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LSU Athletics Recent Graduate Ticket Program
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Published: June 09, 2016, 12:00 AM (CT)
by (@LSUsports), LSU Sports Interactive


The LSU Recent Graduate Ticket Program is open to LSU Alumni who have graduated from LSU within the past five years.

Any LSU-Baton Rouge graduate with one or more of the following degrees – Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Professional – is eligible to join the program.

Recent LSU graduates will have exclusive opportunities to request/purchase tickets for all sports throughout the athletic year.

A $50 donation will be required to join. 

To sign up for the program, click here. Offers and updates will be sent out throughout the year. If you are having issues logging into or creating your TAF Account, please contact Amanda at TAF via email at for assistance or call 225.578.0179. 


Your yearly $50 donation will allow you to be a participant in the LSU Recent Graduate Program, a member of the LSU Alumni Association and a member of Tiger Athletic Foundation. That donation will go towards your LSU Priority Point ranking. With the donation, members will get exclusive ticket offers throughout the athletic year; including football home, away and postseason tickets is some instances. Your LSU Priority Point ranking will also help you in the future to better obtain season tickets for all sports. Click here to learn more about the LSU Priority Point system.

As a participant of the Recent Graduate Program, you will receive a Recent Graduate Program Membership Card that includes the following membership benefits:

Membership to Tiger Athletic Foundation includes the following:

  • 1 TAF membership bonus point – to assist in building your LSU Priority Point ranking
  • TAF window decal
  • Subscription to the TAF TigerLand News weekly emails
  • Access to the TAF and LSU Alumni Association Tailgate parties in the PMAC prior to home football games that start after 1:00 p.m.

Membership to the LSU Alumni Association include the following:

  • LSU Alumni Magazine and LSU Alumni Monthly E-Letter
  • Access to the your local Alumni Chapter events (more than 130 Alumni Chapters worldwide), events include: Faculty and University administration speakers; athletic, social, and networking events; Affinity Chapters; student recruiting receptions and scholarships; and Community Service
  • Access to other LSU Alumni Events, which include: Golden Tigers Reunion, Tiger Band Reunion, LSU Touring Tigers, LSU Traveling Tigers, Alumni Golf Classic, Retired Faculty Dinners, Chapter Leadership Workshops and Past President's and Chairs Luncheon
  • Access to the Alumni Career Services resources, including: Online Job Search Essentials through LSU Career Services and Alumni advisor networking
  • LSU Alumni Membership Discounts.
  • Opportunity to be honored with the following awards: Hall of Distinction, Purple & Gold Awards, Chapter Service Awards, Young Alumnus of the Year, Faculty Service Awards and Alumnus of the Year
  • Other Offers available through the LSU Alumni Association membership including: Permanent LSU e-mail address available, Eligibility for University Recreation Center membership and Enhanced Membership rewards and exclusive events

To become a participant in the LSU Recent Graduate Program, please click here to fill out the membership form and make your $50 donation.


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