LSU Nears 100,000 Facebook Fans; A&M Close

Become a fan of LSU on Facebook today
Become a fan of LSU on Facebook today
LSU Public Affairs
LSU Public Affairs

BATON ROUGE -- The finish line is in sight. Both LSU and Texas A&M’s Facebook pages are closing in on 100,000 fans, and a winner in the “100,000 Fans, 100,000 Pennies” competition will be named soon. With just under 98,000 fans, LSU is closing in on the 100,000 mark, but Texas A&M is right on LSU’s heels with more than 95,000 Facebook fans.

To become part of the race to 100,000 fans of LSU, visit the LSU Facebook page at Visiting LSU’s Facebook fan page does not require login, but establishing an account will enable you to become a fan of the LSU page to join discussions and make posts of your own.

The higher education marketing group BlueFuego has been monitoring the race among the top university Facebook fan pages and came up with the “100,000 Fans, 100,000 Pennies” promotion. BlueFuego is planning to donate one penny for every fan to the school who reaches 100,000 fans first. The winning school will choose a scholarship or fund at the institution for the money to be donated toward.

To following the competition, visit

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