hunt SS 9th * Cleveland Indians
1970 Bill Bright OF 2nd * St. Louis Cardinals
1972 Joel Sexton RHP 27th Pittsburgh Pirates
1973 Randy Wiles LHP 5th St. Louis Cardinals
1974 Mike Miley SS 1st (10) California Angels
1975 Guy Hollingsworth LHP 16th San Diego Padres
  Pat Moock RHP 22nd Texas Rangers
1976 Wally McMakin RHP 23rd Minnesota Twins
  Paul Stefan RHP 24th Chicago White Sox
  Frank Toups INF 26th Cleveland Indians
1979 Duane Dewey C/1B 1st * Kansas City Royals
1982 Billy Wiesler OF 14th California Angels
  Billy Donathon RHP 15th St. Louis Cardinals
1983 Cal Santarelli RHP 3rd Cleveland Indians
  Ronnie Robbins RHP 14th Toronto Blue Jays
1984 Mark Howie SS 3rd Oakland Athletics
  Tim Sossamon OF 12th St. Louis Cardinals
  Tim Schneider 3B 15th Seattle Mariners
  Mark Cooper C 16th Toronto Blue Jays
  Clay Parker RHP 21st Minnesota Twins
1985 Eric Hetzel RHP 1st * Boston Red Sox
  Robbie Smith RHP 4th Minnesota Twins
  Marty Lanoux 3B 13th Minnesota Twins
  Clay Parker RHP 15th Seattle Mariners
  Jeff Reboulet SS 26th Houston Astros
1986 Mark Guthrie LHP 4th St. Louis Cardinals
  Jeff Reboulet SS 10th Minnesota Twins
  Rob Leary C 12th Montreal Expos
  Jeff Yurtin 3B 12th San Diego Padres
  Jim Bowie 1B 12th Seattle Mariners
1987 Albert Belle OF 2nd Cleveland Indians
  Barry Manuel RHP 2nd Texas Rangers
  Gregg Patterson LHP 5th Chicago Cubs
  Mark Guthrie LHP 7th Minnesota Twins
  Jack Voigt OF 9th Baltimore Orioles
  Stan Loewer RHP 16th San Francisco Giants
1988 Dan Kite RHP 4th Boston Red Sox
1989 Ben McDonald RHP 1st (1) Baltimore Orioles
  Russ Springer RHP 7th New York Yankees
  Curtis Leskanic RHP 8th Cleveland Indians
  Mike Bianco C 40th Detroit Tigers
1990 Tim Clark OF 8th Milwaukee Brewers
  Wes Grisham OF 14th Pittsburgh Pirates
  Keith Osik C 23rd Pittsburgh Pirates
  Scott Bethea SS 28th Boston Red Sox
1991 Chad Ogea RHP 3rd Cleveland Indians
  Paul Byrd RHP 4th Cleveland Indians
  Lyle Mouton OF 5th New York Yankees
  Mark LaRosa LHP 8th Montreal Expos
  Gary Hymel C 14th Montreal Expos
1992 Rick Greene RHP 1st (16) Detroit Tigers
  Lloyd Peever RHP 4th Colorado Rockies
  Andy Sheets SS 4th Seattle Mariners
1993 Harry Berrios OF 8th Baltimore Orioles
  Matt Chamberlain RHP 11th Pittsburgh Pirates
  Mike Sirotka LHP 15th Chicago White Sox
  Mike Neal OF 16th Cleveland Indians
  Trey Rutledge RHP 19th Cincinnati Reds
  Will Hunt LHP 31st Detroit Tigers
1994 Todd Walker 2B 1st (8) Minnesota Twins
  Russ Johnson SS 1st (30) ** Houston Astros
1995 Scott Schultz RHP 5th Cleveland Indians
  Mike Klostermeyer 1B 18th Oakland Athletics
  Scott Fitterer RHP 22nd Toronto Blue Jays
  Brett Laxton RHP 24th Seattle Mariners
  Brian Winders RHP 66th Kansas City Royals
1996 Eddie Yarnall LHP 3rd New York Mets
  Nathan Dunn 3B 4th San Diego Padres
  Warren Morris 2B 5th Texas Rangers
  Tim Lanier C 10th San Diego Padres
  Justin Bowles OF 16th Oakland Athletics
  Jason Williams SS 16th Cincinnati Reds
  Brett Laxton RHP 24th Oakland Athletics
  Patrick Coogan RHP 48th Arizona Diamondbacks
1997 Brandon Larson SS 1st (14) Cincinnati Reds
  Patrick Coogan RHP 3rd St. Louis Cardinals
  Casey Cuntz INF 10th Arizona Diamondbacks
  Mike Koerner OF 11th Oakland Athletics
  Eddy Furniss 1B 14th Minnesota Twins
  Kevin Shipp RHP 33rd Philadelphia Phillies
  Tom Bernhardt OF 45th Chicago Cubs
1998 Randy Keisler LHP 2nd New York Yankees
  Eddy Furniss 1B 4th Pittsburgh Pirates
  Jake Esteves RHP 6th San Francisco Giants
  Doug Thompson RHP 19th Colorado Rockies
  Chris Demouy LHP 24th Anaheim Angels
  Dan Guillory RHP 40th Cleveland Indians
1999 Kurt Ainsworth RHP 1st (24) San Francisco Giants
  Jeff Leaumont 1B 9th New York Yankees
  Josh Dalton SS 12th Los Angeles Dodgers
  Bryan Grace RHP 16th New York Yankees
  Brian Tallet LHP 19th Pittsburgh Pirates
  Brandon Bowe RHP 30th Florida Marlins
2000 Brian Tallet LHP 2nd Cleveland Indians
  Brad Cresse C 5th Arizona Diamondbacks
  Ryan Jorgensen C 7th Chicago Cubs
  Cedrick Harris OF 10th Arizona Diamondbacks
  Brad Hawpe 1B 11th Colorado Rockies
  Heath McMurray RHP 12th Milwaukee Brewers
  Trey Hodges RHP 17th Atlanta Braves
  Billy Brian RHP 25th Kansas City Royals
2001 Mike Fontenot 2B 1st (19) Baltimore Orioles
  Todd Linden OF 1st (41) ** San Francisco Giants
  Ryan Theriot SS 3rd Chicago Cubs
  Jason Scobie RHP 15th New York Mets
  Bryan Moore 1B 22nd St. Louis Cardinals
  Shane Youman LHP 43rd Pittsburgh Pirates
  Sean Barker OF 46th Toronto Blue Jays
  Billy Brian RHP 47th Cleveland Indians
2002 Sean Barker OF 6th Colorado Rockies
  Bo Pettit RHP 13th Minnesota Twins
  Brad David LHP 17th Atlanta Braves
  Wally Pontiff 3B 21st Oakland Athletics
  Jake Tompkins RHP 28th Texas Rangers
2003 Aaron Hill SS 1st (13) Toronto Blue Jays
  Billy Sadler RHP 6th San Francisco Giants
  Brian Wilson RHP 24th San Francisco Giants
  Bo Pettit RHP 29th Minnesota Twins
  Jake Tompkins RHP 32nd Philadelphia Phillies
2004 Jon Zeringue OF 2nd Arizona Diamondbacks
  J.C. Holt OF 3rd Atlanta Braves
  Nate Bumstead RHP 32nd Detroit Tigers
  Blake Gill INF 37th Cleveland Indians
2005 Ryan Patterson OF 4th Toronto Blue Jays
  Greg Smith LHP 6th Arizona Diamondbacks
  Nick Stavinoha OF 7th St. Louis Cardinals
  Clay Harris INF 9th Philadelphia Phillies
  Matt Liuzza C 30th Chicago Cubs
  Jason Determann LHP 35th Boston Red Sox
2006 Will Harris RHP 9th (258) Colorado Rockies
  Matt Liuzza C 19th (570) Toronto Blue Jays
  Edgar Ramirez RHP 36th (1084) New York Mets
2007 Charlie Furbush LHP 4th (151) Detroit Tigers
  J.T. Wise INF 45th (1343) Oakland Athletics
2008 Ryan Verdugo LHP 9th (267) San Francisco Giants
  Matt Clark 1B 12th (375) San Diego Padres
  Louis Coleman RHP 14th (421) Washington Nationals
  Blake Martin LHP 17th (516) Minnesota Twins
  Jared Bradford RHP 18th (545) St. Louis Cardinals
  Michael Hollander INF 20th (603) Texas Rangers
  Jordan Brown RHP 39th (1181) Chicago Cubs
2009 Jared Mitchell OF 1st (23) Chicago White Sox
  DJ LeMahieu INF 2nd (79) Chicago Cubs
  Louis Coleman RHP 5th (152) Kansas City Royals
  Ryan Schimpf INF 5th (160) Toronto Blue Jays
  Blake Dean OF 10th (312) Minnesota Twins
  Sean Ochinko C 11th (340) Toronto Blue Jays
2010 Anthony Ranaudo RHP Comp A (39) Boston Red Sox
  Micah Gibbs C 3rd (97) Chicago Cubs
  Leon Landry OF 3rd (109) Los Angeles Dodgers
  Austin Ross RHP 8th (249) Milwaukee Brewers
  Blake Dean 1B 8th (262) Los Angeles Dodgers
  Johnny Dishon OF 42nd (1269) Milwaukee Brewers
  Chad Jones OF/LHP 50th (1509) Milwaukee Brewers
2011 Mikie Mahtook OF 1st (31) Tampa Bay Rays
  Tyler Jones RHP 11th (358) Minnesota Twins
  Matty Ott RHP 13th (412) Boston Red Sox
  Ben Alsup RHP 18th (558) Colorado Rockies
  Austin Nola SS 31st (949) Toronto Blue Jays
  Raph Rhymes 2B 40th (1202) Pittsburgh Pirates
  Tyler Hanover SS 40th (1229) New York Yankees
2012 Kevin Gausman RHP 1st (4) Baltimore Orioles
  Austin Nola SS 5th (167) Miami Marlins
  Nick Goody RHP 6th (217) New York Yankees
  Raph Rhymes OF 30th (937) New York Yankees
  Tyler Hanover 2B 33rd (1024) Detroit Tigers
2013 Ryan Eades RHP 2nd (43) Minnesota Twins
  JaCoby Jones CF 3rd (87) Pittsburgh Pirates
  Mason Katz 2B 4th (125) St. Louis Cardinals
  Nick Rumbelow RHP 7th (224) New York Yankees
  Will LaMarche RHP 9th (276) Detroit Tigers
  Chad Jones LHP 9th (285) Cincinnati Reds
  Ty Ross C 12th (372) San Francisco Giants
  Chris Cotton LHP 14th (407) Houston Astros
  Raph Rhymes OF 15th (456) Detroit Tigers
2014 Aaron Nola RHP 1st (7) Philadelphia Phillies
  Tyler Moore C 6th (175) New York Mets
  Joe Broussard RHP 15th (459) Los Angeles Dodgers
  Sean McMullen OF 30th (886) Houston Astros
  Nate Fury RHP 36th (1090) Detroit Tigers
2015 Alex Bregman SS 1st (2) Houston Astros
  Andrew Stevenson OF 2nd (58) Washington Nationals 
  Kade Scivicque C 4th (130) Detroit Tigers
  Jared Foster OF 5th (165) Los Angeles Angels
  Zac Person LHP 9th (259) Houston Astros
  Mark Laird OF 9th (264) Philadelphia Phillies
  Conner Hale 3B 9th (275) Seattle Mariners
  Chris Chinea C 17th (521) St. Louis Cardinals
2016 Jake Fraley OF Lottery B (77) ** Tampa Bay Rays
  Jared Poche' LHP 14th (414)  San Diego Padres 
  Jesse Stallings RHP 15th (438) Cincinnati Reds
  Cole Freeman 2B 18th (551) Los Angeles Dodgers
  Riley Smith RHP 24th (719) Arizona Diamondbacks
  Greg Deichmann 3B 26th (783) Minnesota Twins
  Parker Bugg RHP 27th (803) Miami Marlins
  Kramer Robertson 2B 32nd (962) Cleveland Indians




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