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LSU's Timmy Dasinger
LSU's Timmy Dasinger
Photo by:Steve Franz, LSU Athletics Staff Photographer
Swimmer Dasinger Reads to Local Students
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Published: November 10, 2012, 05:06 PM (CT)
by Seth Medvin, Student Assistant SID

BATON ROUGE -- LSU senior swimmer Timmy Dasinger volunteered with Real Men Read at Broadmoor Elementary on Friday.

Dainger, a member of last season's SEC All-Community Service team, read and talked with the students for a 30-minute session. The purpose of the event is for young students to see positive male role models who read.
"I think it is great for the kids to see a strong role model that they might not have at home," Dasinger said. "I think it is good for them to get that exposure. They were telling me I was such a great reader, and they were just little first graders that do not have that much experience. It is good to see that with a little practice that they could be just as good of a reader as me."


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