Miles Briefs Media After Fresno State Win

LSU head coach Les Miles
LSU head coach Les Miles (@LSUsports) (@LSUsports)
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BATON ROUGE -- LSU coach Les Miles recapped the Tigers' 38-6 win over Fresno State with members of the media on Sunday. Miles and the Tigers will enjoy an open date this week before returning to action on Nov. 4 against Tennessee in Knoxville.

Here’s a transcript of Miles’ comments at his Sunday media briefing.

Opening Statement
“It was a pretty strong outing. What we needed to have happen was we needed to make improvement on offense, defense and special teams. We did make those improvements that we needed. That puts us in a position now to have a great open date and build on where we are at to finish this season very strong. The offense gets ignited with Trindon Holliday and continues to make big plays in the passing game and running the football effectively. Late in the game, Alley Broussard comes in along with Keiland Williams and very effectively closes out the contest very much like a reliever to close out a baseball game. The quarterbacks played very good football. It is nice to see Dwayne Bowe tie a career (receiving touchdowns) mark and now has the opportunity to beat. He’s deserving.”

“It is nice to see a little bit more of a running attack. What you saw is kind of what we hope to get from this point forward.  The (special) teams, I felt like, were really nice to have a big play in the punting game with a return for a touchdown. It shows how solid having (Craig) Buster Davis back there makes us. It is a real addition to us. There were four quality blocks on that punt return by Curtis Taylor, Danny McCray, Jason Spadoni, Ali Highsmith. Those guys all had key blocks plus we made some guys miss, which always seems to be the case when you get a return for a touchdown. I enjoyed the punting to be honest with you. We didn’t necessarily have what we wanted to because of the return, but the protection was solid. Our kickoff return team had a nice return. We kicked a field goal. Colt David continues to be pretty good there.”

“Defensively, we played awfully hard. One thing that seems to be a characteristic when playing LSU is that you will sustain contact. They were rocked, and they were rocked pretty regularly, not only by linebackers but by safeties and the defensive line. Two of the four biggest hits I have ever seen by safeties were by (Craig) Steltz and LaRon Landry. I have got boys in this building that play football, guys whose last name are Miles, that I would not let on the field with those guys. Mom would never forgive me.” 

On the constant success of the defense ...
“We have a pretty good defense. If they play like that, it is just really hard for teams to move the football.”

On the team’s injury status ...
“Those guys that were a little nicked going again came out better. Brett Helms will play in the (Tennessee) game. We figure Daniel Francis is better and should play. Will Arnold is progressing, and we don’t know. The rest of the team will be healthy, and we are looking forward to playing. Jessie Daniels had an achy knee. We held him out, but he probably could have played.”

On Trindon Holliday lining up in the backfield ...
“We have been running that play all along. He’s had that play for quite some time. We are calling his number a little bit more that is all.”

On Matt Flynn’s sore shoulder ...
“That was something that happened in the beginning of the year. His shoulder going into the first couple of games was sore. I don’t know if it was muscular or exactly where it was, but he’s back and feeling healthy. That probably slowed him some for three to four weeks.”

On the schedule during an open week ...
“You try to accomplish a number of things over a broad spectrum. It is just a week, so you can only get so much done. One, there is about 10 to 12 guys with an old knee (injury) or an old something that you want to get healed. You might want to give them some time off. You don’t necessarily feel like you need to hit and crunch the team. Basically, you want to evolve your personal technique by position without having contact. You want to also evolve your strategy. You want to look at the things you are doing and how you can better attack opponents in the future. You want to do a really heavy self scout. You want to see how offense, defense and special teams look to your opponents. You tell your kids to get to class to take this time to make an even greater priority on academics. You excuse them from being around on Mondays so that they can catch up on their academics. You make sure you do the job in the classroom before you come back to football. You look at the opponents in a broad view Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas -- collectively and try to give them a quick overview. You look at little bit more at Tennessee. You try to get a little advance game plan on Alabama and Ole Miss.”




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