LSU Uses adverCar to Promote Basketball Teams

Look for Chevrolet vehicles promoting 2011-12 LSU Basketball
Look for Chevrolet vehicles promoting 2011-12 LSU Basketball
Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Communications Sr. Associate

BATON ROUGE - LSU Athletics and adverCar have combined to take LSU basketball marketing to a whole new level - letting fans drive their message into neighborhoods, shopping centers and commuter routes.

LSU has partnered with the national advertising company, based in Louisiana, to get the "word on the streets." If ads can run on taxis and buses, why not cars. That's the thinking behind this advertising company that matches everyday drivers with companies that want to promote their brands.

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To qualify for the campaign, drivers have to live, work or commute within targeted ZIP codes in the Baton Rouge area, and drive newer model Chevrolets. LSU fans who wish to sign up their vehicles may register at or call (877) 898-9909. 
"We view adverCar as a valuable extension to our media mix," said Herb Vincent, LSU Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Senior Associate Athletic Director. "We are able to reach neighborhoods and zip codes where billboards aren't available. It's a great way to not only get our message out, but also get fans excited about the upcoming basketball season."
"It's a win for LSU Basketball, a win for local drivers who earn extra income and a win for adverCar," said the company's regional representative Kate Doll, a former LSU student. "In an age when you can fast forward or click anything away, you can't ignore traffic or a car parked on your neighborhood street."
The cars are on the streets of Baton Rouge now and more will be added before the season openers for the two teams.





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