Stringer Passes 1,000 Career Points in LSU Win

LSU's Andre Stringer became the 39th Tiger to score 1,000 points
LSU's Andre Stringer became the 39th Tiger to score 1,000 points
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BATON ROUGE -- LSU guard Andre Stringer became the 39th Tiger to surpass 1,000 career points, as he and forward Johnny O'Bryant III each scored 21 to lead the Tigers past Northwestern State, 88-74, on Saturday night at the Maravich Center.

LSU (1-1) and NSU (2-1), which scored 90 and 111 points respectively in their previous outings, both struggled from the field in the first half before making better than 50 percent in the second half. The Tigers shot 51.4 percent (18 of 35) in the final 20 minuts after making only 33 percent of its first-half field goals.

Stringer scored his 1,000th career point and capped an 11-0 LSU run with another layup that pushed a 65-57 Tigers lead to 19 in less than two minutes. The Demons didn't get closer than 10 in the final seven minutes.

Just like many of the Tigers, Stringer started slow before finishing strong. He made 7-of-20 shots including 4-of-11 three pointers and pulled down seven rebounds.

A pair of monster dunks in the second half highlighted O'Bryant's night. He made 9-of-15 shots and completed the double double with 14 rebounds in 29 minutes. Jordan Mickey also had a double double, 21 points and 14 rebounds, while blocking six shots and dishing three assists. Anthony Hickey was the fourth Tiger in double figures scoring with 11 points while adding a team-high six assists.

The Tigers outrebounded the Demons, 64-40, and had 32 second-chance points. LSU rebound total was third-most in school history and most since Feb. 3, 1990, when LSU had 65 in a record-setting, 148-141 overtime win over Loyola Marymount.

Northwestern State, which beat Auburn on Friday night, 111-92, was led by Brison White with 17 points, while DeQuan Hicks had a double double of his own with 16 points and 11 rebounds. The Demons led only once in the opening minutes (5-4) but struggled from three-point range (6 of 22) one night after making 14 of 27 from long range in its victory over Auburn.

LSU returns to action on Tuesday, Nov. 19, when New Orleans visits the Maravich Center for a 7 p.m. tipoff. The game will be televisied by Cox Sports Television and streamed live to members of the Geaux Zone at

Head Coach Johnny Jones

Opening Statement…
“First of all, I’d like to congratulate and commend [Northwestern State Head] Coach McConathy on the type of job that he’s done with his team and the program. They played a tough game last night and had a nice victory at Auburn. [He] drove his team in tonight and had his team prepared to continue to battle us until the end of the basketball game and playing hard throughout. I told our team prior to the game regardless of what transpired last night, they would be ready to play and you’ll get a great effort from them. So we certainly weren’t surprised by that. I’m happy with their team in terms of readiness at the beginning of the game and playing extremely hard. I thought we did a great job of rebounding the basketball tonight. But I’m really disappointed in the turnovers that we had tonight. A lot of what I think is called unforced errors – having 22 turnovers against a team who really didn’t pressure or press us full-court and not making the right decisions. But overall, I commend Stringer on his achievement tonight of 1,000 points in terms of scoring for his career and the way that he played tonight as well.”

On Northwestern State’s defensive strategy…
“What they want to do is invite you to shoot that early shot. They want you to take early shots on offense and they prefer that you would take that from the perimeter and not go inside. And we had to be conscious and try to be more inside-oriented tonight and force them to have to play us there, double, and get the easy scoring opportunities from the outside. I thought that happened – we executed. Unfortunately, our outside shots weren’t falling in the first half. We got great looks. They just didn’t go down. You don’t want to get into the type of game that they want you to play. You have to make sure that you’re conscious of that, and you have to be mindful that you got to guard them on the perimeter because they can make the plays.”

On feeding the ball into the paint more often…
“We would like to play out of a rhythm. We have guys that are very capable. You’ll get guys like [Andre] Stringer knowing where he should be [and] Stringer can get it going. Sometimes, we’ll take some ill-advised shots; maybe early in the clock or off the break when we should really be waiting to get a post runner – or a rim-runner rather – to get down to the floor [and] to the basket. We want high-percentage shots, but guys will take that heat-check shot sometimes and I thought we took a couple of them in the first half. And those are some things, as a basketball player I think you continue to learn and get better at. I thought our guys did a great job of trying to share the basketball. They are an unselfish basketball team, but they have to be a little more conscious of the high percentage [shot] early on because we are going be able to get that outside shot if we get the ball in the post. If the post guys get going, we are going to have easy looks from the perimeter anyway because people are going to try to double us. I think our guys got up several attempts tonight, but that’s how the team will allow you to play.”

On the performances of John Odo and Darcy Malone
“I thought both guys delivered well. I thought Darcy got out there and was very confident. [He] knocked down a three. He tried to play solid defensively and keep people in front of him. And I was happy with his minutes and I thought he gave us positive minutes tonight. He gave us a nice baseline move and finished at the rim as well. I thought Odo came in defensively and was strong. He had eight rebounds, and I thought those two put-backs he had late in the second half were big for us. And that’s when Johnny [O’Bryant III] was out with a breather and was somewhat tired. And I thought Odo came in and gave us some real positive minutes defensively and at the offensive rim and made some plays for us.”

On moving the ball around the zone…
“We put a little bit of a wrinkle in against the zones tonight, and we just weren’t as sharp as we would like with the movement. What we were looking for early on – they were sitting back there in a 3-2 (zone) and we wanted to make sure that we made some moves to punch the ball inside. And it’s really a thing that you have to make sure to execute properly. [You have] to put the ball in the right place at the right time, get the shots you’re looking for and sometimes we were a little too early looking for it and they were not going to give it to you because we were telegraphing the passes.”

On Jordan Mickey
“A lot of times people have great numbers and you really don’t notice. I think you know when he’s out there on the floor because of the plays he makes. Rebounding the basketball, he’s really solid. Defensively, shot blocks – you’re looking for that. Our guys know that they have help on the backline. And you saw him being able to finish at the rim at the end. He had a real strong move – a powerful move – at the basket towards the end as well.”

LSU Player Quotes


On reaching the 1,000-point milestone as an LSU Tiger …
“It was big for me. It’s something I’ll always cherish. I love LSU. I’ve been here for all four years. It’s just been a fun time. Getting to that 1,000 points kind of makes me think about when I was a freshman and what mark I was going to leave here at LSU. It’s just nice to know that I can say that now.”

On focusing on getting the ball inside to the big men …
“We have so many focal points on our team. We have guards. We have bigs. We have three-men that can really play. Sometimes we don’t take advantage of our size. That’s something we should have done a better job of tonight. Obviously, we shot too many jump shots, relied on our threes too much. I know I, personally, did. When you have a guy like Johnny (O’Bryant) down low and a guy like Jordan Mickey, we’ve got to feed those guys the ball.”

On playing a more inside-out game …
“Coach got on us about it on halftime, and we came out and executed our plan. We wanted to get more inside touches and work from the inside out, and it worked out for us. “

On relaying the game plan from practice to the game …
“I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. We practice it every day, day in and day out. It’s just something that we realize is repetition. We have to realize that we have to come into every game and relay our game plan.”


On John Odo’s productive performance …
“It was real good for John (Odo), especially for John. He needed a game like that, getting some offensive rebounds. That’s what he does well. He rebounds the ball. It helps build confidence going into practice and going into the next game.”

On Jordan Mickey playing well and growing with each game early this season …
“It’s great. I just hope he keeps it up, and I know he will. Jordan (Mickey) is a good kid, a hard worker. He stays in the gym and loves the game. So, he’s going to be a star here.”

On the second-half difference …
“We just started hitting shots. Our guards started making shots. (Anthony) Hickey started hitting shots. Andre (Stringer) started hitting threes. (Jordan) Mickey got shots. (John) Odo I think was the game changer. He came in the second half and gave us six-straight points or something like that. That was just a big spark for him to do that.”


On the first half …
“I don’t think there’s any doubt in the first half that we were not as aggressive as we needed to be. We didn’t do the little things that are necessary. We lost a lot of points. In the first half, you go out and you shoot 31 percent, nine percent, 44 percent. Last night, we were 85 percent, and now we’re 42.9 (percent) from the free-throw line. I’m not going to blame it on the fact that we just got through with a game. We went to three states and two SEC teams in two days, but we just didn’t fight through that mentally like we needed to. I felt like we made a gallant effort the second half though to comeback. They got at us, we came out and I believe we cut it to four points. We just had it, but they got out again. We came back with another run at them and cut it to about nine or 10. We just could never get over the hump to make that happen.”

On NSU player performance …
“I thought Marvin Frazier and Brison White were phenomenal. Marvin Frazier had some big shots and Tyler Washington had some big shots. There again, (Zikiteran Woodley) “Zeek” does some things that just don’t seem like they’re there. DeQuan (Hicks) got a little carried away with himself. He had five steals on the game, but he had six turnovers. He’s just trying to make a point. Jalan (West) struggled through the first half and the whole game, really. He really battled and he’s a guy that, if he shoots the ball at all tonight, it’s a different ball game. You’re not leaning on him because he does so much for all the other players and makes them better. It’s just really proud of the way they competed.”

On making improvements and preparing for the game against ULM …
“We have to be a lot better defensively, and we really need to rebound the ball. Keith Richard is a phenomenal coach, and he’s won (Louisiana-Monroe) 150 games in 10 years. He’s an unbelievable coach and one of the best game-planning coaches there is. He’s going to have his kids ready, and they’ll be prepared for it. We’re going to come in, and we have to be picking people up. We haven’t done a good job of picking people up. One of the reasons is because both these teams have been running. We’re playing, and we’re running so long and fast. We just haven’t done a good job of containing the ball handlers like we need to. I thought we did a better job in areas of that tonight. The rebound is an Achilles heel, and I wouldn’t have thought that we shot six-for-14 on the free-throw line either.”




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