In Focus: Moore Thrives in Pressure Situations
Morgan Goff
Morgan Goff

During a student-athlete’s career there are many opportunities for pressure situations to occur. LSU’s Tyler Moore has certainly gained experience in this area. Only a junior, Moore has created a legacy of being able to withstand the enormous amount of responsibility that comes when these situations arise.

For instance, on June 8, 2012, during Game 1 of the LSU-hosted NCAA Super Regional, against Stony Brook, Moore found himself at the plate with two outs. LSU was also down 3-2 in the bottom of the 10th inning; Moore also had a 3-2 pitch count. Despite the odds stacked against him, he unloaded a solo homer to tie the game that LSU would later win.

In 2013, two more of his at-bats would be game-changing. It could even be said that these two at-bats changed the postseason for the Tigers. On May 24 during the SEC Tournament, Moore stepped up to the challenge once again and provided a game-tying double versus Alabama in the top of the ninth inning with two strikes and two outs working against him.

Following the SEC tournament, Moore hit a game-winning double in the bottom of the eighth inning during Game 1 of the Super Regional against Oklahoma. Moore came into the game as a pinch-hitter for the at-bat, which came against the third overall pick of the 2013 MLB Draft, pitcher Jonathan Gray.

It is apparent that Moore has found a way to use his impeccable left-handed swing and provide for his team during these intense moments.

His teammates certainly look upon his success with a deep respect. Both Moore and other members on the team are quick to recognize that his success is the product of hard work and dedication.

LSU teammate and All-American shortstop Alex Bregman explained, “Tyler Moore thrives in those situations because he is a fierce competitor. He competes every pitch of the game. He stays completely locked in each pitch of the game and that is why he is so successful.”

When asked if there is any particular way he handles the pressure, Moore responded in a humble manner.

“I have been preparing for moments like that since I was a little kid. As a little kid you are closing your eyes wishing for moments like that. You have to know that you are going to be able to come through in moments like that and get a big hit. You have to look at it as just another at bat and another opportunity,” Moore explained.

Moore’s accolades from his two prior seasons are only the beginning of the promising future he has at LSU.

Moore is a local product of Baton Rouge and has a true sense of pride playing for the Tigers. “It is a dream come true,” Moore proclaimed.

“I grew up watching the Tigers play and admiring Skip Bertman and all of the tradition within the LSU program,” he continued.

Moore deeply values his opportunity and takes one day at a time, striving to be the best he is capable of being. He knows that his personal work and dedication is what it takes to help his team reach their full potential and ultimately earn the prestigious National Championship.

Bregman described Moore’s dedication by saying, “He works really hard in practice to put himself in the best possible situation for the games. He always seems to come through.”

During his freshman and sophomore years, Moore recorded a total of 51 starts. Three of these starts were tallied at third base, while the others were as the DH, at first base or behind the plate.

With the 2014 season picking up steam, Moore’s one goal is to win and to win as a team. The Tigers have many new additions, but it is obvious that the there is a special chemistry among them.

“We really came together over the fall, everyone meshes really well together and I think that is one of the things that is so great about this team,” Moore said.

There is a longing for greatness within the team, and with players such as Tyler Moore, they are certainly capable of achieving just that.





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