Miles Previews Saturday's Home Opener vs. UAB

LSU head coach Les Miles at his weekly press conference.
LSU head coach Les Miles at his weekly press conference.
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Todd Politz (@tpolitz)
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BATON ROUGE -- On Tuesday at his weekly press conference, LSU head coach Les Miles wrapped up Saturday's 37-27 victory over TCU and looked ahead to Saturday's Tiger Stadium opening game against UAB.

Though today's show was moved for the Labor Day holiday, coach Miles' press conference will return to its normal Monday time slot (12:10 p.m. CT) next week.

LSU (1-0) takes on UAB (0-1) at 6 p.m. CT on ESPNU and on the LSU Sports Radio Network.

Player Interviews
September 3, 2013

CB Jalen Collins

On Saturday night against TCU…
“I feel like our play overall was really good, but there is a lot of room for improvement. We definitely did a bunch of things that we wanted to do. We got closer to our goal of trying to keep them under 200 yards.”

On the young starters…
“Our young players, I feel, did a good job in their first game. They had a bunch of the jitters and stuff like that. But, I feel like they did pretty well.”

On the home team advantage…
“It is always great playing at home. This week is nothing different. We have UAB coming in. We are very excited just to play at home and be in front of our fans.”

DT Ego Ferguson

On the first game performance…
“We had a couple turnovers, a couple penalties, but for the first game I feel like we did alright. I feel like we did pretty good as a whole but I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement. But as a whole I feel like we did alright.”

On playing in Tiger Stadium…
“It is definitely a different experience when you are playing at home for the first time in a season. I feel like UAB has a good team and a nice running back. With them coming in town I feel like we should be able to correct a lot of mistakes we made the first game.”

On the difference in playing a non-ranked opponent…
“I feel like this year we treat every team the same. We are not taking any plays off. Every team is a big game for us because each day means a lot. We are on the road to California this year so we need every game.”

On the defensive line against TCU…
“We played pretty good. We had a lot of pressure from the outside and a lot of pressure from the inside. We made a lot of plays down the field effort-wise. I am pretty happy with our effort.”

On the new starters…
Jordan Allen plays a huge role for us. He played well, hustled, and made some plays down the field for us. I was also really impressed with our defensive first-time starters.”

WR Jarvis Landry

On how he and Odell Beckham Jr. complement each other…
“His ability to use his speed to get open and my ability to use what I see, use fundamentals and use techniques. I think that works well for both of us and allows each other to attack defenses in different ways. For us as an offense, it’s one of those things – it’s trying to get good matchups. Putting us on the same side allows us to run the ball back to the other side; we can do different things. I think the scheme and the way the coaching staff is using myself and Odell on offense is really paying off. Each week just keep raising the bar and our level of execution. Just keeping playing together. I think if we could just eliminate a few pre snap penalties, we score a little more points in that TCU game.”

On getting open as a receiver…
“It goes back to the scheme. The coaching staff does a great job of putting us in situations and calling plays that gets us open. Also, the ability to see things and be on the same page as the quarterback helps.”

On the new additions’ success on the offensive line…
“They did a great job. I think they gave up two sacks. I think that just goes to show the amount of work coach Stud has done with the full amount of time he has to fully coach his group. I think it’s paying off.”

On his touchdown against TCU …
“I wish I would have been a little more open. Zach (Mettenberger) trusted me. The guy may have pass interfered but he trusted me to catch that ball. He threw it and put it in a spot that I could only catch it. It stuck to me and I made a play. The ball hit me in a way that turned me away from the defender.”

RB Terrence Magee

On playing UAB this Saturday…
“Coach preaches this: We know our opponents, their names and their faces, but we’re worried about us. So we’re just going out there and working on us and getting better.”

On being a part of the TCU win…
“It felt good, I was just thankful for the opportunity that coach gave me. I have just been sitting back and waiting my time and I was just happy to get out and contribute in any way I could. I just credit it to hard work and dedication and trying to get better everyday.”

On how the TCU game can build his confidence…
“It boosted confidence a whole lot, but as much as everybody’s been praising me for doing good, I had a few things I made mistakes on. So just getting in the film room and critiquing those things and getting better.”

On the excitement of his 52-yard touchdown…
“It felt good. I was just excited and thankful that I had this opportunity to get out there to contribute to my team. I give it up to my O-line and my receivers and my full backs for making great blocks to get me to that play.”




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