Pete Maravich Assembly Center

It was known as the place Pete built, so it was probably fitting that the LSU Assembly Center was renamed the Pete Maravich Assembly Center shortly after the superstar's tragic passing in 1988. Now into its fourth decade as the venue for the LSU men's basketball team, it is a building full of memories and magical moments.

Some are distant, some seem just like yesterday. It still remains one of the premier venues in the South to watch college basketball. In 1999-2000, as the Tigers drove for the SEC championship, the Deaf Dome atmosphere was again at its height. Tickets for SEC games were hard to get, the student body was joined by the rest of the crowd in creating an atmosphere that could only be described as "raucous."

That atmosphere was there in 2003 as LSU defeated top-ranked Arizona and made a late season run to the NCAA Tournament. Last year, large vocal crowds watched the Tigers beat Alabama and nearly upset nationally-ranked Kentucky. This will mark the 34th season of play for the Tigers in the Assembly Center during the 2004-2005 season where total paid attendance has topped the five million mark.

Maravich Center Information

  • $11.5 million building, one of the most visible structures on campus
  • Site of two NCAA Regional basketball tournaments: 1976, 1986
  • Site of five NIT events: 1982, 1983, 1987, 1989, 2002
  • East-to-West, you can put a football field and still have almost 33 yards of space left.
  • North-to-South, you can put another gridiron and have about 13 yards extra.
  • There are over one-fifth of a million square feet enclosed and over one-quarter of a million square feet through out for a total of 3,113,380 cubic feet.
  • A total of 1,750 tons of air conditioning keeps the interior at year-round comfort.

The Maravich Center Under New Management

What's New
It's a renovation that began two years ago with new television lighting that can be turned on and off to allow for more freedom with player introductions and special ceremonies. It continued last season with a brand new roof surface that will serve for many years in the future, continuing the bright look the building had in the 1970s and 1980s.

Also the outside windows of the building now feature the Tiger mascot running around the building which can be seen for miles as people enter the city on the Mississippi River Bridge. This year, basketball fans will see a completely redesigned concourse with video and graphic displays, renovated concession stands and video kiosks showcasing the best of the sports that play in the building - men's and women's basketball, volleyball and gymnastics.

On July 1, 2004, the management of the Pete Maravich Center came under the direction of the LSU Athletics Department. The building, preparing to host its 34th season of men's basketball, is now under going a multi-year refurbishing to continue it as one of the great basketball venues in the South.

Technical Information
For a complete list of technical information, layout seating charts, space measurements, and rates; please visit the Maravich Center Rates & Policies page.