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Tiger Stadium Traffic and Parking Policies

Published: August 07, 2014, 12:00 AM (CT)
Updated: August 07, 2014, 08:58 AM (CT)

by LSUsports.net (@LSUsports), LSU Sports Interactive

Parking Policies

Fans are encouraged to carpool as often as possible and to arrive early to campus.
Reason: The fewer vehicles on campus on game day, the more parking opportunities there will be for everyone.

Closed Streets
North Stadium Drive, South Stadium Drive and West Stadium Drive (next to Tiger Stadium) will be closed to all vehicular traffic on game days.
Reason: The streets nearest to Tiger Stadium are heavily utilized by pedestrians.  Vehicular traffic on those streets would present a danger to those pedestrians.

Neutral Grounds (Median Parking)
Parking of vehicles on the neutral ground (median) on Nicholson Drive is not permitted.
Reason: Vehicles parked on neutral grounds can obstruct the vision of motorists and presents a danger for pedestrians and motorists.

Nicholson Drive Street Parking
Policy: Vehicles may not park on the shoulders or along Nicholson Drive/Hwy 30 and Burbank Drive south of Skip Bertman Drive.
Reason: Vehicles parking on the side of Nicholson Drive pose a public safety risk for pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic. Tailgating is still allowed in the grass areas adjacent to Nicholson Drive, however, vehicles will not be allowed to park in this area. Fans tailgating in these areas are encouraged to use the Old Front Nine free parking lot as this is the closest public lot to these areas. (Instituted: 2014 football season)

Parking in Designated Areas
Automobiles and motor homes may park only in designated areas.  No parking is permitted on roots of trees or under drip lines of tree branches.
Reason: LSU has one of the most picturesque campuses in America, and we ask our fans to help preserve its beauty.  Parking on the roots of LSU's historic oak trees will shorten the life span of this valuable resource.

Police Directions
Motorists must follow the directions given by police officers on campus.
Reason: Police officers along the traffic routes and at parking lots are there to direct motorists to the best routes for the closest available parking.

Saving Spaces
Saving parking spaces for other motorists is not permitted in any area.
Reason: Parking on the LSU campus is first-come, first-served, except in lots and streets with reserved spaces.

Spaces for Vehicles Only
Reserved parking spaces are for vehicles only.  The purchase and use of a parking pass for other reasons, such as port-o-lets, trailers, tents, chairs, etc., is not permitted.
Reason: There are a limited number of parking spaces on the LSU campus for the fans that attend games.  It is important to make every space available for use for parking.

Travel Lanes
Tailgating is not permitted in travel lanes on roads, parking lots, sidewalks or bike paths.  No tents or other items may be placed in these areas.
Reason: Vehicles must be able to access parking spots via travel lanes.  Also, for the safety of tailgaters, travel lanes must remain clear for vehicles to pass, especially emergency vehicles.

Disabled Patron Parking

Free Gameday disabled parking is located at Lot 409 on Gourrier Lane. There are a limited number of spaces available. This area is available on a first come, first served basis beginning at 7 a.m. on game days. The lot is accessible by presenting a valid state issued disabled parking permit and/or valid disabled driver’s license to the traffic officers on site. The disabled individual must be in the vehicle when entering the lot. Shuttle service will start 5 hours prior to kickoff for games scheduled after Noon. For games scheduled at or before Noon shuttle service will start three hours before kickoff. Pickup location will be in the Lot 409. The drop off location and post-game pickup will be on South Stadium Drive on the west side of Tiger Stadium. Shuttles will be available throughout the game for return service to Lot 409 and available 90 minutes after the game. A shuttle pass will be issued to all individuals in a vehicle accessing Lot 409 with handicap identification. The shuttle pass will be required to ride the shuttle.

Paid Disabled Patron Parking
Paid Disabled Patron Parking is sold out. Persons interested in purchasing a paid reserved parking permit can register for a waiting list at www.LSUsports.net under "Tickets." Reserved disabled patron parking permits cost $300 for the entire season and may require a Tradition Fund contribution. To purchase a season disabled patron-parking permit, you must have a state issued disabled parking permit or letter from your doctor stating the reason you need to park near the stadium, and a valid ID. Contact the LSU Athletics Ticket Office at (225) 578-2184 for more information. Passes are not transferable. The disabled individual must be in the vehicle when entering the lot.

Oversized Vehicle Parking

Definition of Oversized Vehicles
An oversized vehicle for the purpose of LSU football tailgating is any vehicle other than a motor home more than 20 feet long and/or 7 feet wide. Oversized vehicles may park only with the permission of LSU.
Reason: Oversized vehicles do not fit into designated parking spaces and require special accommodations.

Bus Parking
Charter buses may park in Lot 406 on Skip Bertman Drive, just west of the Charles McClendon Practice Fields. (Parking Map) Bus parking is free in Lot 406. RVs are not allowed in Lot 406.
Reason: Lot 406 is the closest lot to Tiger Stadium that can accommodate buses AND offer good access for buses to arrive and depart the LSU campus.

A $100 parking fee is required for Limousine parking at LSU football games. Limousines will be directed to park in Lot 406 on Skip Bertman Drive and must remain in place in that lot throughout the game or leave the campus. Limousines may not park overnight prior to the game. It is recommended that limousines approach campus on Nicholson Drive or River Road and may not pass through campus. After the game, those traveling in limousines must meet their limousine at Lot 406. There are a limited number of spaces available for limousines, so please contact the LSU Athletics Ticket Office at (225) 578-2184 in advance to purchase a permit for the game.
Reason: Lot 406 is the closest lot to Tiger Stadium that can accommodate limos AND offer good access for limos to arrive and depart the LSU campus. Limousines take up more space than a normal automobile, so it is necessary to designate a particular location for these vehicles.

Utility Trailers
 Utility trailers require a $50 fee to park in the Game-by-Game parking area designated in blue on the gameday parking map. (information is available on pages 46-47 of the Fan Guide and at http://www.LSUsports.net/carparking). Utility trailers are not permitted to park in reserved (gold) lots. Motor home owners will be permitted to pull a trailer into a motor home lot to drop off items up until seven hours prior to kickoff. Vehicles are permitted 15 minutes to drop off items in motor home lots. If the owner of a utility vehicle chooses to keep his/her trailer on campus, they will be directed to park it in a non-reserved lot such as a lot on Gourrier Lane.
Reason: Spaces in reserved lots are reserved exclusively for cars or motor homes. Even if a utility trailer fits into a motor home space, it can cause tailgate parties to overflow into travel lanes, causing a hazard for other vehicles and the passage of emergency vehicles.

Best Traffic Routes to and from Tiger Stadium

City Police and LSU Police have listed the best traffic routes for motorists driving to Tiger Stadium for LSU football games. To report traffic problems, call LSU Police at (225) 578-3231. Click here for an interactive parking map with directions for each parking lot.

Approaching Campus

From the North
If approaching the stadium from the north, use either River Road, Nicholson Drive, Highland Road or Dalrymple Drive. From these routes, parking will be available north of the stadium, on Nicholson Drive near the Carl Maddox Fieldhouse, at Kirby Smith Residence Hall lots off Aster and Roosevelt Streets, or at the Pleasant Hall lots on Dalrymple Drive.

From the East or South
If approaching the stadium from east or south, use either College Drive, Acadian/Stanford exit, Highland Road or Burbank Drive and Nicholson Drive. Parking for those using these routes is available on Gourrier Lane south of the stadium, off River Road near the Mississippi River and or additional lots east of the stadium in the vicinity of the John M. Parker Coliseum.

From South on Nicholson/Burbank
Fans coming from the south on Nicholson Drive or Burbank Drive will be routed to Gourrier Lane, then to River Road.

One-Way Traffic to Stadium
(90 minutes prior to kickoff)
Approximately 90 minutes prior to kickoff, police will direct one-way traffic only toward Tiger Stadium on Highland Road from Lee Drive, on West Lakeshore Drive from Stanford, on Nicholson Drive Extension from Parker Boulevard and on Dalrymple Drive from the I-10 overpass.

Exiting Campus

Going South
After the game, southbound traffic from the stadium will be directed onto Nicholson Drive or to River Road. Nicholson Drive will turn into a one-lane roadway south bound until Bluebonnet Boulevard. Nicholson Drive at Bluebonnet Boulevard will return to normal two way traffic flow going south. Fans who are traveling in the left lane of Nicholson Drive will be directed to turn onto Bluebonnet Boulevard and fans traveling in the right lane of Nicholson Drive will be directed to continue straight (southbound).

Going North
fter the game, northbound traffic west of Tiger Stadium will be directed onto Nicholson Drive or to River Road. Northbound traffic east of Tiger Stadium will be directed onto Highland Road.

Fans are encouraged to view the LSU Football Parking Map for best routes off campus.


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