Tiger Stadium In-Stadium Policies

LSU Football in Tiger Stadium
LSU Football in Tiger Stadium
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Public address announcements are restricted to emergency situations only and must be requested through LSU Police at (225) 578-3231 or dial 911 for emergency situations.
Reason: Many in-stadium announcements are requested, but only emergency situations can be addressed through PA announcements in Tiger Stadium. To properly address these situations, LSU Police are responsible for determining the level of importance of any requested emergency announcement.

Artificial Noise-Makers
Southeastern Conference rules do not permit artificial noise-makers to be brought into or used in Tiger Stadium. Anyone found violating this policy is subject to ejection.
Reason: The SEC implemented this rule in order to prevent the distraction of the participants and officials in the game.

Tiger Stadium Prohibited ItemsBackpacks and Bags (New in 2016)
GEAUX CLEAR! Only CLEAR tote bags smaller than 12" x 6" x 12" will be allowed into Tiger Stadium and all other LSU Athletic venues. One-gallon clear plastic bags and/or small handheld clutch purses (approx. the size of a person's hand) will also be allowed to enter. All backpacks regardless of size are prohibited and any bags larger than 12" x 6" x 12", clear or non-clear will be strictly prohibited. Exceptions will be made for approved medical needs and diaper bags (with baby). All bags will be subject to search and inspection.
Reason: Due to national and global events, security officials have deemed backpacks and large bags as heightened security threats. LSU Athletics is dedicated to enhancing fan safety and security measures and the use of clear bags is a recommended best practice throughout the industry.
Recommendation: LSU recommends fans only bring what is absolutely necessary with you to LSU Athletics venues - phone, wallet, money, credit cards, car keys. Please leave all unnecessary items at home or in your vehicle. Backpacks and bags may not be stored at the gates or outside of the venue - any unattended bags will be confiscated and removed immediately (all items will be discarded). LSU Athletics is not responsible for the care or security of any items left unattended.

Banners and Poles
Banners may NOT be hung and poles may NOT be brought into Tiger Stadium unless approved by LSU Athletic Administration - must show documentation of the approved request for admission.
Reason: Banners or poles in Tiger Stadium can be a nuisance to other fans by obstructing their view of the game and can create safety concerns for those in the area. Also, LSU must ensure that it abides by its contractual agreements with corporate sponsors regarding signage in Tiger Stadium.

Beverage Policy (Alcohol)
The possession or consumption of alcohol in the general seating areas of Tiger Stadium is expressly prohibited by University policy. Stadium personnel and law enforcement agencies will enforce this policy. Persons who are intoxicated or who are in possession of alcohol are subject to ejection from the stadium.
Reason: LSU is committed to providing all fans with a safe, fun and enjoyable experience. Fans are encouraged report those in violation of this policy.

Cameras are permitted in Tiger Stadium for both fans and working news media. All photos taken in Tiger Stadium must be for editorial or personal use only and may not be used for advertising, promotions or other trade purposes, or any other commercial or promotional endeavor, without the permission of LSU. Contact the LSU Office of Finance and Administrative Services at (225) 578-3386 with any questions.
Reason: The sale of images with current student-athletes is against NCAA rules and can risk the eligibility of LSU student-athletes. Additionally, any commercial use of photos of Tiger Stadium, campus landmarks or identifiable campus elements is prohibited without the prior written approval of the University.

Re-Entry to Tiger Stadium
Anyone leaving the stadium must have an unscanned new ticket to return to the stadium. Once a ticket has been scanned, it may not be used again for re-entry, unless otherwise directed by LSU Event Management (or gameday officials) in emergency situations.
Reason: SEC rules prohibit "pass out checks" from being issued.

Smoking & Tobacco Use
Smoking and the use of all tobacco products on the LSU Campus is prohibited. This prohibition applies to all individuals while on the LSU Campus, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, contractors, and visitors. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, pipes, and chewing tobacco are not permitted
Reason: On August 1, 2014, LSU became tobacco free, in accordance with the governor's "Well-Ahead" program. The Louisiana legislature has implemented a smoke-free requirement for all state university property, and all public post-secondary institutions in Louisiana must be in compliance. All of LSU's athletic facilities are considered public buildings under this statute. Additionally, a public place also covers sports arenas, educational facilities and any enclosed areas to which the public is invited. Electronic cigarettes create the appearance of smoking, which can be misinterpreted by others.

Stadium Security
Visitors to Tiger Stadium may be subject to search.
Reason: With heightened security now a way of life, LSU will do everything possible to provide a safe and secure environment for its fans. Please be cooperative with stadium officials and law enforcement agencies during your visit to Tiger Stadium. Direct any concerns to the nearest officer or stadium attendant – if you see something, say something.
Recommendation: All fans should read and understand the prohibited item list and the stadium policies. Fans are encouraged to arrive early and be vigilant with concern to your own personal safety and those around you. If you notice something suspicious, please report the matter immediately to a law enforcement officer or event staff team member.

Stadium Seats (Portable)
Any seat that impedes on the comfort and enjoyment of a fan in an adjacent seat (in front, behind or to the side) is prohibited. (Revised: 2007 season)
Reason: Wide stadium seats can overlap into the seat of the fan next to you.
Recommendation: Any stadium seat measuring 16 inches wide or less will fit into any seat in Tiger Stadium. In some portions of Tiger Stadium, seats wider than 16 inches may fit. Please be considerate of those sitting around you and please be aware that some seats with LSU logos may be too large for use at Tiger Stadium. To order a pre-installed stadium seat, please visit www.LSUTigerSeatback.com or call (866) 895-1490.

Standing During Games
Policy: LSU encourages fans to be courteous of other fans in choosing to stand during games. Spontaneous reaction to plays or significant events is expected and encouraged. Continued standing during game action when other fans are sitting is discouraged and will be addressed by LSU Event Staff if complaints from other fans are reasonable and continuous.
Reason: Common courtesy dictates that fans should not block the view of other fans who are seated during game action. Please be respectful of those around you so all Tiger fans may enjoy the game.

Starting Times
 All LSU home games are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Central time, however the starting times for all games are subject to change. Television rights as negotiated by the Southeastern Conference often dictate a change of starting time for a game. For further information, please visit the Official Web Site of LSU Athletics at www.LSUsports.net/football.
Reason: Night games are a tradition at Tiger Stadium, and LSU will play games at night when possible. However, as a member of the SEC, LSU is obligated to cooperate with the league office in moving start times for television.
Recommendation: Check www.LSUsports.net/football for the most up-to-date starting times for LSU football games. Updates are also available via LSU’s various social media outlets such as LSU Football’s Facebook page and the @LSUfball Twitter account.

Thrown Objects
Policy: The throwing of objects from the stands is strictly prohibited and is cause for immediate ejection. Reason: Thrown objects can cause serious injury. LSU takes very seriously the safety of fans, coaches, athletes and officials. LSU will act promptly and accordingly if the safety of any individual is in jeopardy. Any fan/spectator ejected for throwing objects or unauthorized access may be subject to additional penalties and possible loss of future ticket privileges..

All persons, regardless of age, must present a ticket for admission to Tiger Stadium.
Reason: This policy is for the convenience and safety of all Tiger ticket holders. Even the smallest of LSU fans sitting on their parents' lap can be an inconvenience to the fan sitting in the next seat and a safety risk for the child.

Umbrellas are NOT allowed in Tiger Stadium. Umbrellas left at the gate/entrance will be confiscated and discarded during security sweeps.
Reason: Umbrellas are a sight obstruction and possible safety hazard for other fans.
Recommendation: LSU advises the use of ponchos or other wearable rain gear for inclement weather.

Video Cameras
Video cameras are not permitted in Tiger Stadium except for the working news media. Video images taken in Tiger Stadium must be for personal use only and may not be used for advertising, promotions or other trade purposes, or any other commercial or promotional endeavor, without the permission of LSU. Contact the LSU Office of Finance and Administrative Services at (225) 578-3386 with any questions.
Reason: LSU is obligated to protect the television and digital rights granted by the Southeastern Conference to television networks and other media. By prohibiting video cameras except for use by credentialed working media, LSU can best manage that obligation.


Non-Allowables & Tiger Stadium Policies

For the comfort, enjoyment and safety of all Tiger fans - please follow these guidelines for items brought into Tiger Stadium. All items are subject to approval by the discretion of LSU Event Management and Tiger Stadium Law Enforcement. No items may be left at or near the gates of the stadium. Stadium security sweeps will discard any unattended item.

The following items are not allowed in Tiger Stadium:

  • Coolers, ice chests, bottles, cans, cups (or containers of any kind)
  • Backpacks of any kind or variety (all sizes and shapes - including drawstring bags)
  • All bags and purses larger than 12" x 6" x 12" (see the 2016 clear bag policy)
  • Outside food and drinks
  • Umbrellas
  • Any type of artificial noise makers - violators are subject to ejection
  • Pets of any variety (except for certified service animals)
  • Video cameras
  • Weapons of any kind - including pocket knives, multi-function tools, and any items deemed inappropriate (no return of any confiscated weapons)
  • Banners/Flags/Poles/projectiles of any kind (and/or any obtrusive/obstructive signage) - small handheld signs are subject to approval by LSU Administration. 

Tiger Stadium Policies

  • Only clear tote bags smaller than 12" x 6" x 12" or 1-gallon plastic freezer bag are allowed
  • Small handheld clutch purses are allowed
  • Items may not be stored at or near the gates of the stadium
  • All items left unattended will be removed and discarded
  • Smoking and the use of all tobacco products on the LSU Campus is prohibited. This prohibition applies to all individuals while on the LSU Campus, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, contractors, and visitors.
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, pipes, and chewing tobacco are not permitted
  • All persons must have a ticket for admission - regardless of age
  • No Re-entry - Anyone leaving the stadium must have a new unused ticket to re-enter
  • All persons entering the facility are subject to search
  • No oversized portable stadium seats or objects that may impede on the comfort/safety of others (including items such as portable heaters, fans, etc.)
  • Tickets may not be resold on the stadium premises and/or the surrounding grounds (including the stadium parking lots)

All Policies and Enforcement are subject to the discretion of LSU Event Management


LSU encourages its fans to show good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a manner that represents LSU, the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA with honor, dignity and respect. LSU strongly recommends that fans:

  • Demonstrate the qualities of civility and sportsmanship at all times.
  • Refrain from the use of vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, demeaning or intimidating language at any time.
  • Always support the players, coaches and officials in a positive manner.
  • Treat the visiting team, coaches and fans with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Refrain from engaging in cheers that are vulgar, crass or demeaning.
  • Refrain from throwing objects for any reason.

LSU Athletics has high standards of fan behavior for all guests in attendance – failure to comply with the sportsmanship guidelines set forth may result in ejection and loss of future ticket privileges.

Please Stay Off Of The Field!

The Southeastern Conference takes seriously the issue of fans "storming the field" after major victories. While the enthusiasm of the fans is admirable, it has caused serious injury to some fans and student-athletes and can result in unwarranted violence and vandalism.

The SEC has adopted the following principles regarding fan access to competition areas:

  • In all sports, access to the competition area shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly-credentialed individuals at all times.
  • For the safety of participants and spectators alike, at no time before, during or after a contest shall spectators be permitted to enter the competition area.

Penalties against individuals who improperly enter the competition area shall include, but not be limited to, expulsion from the facility, arrest for trespassing, and the loss of future ticket privileges. In addition to these three penalties, violators who are students shall be subject to student disciplinary measures.

Penalties for Institutional Violations
In the sports of football, men's basketball and women's basketball, at the discretion of the Commissioner, schools in the Southeastern Conference may be fined the following amounts if fans at their respective institutions enter the area of competition before, during or after an athletic contest:

1st offense: institutional fine of $50,000
2nd offense: institutional fine of up to $100,000
3rd offense: institutional fine of up to $250,000

Please represent LSU with pride and thank you for your cooperation.






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