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Below is a listing of all-time LSU Football Assistant Coaches through the 2015 season.

Name Years Position
Lynn Amedee 1975-78 Quarterbacks
  1993-94 Offensive Coord./Quarterbacks
Dave Aranda 2016-Present Defensive Coordinator/Associate Head Coach
Mike Archer 1984-86 Defensive Backs
  1985-85 Defensive Coordinator
Jerry Baldwin 1993-94 Linebackers
  1995-97 Defensive Ends
  1998-99 Defensive Line
Tony Ball 2015 Wide Receivers
Bill Beall 1962-68 Defensive Backs
George Belu 1979-83 Offensive Coord./Offensive Line
Phil Bennett 1991-93 Outside Linebackers/Def. Ends
  1994 Defensive Coord./Defensive Backs
Steve Bernstein 1998-99 Defensive Backs
Mack Brown 1982 Quarterbacks
Jerry Bruner 1979 Offensive Line
Steve Buckley 1991-94 Running Backs
Mike Bugar 1991 Defensive Coordinator
  1991-93 Defensive Line
Charlie Butler 1982-83 Offensive Line
Mack Butler 2005-08 Asst. AD/Football Administration
Cam Cameron 2013-16 Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Kenny Carter 1999 Linebackers
Ron Case 1995 Defensive Backs
John Chavis 2009-14 Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
Charlie Coiner 1999 Special Teams
Jim Collier 1965-79 Wide Receivers
Mike Collins 2004 Linebackers
Ron Cooper 2009-11 Defensive Backs
Dameyune Craig 2016-Present Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator
Gary Crowton 2007-10 Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Joe Cullen 1999 Defensive Line
Jesse Daigle 1984-90 Running Backs
Art Davis 1960 Running Backs
Steve Davis 1991-93 Special Teams/Defensive Backs
Darrel Dickey 1991-93 Tight Ends
Mel Didier 1967-68 Freshman Coach
Raymond Didier 1957-62 Freshman Coach
Jack Doland 1965-69 Defensive Backs
Kirk Doll 2002-03 Linebackers
Derek Dooley 2000-02 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator
  2003-04 Special Teams/Running Backs
Karl Dunbar 2005 Defensive Line
Larry Edmonson 1991-94 Wide Receivers
Bill Elias 1995 Tight Ends
  1996-97 Linebackers
  1998-99 Outside Linebackers
Phil Elmassian 2000 Defensive Coordinator
Steve Ensminger 2010-Present Tight Ends
  2016 Interim Offensive Coordinator
Kenny Ferro 1988-90 Offensive Line
Jimbo Fisher 2000-06 Offensive Coord./Quarterbacks
Lee Fobbs 1994 Defensive Ends
John Fontes 1987-88 Defensive Backs
  1989-90 Inside Linebackers
Pete Fredenburg 1994 Defensive Tackles
Marty Galbraith 1987 Tight Ends
  1988 Offensive Line
Bob Gatling 1980-81 Quarterbacks
Gary Gibbs 2001 Defensive Coordinator
Billy Gonzales 2010-11 Wide Receivers/Passing Game Coordinator
Jeff Grimes 2014-Present Offensive Line
George Haffner 1991-92 Offensive Coord./Quarterbacks
Brick Haley 2009-14 Defensive Line
Doug Hamley 1962-79 Linebackers
Charlie Harbison 2001-02 Defensive Backs
Bishop Harris 1979-83 Outside Linebackers
Michael Haywood 1995-2002 Running Backs
  1997-2002 Special Teams
Bruce Hemphill 1977-83 Junior Varsity Coach
John Hendrick 1989-90 Offensive Line
Adam Henry 2012-14 Wide Receivers
Josh Henson 2005-08 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator
Stan Hixon 2000-03 Wide Receivers
Hal Hunter 1995-99 Offensive Line
Pat James 1964 Offensive Line
Pete Jenkins 1980-90 Defensive Line
  1982, 1987-89 Defensive Coordinator
  2000-01; 2016-Present Defensive Line
Bruce Johnson 1982-83 Defensive Backs
Dennis Johnson 2016-Present Outside Linebackers
Larry Jones 1958-61 Wide Receivers/Offensive Line
Travis Jones 2003-04 Defensive Line
Jabbar Juluke 2016-Present Running Backs
David Kelly 1996-99 Tight Ends
Buddy King 1991-92 Offensive Line
Steve Kragthorpe 2011-12 Quarterbacks
Earl Lane 2006-08 Defensive Line
Lynn LeBlanc 1969-79 Defensive Line
Terry Lewis 1984-86 Tight Ends
Carl Maddox 1954-59 Running Backs
Doug Mallory 2005-07 Defensive Backs
  2008 Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs
Pete Mangurian 1983-87 Offensive Line
Ken Martin 1979 Running Backs
Joe May 1963-68 Freshman Coach
D.J. McCarthy 2007-09 Wide Receivers
Dave McCarty 1963-66 Freshman Coach
  1967-79 Offensive Line
Charles McClendon 1953-61 Defensive Line
Bob McConnell 1995-98 Wide Receivers
  1999 Offensive Coordinator
Thomas McGaughey 2011-13 Special Teams Coordinator
Taylor McNeel 1961-63 Running Backs
John Mitchell 1987-90 Outside Linebackers
  1990 Defensive Coordinator
Todd Monken 2005-06 Wide Receivers/Pass Game Coordinator
Darrel Moody 1979-83 Running Backs
Bobby Morrison 1979-81 Inside Linebackers
Will Muschamp 2001 Linebackers
  2002-04 Defensive Coordinator
Sam Nader 1975-80 Junior Varsity Coach
  1980-93 Recruiting Coordinator
  1994-99 Administrative Assistant
  2000-Present Assistant AD/Football Operations
Buddy Nix 1981-83 Inside Linebackers
Mike Nolan 1986 Linebackers
John North 1962-64 Offensive Line
Ed Orgeron 2015-16 Defensive Line
Bo Pelini 2005-07 Defensive Coordinator
William Peterson 1955-58 Offensive Line
Bradley Dale Peveto 2005-07 Linebackers/Special Teams Coordinator
  2008 Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
  2014-16 Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Assistant
Charles Pevey 1960-79 Quarterbacks
Larry Porter 2005-08 Running Backs
  2009 Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs/Special Teams
Don "Scooter" Purvis 1961-66 Freshman Coach
  1970-79 Defensive Backs
Craig Randall 1965-75 Defensive Line
Corey Raymond 2012-Present Defensive Backs
Carl Reese 1995-97 Defensive Coordinator
  1995 Linebackers
  1996-97 Defensive Backs
Stephen Regan 1979-83 Wide Receivers
Joe Robinson 2008 Special Teams Coordinator
  2009-10 Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Line
Leroy Ryals 2004 Tight Ends
Kurt Schottenheimer 1983-85 Linebackers
Stacy Searels 2003-06 Offensive Line
Bill Shalosky 1960-61 Offensive Line
Kirby Smart 2004 Defensive Backs
Thielen Smith 1991-92 Inside Linebackers
Kevin Steele 2015 Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers
Nelson Stokley 1969-73 Freshman Coach
Jerry Stovall 1974-78 Running Backs
Greg Studrawa 2007-10 Offensive Line
  2011-12 Offensive Coordinator
  2013 Offensive Line
Pop Strange 1953-58 Freshman Coach
  1959-72 Recruiting Coordinator
Jerry Sullivan 1984-90 Wide Receivers
Sal Sunseri 2000 Linebackers
John Symank 1984 Defensive Coordinator
  1985-86 Linebackers
Lou Tepper 1998-99 Def. Coord./Inside Linebackers
George Terry 1954-61 Defensive Backs
Lance Thompson 2002 Defensive Line
  2003 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator
Mike Tolleson 1995-96 Defensive Tackles
Rick Trickett 2000 Offensive Line
Mel Tucker 2000 Defensive Backs
Rick Villarreal 1994 Tight Ends
Tim Walton 2003 Defensive Backs
Otis Washington 1979-80 Offensive Line
Morris Watts 1983 Quarterbacks
  1995-98 Offensive Coord./Quarterbacks
Joe Wessel 1987-88 Inside Linebackers
  1989-90 Special Teams/Defensive Backs
Dixie White 1962-63 Offensive Line
Abner Wimberly 1953-59 Wide Receivers
Bobby Williams 2004 Wide Receivers
Greg Williams 1979-81 Defensive Coord./Defensive Backs
Barry Wilson 1969-78 Offensive Line
Frank Wilson 2010-15 Running Backs/Recruiting Coordinator
Don Yanowsky 2009 Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator
George Yarno 2001-02 Offensive Line
Ed Zaunbrecher 1984-90 Offensive Coord./Quarterbacks
Larry Zierlein 1993-94 Offensive Line




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