Johnson Previews Final Basketball Home Game

LSU head coach Trent Johnson
LSU head coach Trent Johnson
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Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
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BATON ROUGE - LSU men's basketball coach Trent Johnson held his final media session of the season in the practice facility media room Thursday prior to Saturday's 6 p.m. regular season finale against Auburn.

The game is set to be televised regionally by FSN and broadcast on the affiliates of the LSU Sports Radio Network (WTGE New Country 100.7 FM The Tiger in Baton Rouge). Tickets are available at and the popular "Zooperstars" will perform at hafltime of the contest.

Here are some of Coach Johnson's comments:

Opening Statement ...
"I thought we got off to a very good start against Georgia. We had some guys make some nice plays on defense and offense, but then to end the half we took a couple of bad shots. Georgia is talented and skilled, and it is interesting the makeup of that whole team. With the exception of (Gerald) Robinson, all those kids were freshmen my first year here. So you look at their development and maturation during those years it's nice to see. We had some tough turnovers in the second half that cost us, and they came in bunches. They would double on-balls some and we made some bad reads, and when they get out in transition they can finish. We need to put that behind us and try and stay as positive as possible and keep the guys as positive as possible. It's hard but we have to in every way possible try to finish this thing out by playing better basketball and getting better as we move forward."

On his evaluation of the season from start of the season until now ...
"It's been up and down, and I can't talk about that right now and I don't want to talk about that right now. For me, that's something I want to talk about at the end of the year. Obviously there have been some inconsistencies, which you would expect at times considering with what we are playing with in terms of the freshman and so many injuries. That's something I have always had trouble talking about. At the end of the year I will sit down with my staff and we will evaluate the season from top to bottom and start to finish."

On Storm Warren playing so well ...
"It's been good. I think I mentioned the other day that he is in rhythm and he's not battling that Achilles. Whether it is an ankle or Achilles the amount he uses his legs and strength it is going to take awhile, but he's gotten in a good rhythm and is shooting the ball with confidence. He's the Storm that we were expecting at the beginning of the year. It's just unfortunate for him that he's had to go through so many things this year, but he continues to compete and continues to work. He's done a very good job scoring off of some guys with length and size. He's playing well."

On Auburn's improvement during SEC play ...
"Coach (Tony) Barbee's done a heck of a job without question. They have some athletes and some experience and usually when you inherit a program the learning curve is going to get better. Everything they've been doing has been on the fly has gotten better, and it's no question. What I remember about our game is we shot the ball exceptionally well and they were coming off a very impressive win over Florida State, so I think we caught them at the right time. What I do remember is in the second half their quickness and explosiveness really caused us problems and it changed the game. Their improvement has been based on their kids continuing to compete. There are some athletes there and there is some skill level there."

On if some players are stepping up their level of play knowing the talent level of the incoming class ...
"I don't sense that at all, I just sense that these guys understand that this team is going to be together for two years. One thing I am going to address is where we just left was at a senior day, and our goal is to continue to get better and get some momentum so that our seniors can have that experience without dwelling on the past, and that starts right now. We know as a group, coaches and players that the players that will be joining this program next year will improve our talent level, but the improvement as a basketball team is going to be based off what happens in the spring and in the summer moving forward."





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