CCACSA Program Prepares Freshmen Student-Athletes

LSU Athletics
LSU Athletics
Victoria Kisluk
Victoria Kisluk

BATON ROUGE - The Freshman Interest Program as put together by LSU's Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes provides students with an opportunity to complete a career assessment inventory.

Each student received detailed, personalized report based on their assessments and participated in a series of activities designed to encourage them to think about their interests and also to educate them about possible majors and career paths.

"The iStartStrong career assessment was a great tool that provided students a tangible and individualized report highlighting their interests, skills, and potential career options," Kydani Dover, Manager for Student Learning/Learning Specialist, said. "The early exposure to career options is invaluable for all students and can really help get off on the right foot in their academic career."

The goal of the CCACSA's Freshman Interest Program is to increase the student-athletes awareness of different fields and careers they may consider and facilitating exposure is the primary goal.

"It helped me to find out what type of major I'm fit for and also what jobs might be better for me in the future when I get out of college," football's Trent Domingue said.





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