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Find this article on page 96 of this week's LSU At the Game program.
Find this article on page 96 of this week's LSU At the Game program.
Bill Franques
Bill Franques
Communications Sr. Associate

Tiger Stadium Has a New Look Due to the Generosity of Scotty Moran

Prominent Shreveport businessman Scotty Moran emerged from humble beginnings, learning the value of perseverance at an early age.

"I'm from the end of a dirt road in Kingston, Louisiana in DeSoto Parish," Moran said. "I was raised without electricity or running water, which meant I studied by kerosene lantern light. Money was short where I grew up and I was raised to work hard for every penny.

"I was working the cotton fields at a young age and driving the tractor by eight years old. I learned early on that it is critical to listen to your elders, be polite, and that saying 'Yes Ma'am' and 'No Ma'am' will get you a long way. "

Moran did in fact go a long way, building a highly successful oil and gas enterprise. In the process of establishing relationships throughout Louisiana, he developed a strong affinity for the state's flagship university in Baton Rouge. He became one of LSU's major benefactors and most recently has donated funds for the construction of the Scotty Moran National Championship Plaza on the west side of Tiger Stadium. The plaza opened this weekend prior to LSU's 2012 season debut versus North Texas.

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"Louisiana has been good to me, way beyond what I deserve," said Moran, who has also made significant contributions to the renovations on the north end of the stadium. "I could not have been as successful anywhere else.  This is my way of giving back to the state, the university, and the young people.  I hope to inspire the generations to come to continue to give back to Louisiana. My wife, Espe, and I hope to leave LSU and the state of Louisiana better than we found it. "

Due to Moran's influence, LSU fans will enjoy a new and improved appearance to Tiger Stadium.

The renovations include the replacement of more than 400 windows on the north end, a project that was finished during the 2011 season. There is a new coating on the outer façade of the stadium that will help maintain the structure as well as improve its appearance.  A new lighting system has been installed that turns the upper archways of the north end of the stadium purple and gold and lights the iconic "LSU" on the stadium's north scoreboard.

There is a new gating system on the west side that includes the National Championship Plaza as well as plaques commemorating LSU All-Americans and members of the College Football Hall of Fame.  Also, "Tiger Stadium" in 10-foot high illuminated letters sits just below the west upper deck facing Nicholson Drive.

"These latest improvements to Tiger Stadium will help us tell the story of the history of Tiger football," said LSU Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Joe Alleva. "Fans will be able to read about our greatest teams and our greatest players who will be forever honored on the gates of Death Valley.

"Tiger Stadium is a treasure in the world of college sports and it is our obligation to maintain and improve it," Alleva continued.  "The original structure was built in 1924 so it takes constant attention, inside and out, to get it ready for every football season.  We are not going to build a new stadium, so it is our responsibility to make this one a showpiece for years to come."

Moran said he hopes the renovations will enhance the experience of all who visit the LSU campus. He also reminds fans to be gracious as they revel in the spirit of Fighting Tiger football.

"Be kind and respectful to our guests in Tiger Stadium," Moran advised. "You can't sell your reputation for anything but it is worth a lot.  When we play the national anthem take your hats off and cover your heart.  Sing the song and honor your country to the best of your ability.  We need to pray for our freedom keepers worldwide, for the safety they provide for our country.

"I've realized that I must be here to help do the good Lord's work.  He has allowed me to succeed and what I have is his.  I pray every day that God puts his people in my path and gives me the wisdom to recognize the ones that he sends my way."





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