LSU has won 18 straight matches
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Beach Volleyball Shuts Out Texas A&M-Kingsville, ULM

Fraser McAlpine
Fraser McAlpine
Communications Student Assistant

BATON ROUGE, La.- The No. 7-ranked LSU beach volleyball team (20-5) tied the program record for wins in a season at 20, extended its winning streak to 18 matches and shut out both Texas A&M-Kingsville and Louisiana-Monroe in complete sweeps Friday at the Mango’s Beach Volleyball Club off of Sherwood Forest.

The team will return to action tomorrow morning in the final home matches of the regular season against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and No. 10 Georgia State at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. CT, respectively.

“All week we’ve been talking about improving and ramping up. This is the time of year where we want to be better than we’ve been up until this point,” said head coach Russell Brock. “The mentality is to come out tomorrow and push to be a better version of our team.”

“We have the ability to play better just by doing what we do at a more successful rate. Our goal is to make better decisions, hit better shots and to really fight, and that last match (against ULM) really showed that we’re in it and ready to do what we have to do to continue to get better.”

In the opening match against Texas A&M-Kingsville, Megan Davenport and Callan Molle put LSU on the board first at the five, collecting a win in straights by a score of 21-13, 21-11. On court four, Cati Leak and Maddie Ligon followed to put the Tigers up 2-0 with a win in two sets at 21-13, 21-6.

Freshman duo Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss notched the match-clinching point for LSU at the one, dominating in straights by scores of 21-5, 21-7. No. 3 pair Olivia Powers and Katie Lindelow gave the Tigers the 4-0 advantage, taking their match in a two-setter at 21-14, 21-8.

Lilly Kessler and Emmy Allen completed the sweep for the Tigers, tallying the fifth and final point of the match at the two flight against the Javelinas by a pair of 21-16 scores.

In the second match against ULM, the Tigers made some new adjustments by tweaking part of their lineup.

Davenport teamed up with Riley Young to give LSU the early 1-0 edge with a win in straights at 21-15, 21-9 at the five flight. On court four, Leak and Molle worked a two-setter by a pair of 21-14 scores to add to the Tigers’ lead, 2-0.

For the second consecutive match, No. 1 pair Coppola and Nuss lifted LSU to victory, clinching the match in straights 21-14, 21-7. After moving up to the two, Powers and Lindelow put LSU up 4-0 with a win in two sets by a score of 21-14, 21-13.

At the three, Allen and Ligon helped earn the complete sweep after batting in a hard-fought, three sets to take the match by a score of 21-16, 19-21, 15-9, giving LSU the 5-0 shutout over the Warhawks.

"Our vision for our team is to have the ability to put our pairs together in ways that can help us improve. Getting a couple of pieces back that we haven’t had available, seeing how we progressed up until this point and using that data allowed us to look at our arrangement in a different way,” added Brock.

“It gave us the opportunity to run the lineup we had in the second match. It was a great adjustment for us and made us stronger and kept the integrity of our lineup.”

On the year, Coppola and Nuss continue to remain steady as a pair, compiling a 14-1 record at the one flight and an overall record of 22-3 to pace the team.

No. 3 duo Lindelow and Powers have garnered wins in 17 of their last 18 matches to improve to 17-3 on the season.

In the last nine matches, the Tigers have been stalwart on defense. The team has allowed just three points and has shut out six teams, outscoring their opponents by a ridiculous score of 42-3 during that span.

Battle on the Bayou
Day 1 Results

LSU def. TAMU-Kingsville, 5-0
1. (LSU) Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss def. (TAMU-King) Kelby Sprinkles and Lexi Wick (21-5, 21-7)
2. (LSU) Emmy Allen and Lilly Kessler def. (TAMU-King) Gabby Atchley and Kyra Henderson (21-16, 21-16)
3. (LSU) Olivia Powers and Katie Lindelow def. (TAMU-King) Madison Brabham and Morgan Broussard (21-14, 21-8)
4. (LSU) Cati Lean and Maddie Ligon def. (TAMU-King) Kat Evans and Maelee Sowa (21-13, 21-6)
5. (LSU) Megan Davenport and Callan Molle def. (TAMU-King) Haley Hutchinson and Kadi Shipman (21-13, 21-11)
6. (LSU) Ashley Allmer and Taylor Bradley def. (TAMU-King) Marci Shipman and Madie Simms (21-9, 21-9)

LSU def. ULM, 5-0
1. (LSU) Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss def. (ULM) Hadley Swartz and Tara Jenkins (21-14, 21-7)
2. (LSU) Olivia Powers and Katie Lindelow def. (ULM) Claire Crossfield and Kori Simpson (21-14, 21-13)
3. (LSU) Emmy Allen and Maddie Ligon def. (ULM) Delaney Driver and Gabby Love (21-16, 19-21, 15-9)
4. (LSU) Callan Molle and Cati Leak def. (ULM) Grace Convey and Bailey Smith (21-14, 21-14)
5. (LSU) Megan Davenport and Riley Young def. (ULM) Becca Brown and Catherine Griffith (21-15, 21-19)
6. (LSU) Ashley Allmer and Emma Hiller def. (ULM) Holland Ponthieux and Ana Ribiero (21-17, 15-21, 15-9)