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Women's Tennis Goes Undefeated in Doubles on Day 2

Morgan Galvin
Morgan Galvin

New Providence, Bahamas --- The LSU women’s tennis team continued competition at the USTA College Invitational at Albany on Saturday with two rounds of doubles.


After a successful day on the courts, the women picked up seven doubles wins. The women went undefeated in round one to start the day.


Freshman Anna Loughlan and senior Kennan Johnson picked up their second doubles win of the fall season remaining undefeated after taking the match against NC State duo Amanda Rebol and Adriana Reami, 8-5. Senior Jessica Golovin and sophomore Luba Vasilyuk also earned a win against NC State in an 8-6 match against Bianca Moldovan and Claudia Wiktorin.


Round two wins against South Florida came from sophomore Taylor Bridges and junior Paris Corley in an 8-3 match against Alexandria Mjos and Amelie Boy, and the duo of sophomore Eden Richardson and freshman Marina Figueiredo in an 8-0 victory over Laura Pellicer and Ana Roman.


The Lady Tigers will be back in action on Sunday for the final day of competition at the USTA College Invitational at Albany. Singles matches will be played at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. CST.


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Round 2


Anna Loughlan / Kennan Johnson (LSU) def. Amanda Rebol / Adriana Reami (NC State), 8-5

Taylor Bridges / Paris Corley (LSU) def. Alexandria Mjos / Amelie Boy (USF), 8-3

Jessica Golovin / Luba Vasilyuk (LSU) def. Bianca Moldovan / Claudia Wiktorin (NC State), 8-6

Eden Richardson / Marina Figueiredo (LSU) def. Laura Pellicer / Ana Roman (USF), 8-0


Round 3


Kennan Johnson / Luba Vasilyuk (LSU) def. Vanja Klaric / Nicole Dzenga (USF), 8-5

Alana Smith / Anna Rogers (NC State) def. Anna Loughlan / Paris Corley (LSU), 8-6

Taylor Bridges / Eden Richardson (LSU) def. Bianca Moldovan / Claudia Wiktorin (NC State), 8-3

Jessica Golovin / Marina Figueiredo (LSU) def. Laura Pellicer / Ana Roman (USF), 8-3




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