LSU Issues Reminder About 2011 Parking Changes
Herb Vincent
Herb Vincent
Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director

BATON ROUGE - LSU football fans who park in lots west of Highland Road and east of Tiger Stadium are reminded that a new parking charge will go into effect for the 2011 season for that area of campus. The charges were announced in November 2010 and information on the new plan is being delivered this week to all season ticket holders with their season tickets.

The affected lots are in the Highland Road and Tower Drive areas. This area will be referred to as the Game-by-Game parking area. Access to these lots will be sold on a first-come, first-served and game-to-game basis, allowing current users in those lots to continue to park in the areas they are accustomed to using.

The announcement last November indicated that there would also be a charge for parking in lots on River Road (Levee Lots) and Gourrier Avenue (Hayfield Lot), plus a parking lot on the golf course Old Front Nine. After further discussion it was determined that those lots will remain free of charge.

2011 Football Parking Changes

The cost of Game-by-Game parking for the Highland Road and Tower Drive lots will be $40 per game. Various sales locations will be open on Friday nights to purchase Overnight Decals for access to the Highland Road and Tower Drive lots, and Game Day Pass sales will begin at approximately 4 a.m. on Saturdays.

In addition, due to the proliferation of utility trailers that are being brought onto the campus, there will be a per game charge of $50 per utility trailer in the Game-by-Game parking area around Highland Road and Tower Drive. Trailers parked in parking spaces within the newly controlled area and grass/common areas adjacent to lots within the area are subject to the $50 per game charge.

All existing reserved season permit lots are sold out for the 2011 season and will remain in force at the same cost as the 2010 season.

For more information, including a complete Game-by-Game parking sales timeline and a map of campus parking lots, go to


There will be two different permits that will allow access to the Game-by-Game Highland Road and Tower Drive area: an Overnight Decal and a Game Day Pass. The Overnight Decals will go on sale beginning at noon on Friday prior to each home game and will allow fans to leave their vehicle in this area overnight. Access in and out of the area will not be restricted until 4 a.m. on Saturday. Beginning at 4 a.m. on Saturday, vehicles with Overnight Decals must be parked in the area with their decal displayed. The Overnight Decal will not allow access to this area after 4 a.m. on Saturday. Vehicles in this area after 4 a.m. without an overnight decal displayed will be towed.

The Game Day Pass will go on sale at 4 a.m. on Saturday. Once the Game Day Pass has been purchased, the vehicle must remain in the newly controlled area. No re-entry will be allowed

It should be emphasized that the purchase of an Overnight Parking Decal does not allow a purchaser to buy the permit on Friday and have a guaranteed parking space on Saturday. The Overnight Parking Decal allows a vehicle to stay in this area of campus overnight and, or if it leaves this area of campus, it must return by 4 a.m. when Game Day Passes go on sale.

There will be two entrances to the Game-by-Game parking area on game day to purchase Game Day Passes: one at the corner of Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive and one at the corner of Highland Road and South Stadium Drive. Only cash sales will be accepted for Game Day Passes

It is also important to note that season parking permit inbound traffic routes will not be affected by these changes. Current permit holders who enter campus on Highland Road may still do so by displaying their season permit to personnel at the Highland Road intersections.


Noon - 6 p.m.: Overnight Decal Sales Location open at Alex Box Stadium ticket office (Gourrier Lane)
5 p.m.: Vehicles/trailers are allowed to enter restricted access area. Decals are not necessary to enter in the area unless vehicles/trailers will be parked overnight (past 4 a.m. on Saturday).
6 - 10 p.m.: Overnight Decal Sales Locations open at Visitor Center on Dalrymple Drive and Public Safety Building on South Stadium Drive.
10 p.m. - 4 a.m.: Overnight Decal Sales Location remains open at the LSU Public Safety Building

NOTE: Overnight decals do not allow for entry to the restricted access area after 4 a.m. on gameday.

4 a.m.: All vehicles/trailers without overnight decals displayed must vacate the restricted access area. Towing of non-decaled vehicles/trailers will begin.
4 a.m.: Passes to the restricted access area available for sale (CASH ONLY) at Game-by-Game Parking Entrances on Dalrymple Drive at Highland Road, and South Stadium Drive at Highland Road. Traffic into this area will be restricted. Sales of passes will continue until the restricted access area is full.

(All timelines adjust to Thursday and Friday for LSU's home game against Arkansas on November 25)





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