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A portion of this GameDay video will play on Saturdays in Tiger Stadium.
A portion of this GameDay video will play on Saturdays in Tiger Stadium.
Photo by:Steve Franz, LSU Athletics Staff Photographer
CONTEST: How Well Do You Know LSU Football?
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Published: September 22, 2010, 06:00 PM (CT)
Updated: September 22, 2010, 07:45 PM (CT)
by Jake Terry (@LSUjake), Associate SID

BATON ROUGE - The 2010 LSU football GameDay intro video debuted Sept. 18 on the Tiger Stadium video screens before LSU faced Mississippi State, and the LSU Athletics Department is holding a contest involving the intro video.

The video features pictures and highlights of past and current LSU greats, and LSU wants to see how well you know and can recognize those players and coaches.

To win, fans must accurately answer the list of questions below with the name of the player or coach who appears at the specific second mark of the video.

To answer the questions, simply play the video above (in the feature image area), log into your Facebook account and post the answers at the bottom of this page, or post the answers on the official Facebook page of LSU Football, www.Facebook.com/lsufootball.

The contest will be open until Saturday, Sept. 25, at noon CT, so fans have plenty of time to study the video and name the correct player or coach.

One winner will be randomly selected from the fans who correctly answer all of the questions, and the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to www.LSUshop.net, the official online store of LSU Athletics.

Here is the list of questions with the specific second in which the player or coach appears in the video:

Second Mark - Question

Use Facebook Connect below to name the player or coach who appears; or login at www.Facebook.com/LSUfootball. We'll give you the first one:

:08 - Who is pictured? A: Abe Mickal
:09-10 - Who is pictured as a player and coach?
:10 - Who is throwing the pass?
:12 - Who is running with the ball?
:14 - Who is the running back with the ball?
:15 - Who is the running back with the ball?
:15 - Who is running with the ball (jersey No. 40)?
:16 - Who is throwing the pass?
:17 - Who is the running back?
:18 - Who is running with the ball?
:18 - Who is diving in the end zone?
:20 - Who is being lifted up?
:21-23 - Who threw the pass?
:24 - Who is being lifted up (jersey No. 82)?
:25 - Who makes the catch in the end zone?
:26 - Who runs the ball out of LSU's end zone?
:28 - Who runs for the touchdown?
:30 - Who shakes off the tackler for a touchdown?
:31 - Who intercepts the pass for a TD?
:33 - Who catches the ball and falls in the end zone?
:35 - Who is pointing?
:36 - Who hits the quarterback?
:38 - Who blocks the field goal?
:39 - Who celebrates?
:40 - Who scores the touchdown?
:41 - Who delivers the big hit?
:42 - Who intercepts the ball?
:43 - Who is landing in the end zone?
:46 - Who makes the "miraculous" catch?
:51 - Who is celebrating?
:53 - Who is kissing the crystal ball?
:53 - Who is waving?
:58 - Who is pumping up the crowd?
1:00 - Who holds up the crystal ball?

BONUS QUESTION: Just for fun. Take a guess! It's not necessary to answer this to win the prize - Which current player is yelling "Game Time!" at the end of the video?


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