Super Regional Postponed; Resumes Saturday at 10 a.m.

Mason Katz (8) celebrates a game-tying solo HR in the 11th inning
Mason Katz (8) celebrates a game-tying solo HR in the 11th inning
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Todd Politz (@tpolitz)
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Game 1 Update

BATON ROUGE, La. -- After a two-hour, 34-minute rain delay, Game 1 of the NCAA Super Regional has been suspended due to rain. It will resume at 10:05 a.m. CT on Saturday. LSU and Stony Brook are tied 4-4 through 11 innings of play, and the game will resume with Stony Brook coming to bat in the top of the 12th inning.

Fans must use their Game 1 ticket to enter Alex Box Stadium for the 10:05 a.m. start. All stadium gates and the Alex Box Stadium ticket office will open at 8 a.m. Fans with lost or damanged tickets should visit the ticket office in the morning to have these re-issued.

The stadium will be cleared between games, with Game 2 starting 35 minutes (updated from 50 minutes) following the conclusion of Game 1. Fans need their Game 2 tickets for admission to the second game Saturday. Game 2 will not start until at least 11:05 a.m.

Both games are set to be broadcast live on the LSU Sports Radio Network (10 a.m.), and televised by ESPN2 with live streaming video at, weather permitting.

LSU hit solo home runs in the ninth, 10th and 11th innings to tie the game three times on Friday.

The visiting Seawolves hit a two-run home run in the top of the second innings off LSU starter Aaron Nola (6 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 6 K, 0 BB, 109 pitches) to take a 2-0 lead that they held until the seventh.

The Tigers cut the lead in half, 2-1, when Raph Rhymes reached on a two-base error, moved to third on a wild pitch and scored on a groundout by catcher Ty Ross.

Second baseman JaCoby Jones led off the bottom of the ninth inning with LSU's first of three solo home runs, but the Tigers couldn't scratch across another run and the game went to extra innings.

Stony Brook leftfielder Steven Goldstein answered with a one-out solo home run off LSU reliever Chris Cotton (3 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 4 K, 0 BB) in the top of the 10th to put the Tigers behind the eight ball once again.

With two outs and a full count on LSU first baseman Tyler Moore - who entered for Arby Fields in the eighth inning - he lined another solo home run into the right field bleachers to tie the game at 3-3.

Facing LSU's Nick Goody in the 11th, Stony Brook's compensation-round draft pick, Travis Jankowski, singled to left to lead off the inning. He moved to second on a sacrifice bunt and third on a single to right by William Carmona. After an intentional walk of Maxx Tissenbaum loaded the bases with one out, Kevin Krause hit a sacrifice fly to center field that scored Jankowski and gave the Seawolves a 4-3 lead.

For the third consecutive inning, LSU erased a one-run deficit. Facing Stony Brook reliever Jasvir Rakkar, Mason Katz led off the bottom of the 11th with a towering homer down the left field line to tie the game at 4-4. Rhymes hit the next pitch from Rakkar along the same path as Katz, but his was ruled foul.

While the Tigers were warming for the top of the 12th inning, the game was halted by rain at 3:08 p.m. CT.

2012 NCAA Baseball Championship
Baton Rouge Super Regional
Game 1 LSU vs. Stony Brook
June 8, 2012


Opening Statement ...
"We are down to this point in the rain delay. We are postponing the game and scheduling it to start at 10:05 A.M. tomorrow morning. Fifty minutes after the game, we will start the next ballgame. We did everything we possibly could to get the game in tonight, but because of the good Lord and His work we were unable to do it. We appreciate the press for working with us and getting it out to the public. That is our statement from the NCAA at this time."

On Whether the Decision to Reschedule the Game was Based on Field Conditions or Weather Forecast ...
"Both. Field conditions, as well as weather, were factors in our decision. We had lightening six and eight miles away. We talked about trying to get the game in tonight, but then we had another weather front behind us."

On Whether There is a Deadline that the Super Regional Series Needs to be Completed by...
"We try to get it in by at least Wednesday because teams will be on their way to Omaha at that time for Thursday practice. But, whatever we have to do to try to get it completed, we are going to do. We hope that Mother Nature will work with us. The most important thing at this time is for us to try to complete this game."


Opening Statement...
"I just spoke with NCAA officials, as well as ESPN, and they asked us to think about moving the game time up 30 more minutes for television, but we just made an executive decision that we are going to stick to the 10:05 a,m. game time. Also, you need Game 1 tickets for the completion of the 10:05 a.m. start game, and Game 2 tickets for the start of the second game. That is the purpose of the 50 minutes in between."

On the Decision to Reschedule the Game ...
"There comes a point in time you have to think about the athletes here and their safety. These guys have been up since 7 a.m. this morning, with no food, so you have to start thinking of those guys after a little while."


On the game...
"It's certainly a strange situation for these two teams to be in today. Quite frankly, I really thought that Stony Brook was really outplaying us for the majority of the game. They have an excellent club - they're tough outs, and their pitcher did a tremendous job against us. And if it wasn't for Aaron Nola pitching in clutch situations, really keeping us in the game. And we were really fortunate there in the end - we scratched a run across to make it 2-1 when Jacoby Jones hits the big homerun, and then Tyler Moore comes up for us. We caught a break when their left fielder overran the ball down there in the bullpen. It's not an easy play. I know that people may blame that kid, but it's not an easy play with the bullpen and the bullpen bench and all that stuff. So he overran the ball and gave Tyler Moore another chance. When Raph Rymes' ball left the bat, I thought it was going to be fair. When [Mason] Katz's ball left the bat, I thought his was going to go foul. So you can sit here and it's a matter of if you see the glass half empty or half full. Quite frankly, I feel like we're pretty fortunate to be sitting here with a tie ball game and be able to play tomorrow and try to win this game. This team that we're playing is a very good team. As good of a lineup as we've faced all year. They're probably feeling like they should have scored more runs with the at-bats that they had. Plus, they had three chances to close us out to win the ball game and weren't able to do that. So I'm sure, in some regard, they're probably a little bit frustrated over there. So it's a unique situation - we'll both wake up tomorrow and come out here early in the morning, and who knows how long the first game is going to last. And as soon as it's over, we'll think about another game. It's certainly a first for me as long as I can remember in my coaching career."

On the situation for both teams...
"I don't know Matt [Senk] all that well. He seems like a great guy. But I just think about how frustrated he probably was. They had three leads where they seemingly had the game won with quality pitchers on the mound and we came back and tied the game. So it's hard to get into too much of a conversation about it. When we were together, most of the time we were just talking about the weather. Then the last conversation we had, we kind of were laughing with each other, talking about what a unique game it was. The NCAA reps had to make a decision about what to do, and me and Matt [Senk] were talking about what if it was up to us. We both kind of agreed that it's been a long day and maybe it's best to get a good nights rest and come back tomorrow, and we kind of suggested that to the NCAA guys.


On his game-tying home run in the ninth inning ...
"I was leading off the inning, and I just wanted to get on base for the team. I asked Coach (Mainieri) if he wanted me to take the first pitch or swing away, and he said to hit it out. I got down in the count 2-2, and he threw me a fastball in. It hit my barrel and went out."


On his game-tying home run in the 10th inning ...
"The at-bat ended up 3-2, and I was just trying to stay alive. Fortunately, I got another chance to keep hitting, and I was just trying to stay alive and hit something hard in play. The ball met the barrel and just carried out."


On his game-tying home run in the 11th inning ...
"I was just like JaCoby (Jones). I was just trying to find a way on base. I was able to get a 2-0 count; I looked at Coach (Mainieri), and he kind of smirked at me, so I knew what he was thinking. I tried to get a good pitch to hit, and actually when I hit it I thought it was going to go foul for sure. It started out right by the foul pole and actually kind of faded back a little bit. If anyone is a golf player, it had a great power fade back towards left-center. I was able to put a good swing on it, it ran into the barrel, and I was able to get it out of there."

On the mentality of the team in comeback situations ...
"It's kind of been our thing all year. We're not a huge power-hitting team. Today we were able to pop a few out, but we're a team who gets guys on, gets them over, and gets them in usually. We heard a lot about the eighth inning magic and ninth inning magic, and we've been a very resilient team. We have a good group of guys that, in any situation, no one gives up. We always think we're coming back no matter what. We think we're going to win every game; that's the type of mentality this team has."

On splitting the first game over two days with another game following ...
"We still have to finish this first game. We're not talking about the second game; we're not even thinking about the second game. We have to do our job in the first game. It's like we're playing today. We have to put ourselves in the best situation possible to get to that next step, which is Omaha. We can't get to the second game without finishing this first one and putting ourselves in a good spot."



On the game...
"It is a heck of a tie ballgame we have right now. I certainly have to give Coach Mainieri and the LSU club credit for being as gutsy as they were to come back in the situations they did. That being said, I thought our team did a lot of really good things today. We needed just a little bit more timely hitting. We could have opened the game up for ourselves. If the game is going to be that tight, the mistakes in the field show up even that much more. That is sort of the tough part of where we are at right now. I am confident that the guys are ready to come back tomorrow, finish off this game, take care of winning that, and then getting after it in the second game."

On both starting pitchers' performances...
"(Aaron) Nola did a terrific job. He made pitches when he had to. We had people on base all of the first five innings and people in scoring position. Brandon (McNitt) did an outstanding job against a terrific club. Unfortunately, we made a mistake behind him that, to their credit, LSU capitalized on. They got a run back and then I felt it was time for us to put a change in there. Brandon's performance was nothing short of outstanding."

On the last few innings today...
"We are still in the middle of just an outstanding baseball game. If I were sitting in the seats it would be really exciting, but where I am right now, I am a little anxious. Our team is very determined and very competitive. I think they have shown that today. They tied the game, we went ahead, they tied the game, we went ahead. That is a credit to both teams and how badly they want this; how mentally tough both teams are and how gutsy they are."

On resuming the game tomorrow...
"I'm not sure either team (has an advantage). Right now it is advantage us; I would like to think, because we are getting a chance to be in a position to score runs. We are leading off that inning and hopefully we will score, score more than one and score a big crooked number. Hopefully we will see if we can figure out a way to get three outs and get this first one under our belt."

On tomorrow's pitching matchups...
"I haven't had the chance to figure that out. I thought about it briefly when I was sitting in the dugout waiting to come in here. I will sit down with my staff tonight and make up my mind. I will say that crazier things have been done, but I am pretty sure that Tyler Johnson will start the second game. I haven't made up my mind as far as the first game being continued yet."

Stony Brook Player Quotes

Leftfielder Sal Intagliata

On his two run home run ...
"It was early in the game; just trying to get a good piece of the ball. At first I did not think it was going out, but then it went out so I was pretty happy about that."

On handling the rain delay ...
"If you ask anyone on my team this is Stony Brook baseball. We are use to anything you throw at us, double headers. We will probably play three games in one day. We are pretty comfortable. I do not think anyone is too worried about it. I think we are going to get up early, have a good breakfast, and go get them tomorrow."

On responding to LSU rallies ...
"They are a great team. They have great hitters up there and put great swings on the ball. We expect this. We expect to be in a dogfight. We are not expecting anything to come easy to us coming out of the four seed spot. We are always ready and that is what we are going to try to do tomorrow."

On Aaron Nola ...
"(Aaron) Nola is a great pitcher. Early on we got on him but he stuck to his guns. He stuck to his fastball, stuck to pitches. He throws a lot of strikes. He was not going to give us any balls. He just stayed aggressive."

Steven Goldstein

On hitting his home run in the 10th inning ...
"I have been struggling at the plate lately. I was just trying to see the ball and it looked good today and I put a good swing on it."

First Baseman Kevin Courtney

On talking about a game that has not finished ...
"There are questions coming at us that we are trying to answer the best that we can. I do not really know what to say. Hopefully it is a lot more exciting tomorrow."





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