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Motor Home/RV Parking

NOTE: Motor Homes may park on the LSU campus only in the areas listed on this page.

Season Reserved 
Reserved motor home parking on a season basis is located in four areas on the LSU campus. All reserved motor home parking passes are sold out. To get on a waiting list for reserved motor home parking, register at www.LSUtix.net.

  • Lot 401 | Map (.pdf)
    Corner of South Stadium Dr. and Nicholson Dr.
    Passes in this lot are sold out. Passes in this lot are $6,000 for spaces adjacent to South Stadium Drive and $5,000 for spaces adjacent to Lot 402. All passes in this lot also require a Tradition Fund contribution of $2,000 per space per year.
  • Dixie RV Super Stores Touchdown Village 1 | Map (.pdf)
  • Nicholson Extension across from Patrick F. Taylor Hall (formerly CEBA)
    Passes in this lot are sold out. Passes in this lot are $500 each plus a Tradition Fund contribution of $900 per season.
  • Dixie RV Super Stores Touchdown Village 2 | Map (.pdf)
    Nicholson Extension at corner of Highland Rd.
    Passes in this lot are sold out. Passes in this lot are $500 each plus a Tradition Fund contribution of $650 per season.

Individual Game
Reserved motor home parking on a game-by-game basis is located in one area on the LSU campus:

  • Lot 407
    Skip Bertman Drive across from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
    This lot will open at 6:30 a.m. CT on Friday prior to each home football game. Passes in this lot range from $100-$250 per game and may be purchased online at www.LSUtix.net or by calling the LSU Ticket Office at (225) 578-2184.

Additional Motor Home Parking
Because motor home lots on the LSU campus often fill, LSU recommends Farr Park, located approximately two miles south of campus on River Road. Farr Park can be contacted at (225) 769-7805.

Motor Home Parking Policies

Only Motor Homes Allowed
Policy: Motor home spaces may only be used for motor homes. Spaces may not be used for automobiles, trailers, tents, port-o-lets, or any oversized vehicle not designated as a motor home, etc. Corporate branded motor homes with advertising are not permitted. Please direct all questions regarding Motor Home access to the LSU Ticket Office at (225)578-2184.
Reason: All spaces in motor home lots are reserved for motor homes, and all spaces have been sold. There is a waiting list for motor home parking passes, so space in these lots is in high demand.

Opening Time for Lots
Policy: Parking for motor homes in Lot 401 and Touchdown Village is available after 5 p.m. on Fridays of home football games. As these spaces are individually reserved, it is requested that the motor homes not arrive on campus until after 6 p.m. Parking for motorhomes in Lot 407 is available after 6:30 a.m. CT on Fridays of home football games.
Reason: Motor home lots are used as student parking lots during the week. The University cannot ask students to move their vehicles until 5 p.m. on Fridays.

Closing Time for Lots
Policy: Motor homes must vacate the LSU campus by noon the day following games (time subject to change).
Reason: LSU must have time to remove trash and clean all parking lots prior to the beginning of classes on Monday mornings.

Exhaust Extensions
Policy: All motor homes require exhaust extensions that reach the top of the motor home. For the safety of everyone, motor homes without an extension should not operate a generator. This also applies to generators used by fifth-wheelers.
Reason: Exhaust fumes are dangerous and annoying to other tailgaters.

Prohibited Vehicles/Transport
Policy: *Personal automobile vehicles (tow vehicles), Trailers, golf carts, ATVs, scooters, mopeds, segways, go carts, hover boards and other motorized vehicles are prohibited in motor home lots for safety reasons.
* Personal automobile vehicles (tow vehicles) must vacate all motor home lots by an established time based on the game's kickoff time. This is typically 7 hours prior to kickoff, but is subject to change. This time will be posted Friday at the entrances of all motor home lots.
Reason: There are many people, including children, walking and playing in the motor home lots. The use of moving vehicles is dangerous to these pedestrians Ð this is a safety and security measure.

Best Traffic Routes to and from Tiger Stadium

City Police and LSU Police have listed the best traffic routes for motorists driving to Tiger Stadium for LSU football games.  To report traffic problems, call LSU Police at (225) 578-3231.

Approaching Campus

From the North
If approaching the stadium from the north, use either River Road, Nicholson Drive, Highland Road or Dalrymple Drive. From these routes, parking will be available north of the stadium, on Nicholson Drive near the Carl Maddox Fieldhouse, at Kirby Smith Residence Hall lots off Aster and Roosevelt Streets, or at the Pleasant Hall lots on Dalrymple Drive.

From the East or South
If approaching the stadium from east or south, use either College Drive, Acadian/Stanford exit, Highland Road or Burbank Drive and Nicholson Drive. Parking for those using these routes is available on Gourrier Lane south of the stadium, off River Road near the Mississippi River and or additional lots east of the stadium in the vicinity of the John M. Parker Coliseum.

From South on Nicholson/Burbank
Fans coming from the south on Nicholson Drive or Burbank Drive will be routed to Gourrier Lane, then to River Road.

One-Way Traffic to Stadium
(90 minutes prior to kickoff)
Approximately 90 minutes prior to kickoff, police will direct one-way traffic only toward Tiger Stadium on Highland Road from Lee Drive, on West Lakeshore Drive from Stanford, on Nicholson Drive Extension from Parker Boulevard and on Dalrymple Drive from the I-10 overpass.

Exiting Campus

Going South
After the game, southbound traffic from the stadium will be directed onto Nicholson Drive or to River Road. Nicholson Drive will turn into a one-lane roadway south bound until Bluebonnet Boulevard. Nicholson Drive at Bluebonnet Boulevard will return to normal two way traffic flow going south. Fans who are traveling in the left lane of Nicholson Drive will be directed to turn onto Bluebonnet Boulevard and fans traveling in the right lane of Nicholson Drive will be directed to continue straight (southbound).

Going North
After the game, northbound traffic west of Tiger Stadium will be directed onto Nicholson Drive or to River Road. Northbound traffic east of Tiger Stadium will be directed onto Highland Road.

Fans are encouraged to view the LSU Football Parking Map for best routes off campus.





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