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Fifty-Five Tigers Named to SEC First-Year Honor Roll

Judy Willson
Judy Willson
Communications Associate

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Fifty-five LSU student-athletes were named to the 2018-19 First-Year SEC Academic Honor Roll on Tuesday by Commissioner Greg Sankey.

LSU's list includes members of the baseball, women's basketball, beach volleyball, football, men's and women's golf, soccer, softball, men's and women's swimming & diving, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track & field and volleyball teams.

The 2019 Spring SEC Academic Honor Roll is based on grades posted from the 2018-19 academic calendar.

Any student-athlete who participates in an SEC championship sport or is a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution's NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll. The following criteria is applied for nomination:

(1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution.
(2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll.
(3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e. letterwinner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons.
(4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution.
(5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport's entire NCAA Championship segment.

LSU Members of the SEC 2018-19 First-Year Academic Honor Roll

Name, Sport, Major
Cade Beloso, Baseball, Sport Administration
Giovanni DiGiacomo, Baseball, Civil Engineering
Saul Garza, Baseball, Kinesiology
Rye Gunter, Baseball, Mechanical Engineering
Cole Henry, Baseball, Sport Administration
Easton McMurray, Baseball, General Business
LaToya Ashman, Women's Basketball, Sport Administration
Allison Coens, Beach Volleyball, General Business
Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope, Beach Volleyball, General Business
Garrett Hamilton, Men's Cross Country, Chemical Engineering
Avery Atkins, Football, Biological Engineering
Kenan Jones, Football, Sport Administration
Cole Tracy, Football, Master's ‐ Liberal Arts
Garrett Barber, Men's Golf, General Business
Michael Sanders, Men's Golf, Marketing
Hayden White, Men's Golf, General Business
Chris Woollam, Men's Golf, Accounting
Alden Wallace, Women's Golf, History
Gabbie Angelle, Soccer, Undeclared
Shannon Cooke, Soccer, Kinesiology
Meghan Johnson, Soccer, Biology
Sydney Lau, Soccer, Chemistry
Makenzie Maher, Soccer, Biology
Maddison Martin, Soccer, Mass Communication
Molly Thompson, Soccer, Biological Engineering
Georgia Clark, Softball, Finance
Morgan Cummins, Softball, Kinesiology
Ali Kilponen, Softball, Kinesiology
Savannah Stewart, Softball, Sport Administration
Shelby Wickersham, Softball, Psychology
Jack Jannasch, Men's Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Michael Petro, Men's Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Miguel Velasquez, Men's Swimming & Diving, Finance
Jolie Blodgett, Women's Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Natalie Kucsan, Women's Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Allie McDaid, Women's Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Brittany Thompson, Women's Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Anne Tuxen, Women's Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Aimee Wilson, Women's Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Malik Bhatnagar, Men's Tennis, General Business
Ruy Teixeira, Men's Tennis, General Business
Boris Kozlov, Men's Tennis, General Business
Joey Thomas, Men's Tennis, Finance
Nick Watson, Men's Tennis, Accounting
Paris Corley, Women's Tennis, Mass Communication
Marina Hermanny de Figueiredo, Women's Tennis, General Business
Anna Loughlan, Women's Tennis, Undeclared
Mondo Duplantis, Men's Track & Field, Sport Administration
Adam Wise, Men's Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Lisa Gunnarsson, Women's Track & Field, Electrical Engineering
Molly McHale, Women's Track & Field, Kinesiology
Julia Palin, Women's Track & Field, Kinesiology
Angelle Primeaux, Women's Track & Field, English
Whitney Foreman, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Leigh Maher, Volleyball, Undeclared




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