2014 LSU Football Pro Day Wrap-Up

Steve Franz
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Assoc. Athletic Director/Communications

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LSU Coach Les Miles

On QB Zach Mettenberger
“I think is a guy who can play at really high level in the NFL. I think he will climb into an elevated position. I think he is improving. I think they will see that his leg is in the high 90 percentile. He’s back. I think he will throw extremely well today. He will play in the NFL a long time. I will be surprised if he is not a very high draft pick.”

On the impact of Pro Timing Day for LSU athletes…
“I want to say five head coaches and seven general managers are here. Virtually every team is represented. It lets us know we are doing a good job recruiting. Our guys are attractive to the next level. Those guys who are young guys now in Louisiana and in our perimeter want to be a part of something like this. This is they style today you enter from today.”

On WR/RS Odell Beckham Jr.
“I have seen nothing but great interest in Odell Beckham. I think Odell is going to be drafted early. You hate to predict a draft position, but if he isn’t gone in the first day I will be surprised. I think if you look at the draft eligible guys, they are all getting increased favorable views not only off the field but what appears to be strength and speed and measurable.”

On WR Jarvis Landry
“I think certain guys are football players. There was an offensive guard back in the NFL who played for the Vikings. He had the worst stance. He looked terrible. I could not believe he is an NFL player. Then I watched him come off the ball and I said wow. He was one of those great football players that not necessarily defined himself his height, stance, weight, athletic ability, but his mental toughness. I think Jarvis Landry has that.”

On RB Jeremy Hill...
“I think trying to determine what they believe is difficult. I can tell you that I believe his character issues are behind him. I think he is a guy who made mistakes, but he understands that this is an opportunity to start fresh and do right. I think his family and background predict him to do well and not have off the field injuries.”

On OG Trai Turner
“I think Trai is one of those guys that doesn’t necessarily fit the proto-type. He isn’t the six foot four long armed guy. He is mentality tough guy that really expects to win on every play. He is a very bright football player. There will be a lot of guys who want a fast dominant guy. He doesn’t necessarily fit that proto-type, but they will want Trai.”

On taking pride in LSU’s program…
“I think there is a lot of people here that need recognition for the investment that happens in a program like this. Tommy Moffit takes them in the weight room and they get bigger faster and stronger. I think the school needs recognition. They walk into an academic environment and get help and encouragement. They grow in the classroom and come away with degrees. The NFL recognizes that. We take pride in our program and the things that we are doing to have our players have success after college, whether it be in the NFL or any of field that they choose. We have accomplished a great deal as a program and we’re proud of that.”

LB Lamin Barrow

On his performance at Pro Day …
“Coming off the Combine I ran pretty well, so it wasn’t a necessity for me to run today. Today gave me a chance to show off my change of direction and how fast I can change my speed as well as showing off my backpedal and how I can open my hips and get out into coverage and things of that nature.”

On his focus leading to the draft …
“It is continuous work. A lot of people think you can just chill after Pro Day, but there’s a lot of things to do. We have private workouts, visits and things of that nature. I’m just trying to get all that stuff lined up and keep pinpointing on my weaknesses. I have to get my drill work in and work on dropping back in coverage. If I can just keep doing that I think that come draft time whatever team I go to I’ll be ready.”

On if he thought this was possible when he came to LSU …
“I always knew I would have an opportunity coming to a university like this. It takes a lot of work to just get on the field and become a primary player. Playing in the SEC is an accomplishment in itself. Once I started getting playing time I knew it was possible, but by the grace of God you have to keep working and hope that you have this opportunity one day. I just count my blessings and keep moving.”

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

On Zach Mettenberger’s healing process …
“It’s pretty crazy for him to only be 13 weeks out. He’s almost fully recovered. He’s throwing the ball and dropping back. It’s amazing on his part, and it says a lot about his character and hard work.”

On Pro Day …
“It just felt like it was practice for us. This is what we do every single day. It was great getting out there with these guys in your own indoor facility and having fun. That’s what we did today is have fun.”

On Cam Cameron
“It was great. Coach Cam and I have such a great relationship. He’ll sit there and smile at you, and you’ll know exactly what he wants you to do. It’s just the type of relationship that we have. It was fun for him to be out there and see him enjoy what we’ve been doing. Everybody out there had a smile on their face.”

On the possibility of playing for the New Orleans Saints …
“It’s kind of crazy. I always talked about how I wanted to play in the Dome, and in high school I never got a chance. I got one chance in college, and it wasn’t what I expected or wanted at all. It’s just crazy seeing those guys here, and just the possibility of me getting to play in my hometown at the Dome is a surreal feeling.”

On being invited to the draft in New York …
“I actually got the call maybe a week ago, and they invited me to New York. It’s a huge blessing and huge honor for my family. I’m looking forward to it.”

On not running at Pro Day …
“I don’t think I would hurt myself. I think I might have run a little faster. There’s no need to run. I was warming up, and I told my dad that I wanted to run again. He told me there’s no point. There was a part of me that wanted to run again just to show that I do have that speed and it wasn’t just a one-time thing. It took a lot of me to not run and to just get out there and compete.”

On participating with Jarvis Landry and Zach Mettenberger
“It almost felt like it was home. We were at practice in our backyard. There was no pressure involved in it, and we were running routes like we always do. We were throwing the ball and catching the ball like we always do. It was really relaxed and friendly.”

WR Jarvis Landry

On his 40-yard dash time of 4.51
“I’m ecstatic about it. Just being able to show my straight line speed and show that drastic improvement as well as bouncing back from that injury and being able to run it well was a good experience.”

On his overall mindset heading into next month’s draft …
“For me it’s continuing to do my private workouts, also be a leader, help other guys but also being in the meeting rooms with teams and show my ability to work off the field also. It’s still a process, and I’m going to continue to work.”

On the possibility of playing for the New Orleans Saints …
“I love it. I love it. If there’s an opportunity, I’m open arms to it. I just talked to the receivers coach from the Saints actually. Just talking to him and telling him that whatever he needed me to do, if I’m fortunate enough to wear black and gold, I’ll do it.”

On Zach Mettenberger’s Pro Day performance …
“He did great. It says a lot about a guy who’s four and a half months out of a total knee reconstruction surgery for him to come out here, battle through, throw the ball with shoulder pads on, throw the ball fatigued and be able to put it in spots for these guys to make plays says a lot about him and his character.”

On the high number of draft picks consistently getting drafted from LSU …
“It says a lot about the coaching staff and Coach Miles and the tradition left behind by the other guys. For this venue to be as big as it was today, I can only see it getting bigger in the future with other big name guys coming out.”

On going through the process with fellow wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. ...
“It’s great. Just getting the opportunity to be around him and before we actually got started, he said, ‘Say a prayer for me.’ The only thing I said was, ‘Godspeed.’ Then, from there on, it’s just our chemistry and the things that we do for each other, to lift each other’s spirits, to perform and be competitive around each other says a lot about him and myself. ”

On Cam Cameron instructing throughout Pro Day …
“I can’t say enough about the attitude that he brought to the script that we had, to coaching Zach [Mettenberger], to coaching me. Not only that, being able to let [receivers] coach [Adam] Henry do his job also, being able to let coach Henry coach us the way that a NFL receiver is supposed to be coached. I think that his mentorship and the things that he did for us off the field allowed us to be a stronger band of brothers. I think that his contributions to LSU, not only this year but for the years to come, is going to be great.”

DB Craig Loston

On feedback he received form the scouts …
“It was a great workout. With the exception of two dropped balls everything went good. I think I showed them what I can do and they saw the things they wanted to see. Hopefully that will move me up on their board.”

On where he’d like to land in the draft …
“At this point, anywhere is fine. We all have dream teams that we grew up watching. Any team is a blessing, so wherever I land is where I’ll be fine with.”

QB Zach Mettenberger

On his Pro Day …
“It was fun. I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now that I’m healthy and good enough to go, and I don’t think you all believed me. I think that’s the biggest thing I wanted to do - show that I could go out there, take an explosive drop and throw the ball downfield like everyone knows I can. It was great to get out there, compete and throw the ball around with all my guys that I threw with for three years for one final time.”

On how he felt he threw the football …
“I think people think it’s pretty remarkable at 13 weeks where I’m at. I did a lot of good things today, but sometimes I hold myself to almost an unrealistic standard. I wasn’t too pleased with myself on some of those throws today. All things considering, I thought I did okay but still a lot of room to improve on.”

On how long he thinks it will be until he is 100 percent healthy …
“Right now, I’m probably 85-90 percent. I think by Rookie Camp in May I’ll be 100 percent.”

On how much throwing he did before Pro Day with private workouts …
“I haven’t had any private workouts with teams. Hopefully, I’ll get more now that they’ve seen that I’m okay. My feedback from some teams – they’re afraid to work me out because they don’t want me to injure anything. I haven’t had any private workouts, but I’ve been throwing everyday with the guys here that are in town. We’re able to gel and mesh kind of how we were, but we’re still off a little bit on timing things. I thought we did pretty well today.”

On having any workouts scheduled with any NFL teams …
“Yeah – I’ve got a few. I’m flying to the Jaguars tomorrow. I have a couple the rest of this week and then next week. I’m excited for all of those.”

On putting some injury talk to rest today …
“Yeah, I think I showed that I’m not going to start the season on a PUP list. I think I showed that I’m healthy enough to go through practice, compete for a job and by the time the season rolls around in September, I should be fully healed, no question.”

On having Cam Cameron out there with him today …
“I think it’s something that’s a luxury for us at LSU, getting ready for the NFL. So many other guys have been working with quarterback gurus or whatever. We’ve been working with a guy who’s been a successful offensive coordinator in the NFL. For this situation today, he knows exactly what teams want to see and what they’re looking for in each and every one of us. We were able to do that and display what our abilities are in front of those teams.”

RB Jeremy Hill

On his performance during Pro Day …
“It went pretty well, I think. It’s like the Combine where you really don’t get much time to prepare like you want to. You go from one place to another without getting much rest. It was a good experience though, and something I’m glad I went through. I got to meet up with some of my old teammates. It was a good day.”

On NFL visits …
“I have some visits lined up. I’ll be pretty busy leading up to the draft with visits and workouts, so that will keep me busy. Hopefully, I’ll get drafted somewhere nice.”

On what he would tell an NFL team …
“I’m going to come in humble and ready to work. I’m going to be coming in willing and able to make an impact early on. I’m going into the NFL with intentions to play right away and make an impact on the team, whether special teams or offense.”

On the journey to the NFL …
“It’s something that you dream about when you’re a little kid. You go through a lot of adversity getting where you want to be, so I don’t think that’s unexpected. I’ve gone through adversity, and I’ve overcome most of it. I have a few more steps to go, but it’s right around the corner. I continue to stay humble and keep working hard, and hopefully on draft day, I’ll get my name called.”

On his 40-yard dash results …
“It’s a little slower than I’d hoped, but I improved from my Combine time. I’m happy with that.”

On Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron
“I think I had a great IQ for the game before Coach Cam got here, but he elevated that once he got here with the detail that he put into work each day.”

On Cameron’s knowledge of the NFL …
“He has a lot of years in that league and a lot of respect from defensive coordinators and coaches in the NFL. His system is the same system used by a lot of teams, so a lot of our offensive players will be able to transfer easily to the NFL offense.”

On the opportunity present at LSU Pro Day …
“This is a one-in-a-million chance. It’s kind of like having your first-born child. It’s only going to happen one time in your life so I went out there and gave it my all and they appreciated it.”




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