Miles Holds Monday Evening Press Briefing

LSU Athletics Creative Services
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Assoc. Athletic Director/Communications

(Note: Coach Miles was under the weather this morning and had to cancel his weekly press luncheon. He meet with the media tonight after practice)

Opening Statement…
“Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I can tell you that I did in fact have too much coffee to drink today. I certainly did not feel real great about that. I have a very quality staff that decided that I should go get examinations and tests. They did a great job and took care of me. I appreciate them very much. I just want everyone to know everything is fine, and we are ready to roll. We had a nice practice. We did our scouting report. The only thing I did miss was the weekly luncheon and the description of our opponent. McNeese State is a very quality football team. They are prepared in all three phrases. Matt Viator is a great coach and doing a great job there. You can see that his teams are well prepared. Daniel Sams, the quarterback, is very fleet footed with a strong arm and very capable. They have some skill players and wide receivers. Their running backs can really run and make you miss. We recognize this is an in-state school. They know us and we know them. In fact, it’s a reason for this state to fill Tiger Stadium and enjoy football Louisiana style. Our guys look forward to playing in Tiger Stadium. I’m sure their guys do as well. We finished the season on the road so we look forward to getting back to our stadium.”

On his illness today…
“I had too much coffee. Whatever it was, it was absolutely too much. It didn’t seem like too much. It just went down easy. Honestly, I enjoy my health and moderate anything I indulge in. Coffee is certainly one. To be honest with you, I went six months where I didn’t have a cup of coffee. I slowly but surly worked it back into my diet. I now remember I didn’t really get along with coffee.”

On his symptoms today…
“Who knows? It was just an awkward feeling. Here’s what happened. You have those feelings a lot of times. I just happened to have that moment in front of my trainer (Jack Marucci). You say boy I’m not feeling well. Suddenly he does his job. He gets me in front of a doctor. The same thing goes with (Ya’el) Lofton. I should have just stayed quiet and went through the day. I wouldn’t have missed a thing. I wouldn’t have missed the press conference and there certainly wouldn’t have been so much news. I wouldn’t have had to text all my kids I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

On how his team took the news…
“They expected me to walk into the room. I walked into the room and that was the way it was. Practice today was at the same time. We did our scouting report, which is our tradition. It was seamless to them.”

On if QB Brandon Harris will take the first snaps…
“Absolutely. You bet it unless something happens in the back end of this week. Right now it seems like Brandon will start.”

On playing both Harris and Jennings…
“I’m not going to go into how we look at that. We feel like both quarterbacks can play. Both quarterbacks have improved. They continue to compete. I wouldn’t hesitate if needed to play either one, extended or to sub.”

On why Harris gives LSU the best opportunity to win…
“I think he has continued to improve. Again, it’s just a vision and observation.”

On how Kevin Steele and the defense have transitioned…
“Our defense expects a lot of itself. They have great speed. There is enough leadership in that group that wants it. They want to dominate. They just don’t want to be a good defense. They want to be a dominant defense. I think there are reasons to believe that Ed (Orgeron), Kevin Steele, (Bradley Dale) Peveto, Corey Raymond and Chevis Jackson have all done a great job in preparing our team to take the field. When we go against them, we realize the advantages they have.”

On the offensive line depth chart…
“(Ethan) Pocic gives us a great advantage in the fact he can play in a number of spots. There are some good young players there like Maea Teahuma and (Toby) Weathersby who are also pretty talented. We are looking at our best five. It would seem to be very similar to the depth chart you have.”

On Will Clapp at guard…
“He is a mauler. He wants to get on you, stay on you and drive you. He has the ability to pull and get up on linebackers as well. He is a good, hard-nose football player.”

On Donte Jackson’s playing time this weekend…
“I think you will see Donte Jackson playing in a number of spots.”

On Leonard Fournette returning kickoffs…
“It appears to me that the best guy in the country could be Leonard. We have several guys who can do the job comparable to him. It might be best for him to be given a blow there.”

On when he knew Brandon would start…
“He hasn’t until he has, but he has done everything we have asked him to do. He continues to improve. He’s on course to do all the things that he’s wanted to do.”

On having more plays to call this year with more experienced players…
“There is no question. The things we are calling are very similar things. I think receivers give up the opportunity to be more successful and execute the passing game much more efficiently. Brandon Harris is throwing the ball more accurately.”

On being a better team than last year…
“I think we are a team that at the start of the season is a very talented team and capable team. Every team has a couple pieces and parts that need elbow grease. Let’s wait until we take it to the field and we will figure it out when we get there. We are a very talented team. There is always an expectation that comes with a season opener. There are expectations in this room that we play at a very high level. I think that team has that capability.”

On missing the luncheon today…
“I promise you I didn’t say, 'Hey I could go over and do this press conference.' Yea right. Way to take care of yourself. I was taking care of myself. I swear. I do appreciate the fact that Ya’el Lofton and Jack said you’re gone. You’re out of here. I said if you insist. It’s a nice thing. Of course, it’s nice to come back to work.”

On Trey Quinn
Trey Quinn is playing a lot of football. He is healthy and looked good today. He was nicked. The great part about him is he is a very bright player. He hasn’t missed a beat. He goes on the field and knows exactly what we are doing. He’ll play a lot of football Saturday.”





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