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LSU head coach Les Miles at Florida
LSU head coach Les Miles at Florida (@LSUsports) (@LSUsports)
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BATON ROUGE -- LSU coach Les Miles discussed the Florida game on Sunday after watching the tape of the Tigers' 23-10 loss to the Gators in Gainesville. The following is a transcript of Miles' thoughts on the game after watching the film.

Opening Statement

"The defense comes out, plays well and gets a turnover. We go down and score and its 7-0. Chevis Jackson mishandles a punt and gives them a short field. They get seven. We get a nice drive down to the six-inch (yard line). We are going to get our seven and be up by seven, again but we turn that ball over. We left a lot of the momentum on the ensuing drive. There were a number of ways to get a stop and get off the field. We put together a nice drive after a punt and turn it back to them with Brandon LaFell and the interception, which was nothing more than a young receiver making a mistake. It was a mistimed ball. At the very worse, it should have been an incomplete pass."

"I felt like we took the field in the second half ready to go. After the signs in the locker room, our offense looked forward to getting back on the field. I think the defense really wanted us to go down there and get seven and be tied. The next time our offense gets back on the field it is a 16-point deficit. We shot ourselves in the foot. We cost ourselves opportunity at victory."
"The key at this point is to look at everybody's role, make sure that we understand that we are a good football team. We still have opportunity to do some special things this season with the obvious goal to be 10-2 at the end of the regular (season) and not be surprised if you are still in the championship hunt. There is plenty to play for, and I like this team. I like the people on it. They have to take their personal responsibilities even more seriously. We look to improve and win. If we do that and sustain that improvement over  time, we will have the opportunity to be 10-2."

On the injury status of the team ...
"(Wide receiver) Brandon LaFell (ribs) is questionable. (Defensive back) Daniel Francis (leg) will be questionable as well. (Offensive guard) Will (Arnold) is doing better, and his prognosis is good. I don't know exactly when he is returning.” 

On correcting mistakes ...
"We have to respond to what has happened and enjoy the opportunity to improve and work hard at it and return to the team that we are very capable of being. We all, staff and players, are very committed to being the team we are capable of being. The effort was good. If it was an effort issue, you would be able to point right at it. You have to put the ball up before you block on the goal line. You have to put the ball away before you run. If we would have done those two things, I'd have to say we'd be ahead."

On quarterback JaMarcus Russell's play ...
"You certainly can't blame your quarterback for the last play of offense in the first half. You look at the opportunities to throw those types of passes. You cannot blame him on the throw to LaFell. There is no more secure one-on-one pass than an opportunity on the outside threshold of a play. You have a 6-foot-2 (receiver) going against a 5-foot-10 (defensive back). It is a great jump ball with your guy having the great height. At the very worse it is an incomplete pass. LaFell leaves his feet way early, gives up the pick and gets injured. The change there is field position of about 30 yards. If you can't throw those routes, you can't throw the football. You just have to sit on it and not throw it. The one to Dwayne Bowe hits him in the belly and the (defender’s) helmet hits  Bowe in the belly. You can't blame your quarterback for that. On the last play of the game on offense, he is hitting Dwayne Bowe again for a touchdown and a defender gets into his back swing and creates an errant pass that is thrown behind him. It changes his motion a little and puts the ball behind Bowe and gets picked. He played as well as could be expected in difficult surroundings. Did he play well? No. Nobody plays well when we lose. It certainly was not his fault."



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