The LSU Athletics Council

Published: February 11, 2016, 12:00 AM (CT)
Updated: April 18, 2016, 03:15 PM (CT)

by (@LSUsports), LSU Sports Interactive

The purpose of the Athletics Council is to support the welfare of the student athlete, protect institutional integrity, and insure compliance with NCAA and SEC rules concerning academics.

Members Designation Term Expires Email Address
Dr. Bill Demastes Faculty Athletic Representative
Dr. Mark Batzer Faculty - Biological Sciences June 2016  
Dr. Kenton Denny Faculty - Education June 2016  
Dr. Suresh Rai Faculty - Mass Communications June 2016  
Dr. Emily Elliott Faculty - Psychology June 2016  
Dr. Joan King Faculty - Food Science June 2016  
Matt Lee Office of Provost Discretion  

Kevin Knobloch

LSU Alumni Association representative 2016  
Gordy Rush Tiger Athletic Foundation representative 2016  
Sharon Lewis "L" Club representative 2019  
Tommy Smith Non-Academic Staff representative 2017  
Andrew Mahtook Student Government representative 2016  
Tori Bliss (T&F) Student Athlete representative Annual  
Joe Alleva Vice Chancellor/Director of Athletics (non-voting) n/a
Kenneth Miles Academic Center for Student-Athletes (non-voting) n/a  
Kevin Knobloch LSU Alumni Association (non-voting) n/a  
Zac Lemoine Office of President (non-voting) n/a  
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