Lowe: On Crazy Weekend, LSU Steals Headlines

Find Kent Lowe's column in each basketball game program.
Find Kent Lowe's column in each basketball game program.
Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
Communications Sr. Associate

Looking back, I'm glad I had a few pieces of paper with me to take some notes on a Saturday-Sunday trip that took me from Tiger Stadium to Kansas City and back ...

If you haven't seen the Les Miles post-game from Saturday, you may be one of the few. The thing has gone viral on the Internet and has been replayed on every television show that shows those types of things. ESPN host Bob Ley, who has been there long enough to know, called it "the best post-game sound bite I've heard in my 34 years at ESPN."

After he said that, I couldn't let that go. Wow! This guy is one of the foundations of the building. Outside the Lines, SportsCenter, etc. If he's not there on a Sunday AM SportsCenter, it just isn't the same. So I take him at his word.

I have a hard time disagreeing. Coach had an opinion on the seniors and in his own, unique way, he put it out there. It was something.

Funny thing from my position in the press box after the game listening on headsets,  while I am working an audio mixer that feeds the media who doesn't go to the dressing room the press conference, I wasn't sure exactly what was happening. The audio without the video just isn't as good.

As a bowler, I did like the bowling reference to the movements as the ball goes down the lanes. After watching the video, I wondered if Coach had been watching some of my moves and expressions.

You know, when I think about the evening, here are the No. 1 and No. 2 teams losing and one of the highlights of the day is Les Miles' press conference. What that means is rant or not, planned or a spur of the moment thought, Miles was keeping LSU in the big college football picture. Yea, K-State and Oregon lost, but hey, how about Les Miles after the Tigers game? They won and they are still in the hunt for a BCS spot, oh by the way.

It all culminated a day that really began on the players over four hours earlier when senior day festivities were held.

I don't know which group I enjoy watching more during the ceremonies - the players or the families. The players are trying hard not to cry, the parents are jumping up and down and in some cases Saturday running all over the place, as their son's appointed time came. To me, senior day is the ultimate reward for your time at the Rock, or in this case, The Ponderosa.

That's the one thing about players who leave early. They don't get to experience that moment. Sure, there is usually the press conference and family members are present, but press conferences don't take place in front of 92,000-plus.

To all the seniors - Finish the Job and be proud of the time you spent here at LSU.


Sunday night, I joined a group of administrators that flew to Kansas City to the College Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. What a night it was. I believe I have seen a Hall of Fame induction format that some of us in Louisiana can take to heart and learn from. But more importantly, we saw Joe Dean, Sr., honored as one of the great contributors in the history of the college basketball game.

Unfortunately, an infection kept Joe, Sr., from making the trip but his son, Birmingham Southern AD and basketball commentator Joe, Jr., eloquently delivered the right words to proudly describe his dad.  Calling him the "Pied Piper" of SEC Basketball, he talked about the era when Dean did color on the one game you could get in this area each week (one game, are you kidding?)

It was a wonderful ceremony and if you are ever in the Kansas City area, please go visit the Hall of Fame at the downtown arena. It will be well worth the trip. 

So now back in Baton Rouge, it's another week of football and basketball. Oh yea, turkey and dressing. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!





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