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Name: Tremaine Johnson 

Nickname: T-Maine
Major: Sports Management
After college I want to (other than play in the NFL): Coach high school football.
The reason I wear my jersey number is: It was given to me.
My hobbies are: Chilling, fishing, hunting, basketball, and sleeping.
Something I’ve done that most people don’t know is: I used to shave my head bald in high school.
The one thing I want people to know about me is: I am very goofy.
Favorite movie is: Remember the Titans
The TV show I never miss is: Jamie Foxx Show
If I could be on a reality show it would be: College Hill
My favorite sporting event to watch is: college football.
Favorite meal is: soul food: red beans and rice, cornbread, fried chicken, and mustard greens.
My biggest pet peeve is: none.
Nobody would believe I like to: work on cars.
The most famous person I’ve ever met is: Steve Francis, Warren Moon, and Tracy McGrady.
The player I like most growing up was: Reggie White
The player I like most now is: Julius Peppers
Favorite LSU player of all-time is: Chad Lavalais
My most embarrassing sports moment was: when I was run over my freshman year in high school. I was 178 pounds starting at end. I was featherweight.
Before a game I have to: jam my music: DMX, Phil Collins, Screw
When I’m not playing football I like to: chill with teammates, family, and friends.
If I could play a sport other than football it would be: baseball.





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