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LSU's Demetrius Byrd
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BATON ROUGE -- LSU’s 2008 senior class went through one final workout at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility on Monday as Tigers held their annual Pro Timing Day.

A total of 14 members of the 2008 LSU football team, including 13 seniors and one junior, participated in Monday’s pro day. That group of Tigers were joined by three former LSU standouts - Raion Hill, Bennie Brazell and Trev Faulk in the workout that was conducted before 75 NFL scouts and coaches. 

Of the 32 NFL franchises, 30 had representatives on hand, which included a pair of head coaches in Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints and John Fox of the Carolina Panthers. The workout was also watched my nearly 100 members of the media, which included Mike Mayock of the NFL Network.

Monday’s workout had the players taking part in a variety of drills and measurements, including the 40-yard dash, the 225-pound bench press, the vertical jump and broad jump as well as the shuttle run.

Kirston Pittman impressed the NFL scouts and coaches by leading all Tigers in the 225-bench press with 28 reps, while Brett Helms and Ricky Jean-Francois followed with 25 each.

Demetrius Byrd ran the fastest 40-yard dash time with a 4.43 clocking on the automatic clock. Some hand timers had Byrd running as fast as a 4.35 in the 40. Other standouts in the 40-yard dash included Pittman with a surprising time of 4.68, Curtis Taylor with a 4.49, Darry Beckwith with a 4.65 and Quinn Johnson with a 4.72.

Byrd led all participants in the vertical jump at 35 inches, while Pittman and Quinn Johnson both registered a 30-inch vertical jump.

Tyson Jackson, a projected first round selection, did 20 reps in the 225-pound bench press. Jackson, who let the remainder of his numbers stand from the NFL Combine, concluded his day with an individual workout by the NFL coaches.

Quotes from LSU Players following Pro Timing Day


On what the professional scouts have been talking about to him...
“They’ve just been talking about the game itself. The numbers matter for some people, but mostly they want to see if you can play football and if you’re a high character guy at all times. The numbers matter, but only to a certain extent.”
On what the coaches have told him they liked about him...
“Off the field they talk about my character and just being responsible. On the field they talk about my versatility and how I can play five-technique and three-technique in passing situations, and being able to play in the 3-4 defense as ell as the 4-3 defense.”
On the teams he’s been talking to about his character off the field...
“Just not getting in trouble and being able to graduate. Coming back for another year to graduate. Being captain of the team last year. That stuff really plays a major part in this process as far as getting drafted.”
On some of the teams he’s been in touch with...
“At the combine I spoke with every team except for the Patriots. Most of the interviews went the same way. Teams want to talk about how you play football and the style of defense you play at LSU. It’s basically football situations, putting you in different scenarios and seeing how you deal with it.”
On if he is surprised at how intense the draft process has been...
“At the combine, yes. Even though a lot of my former teammates tried to prepare me for it, it really didn’t work. It was a whole other environment on its own. Guys were moving all over, everything was really fast up there. Pro Day has been that much better, being in this home environment makes you feel much more comfortable out there.”
On if he feels like he improved his draft stock at Pro Day...
 “I’m hoping that the performance I put on today in the weight room and on the football field helped my stock. In hearing from a lot of coaches, it seems like I did well and I just hope I fall in the right place.”

On how he feels his workout went...
“I feel good. I think I got a lot accomplished and showed some improvement in the bench press. I just felt real good today.”
On his new appearance (lost weight, changed his hair)...
“It’s all about business right now. I’m just trying to take each step day-by-day and think nothing but positive thoughts and make a change for myself.”
On how much weight he’s lost and if it’s something they stressed during the process...
“I think it’s around 37 or 38 pounds, almost 40 pounds. I’ve been hearing all about it. My weight has been my weight and can I lose it and maintain it. It’s a whole other ballpark now. It’s all about business and making a living so I have to take everything seriously. For my family and everything, it’s a health issue. I don’t want to be sick or anything due to my weight. I’m going to do everything I can to maintain and make it happen.”
On how much he thinks he improved his stock at Pro Day...
“I think my stock is going up. I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff from the scouts and coaches after this workout. They came by and told me I did a great job and that they would be calling me. That alone boosted me up a little bit.”
On how much better he feels physically after losing the weight...
“I feel great right now. I feel like a new man and I’m just glad to be here.”
On how anxious he is for draft day to be here...
“I’m just ready to go. I’m real excited about it. My former teammates tell me all about it, I’m just ready to see what it’s like.”
On what he feels he did best at Pro Day...
“I would have to say my position drills. The position drills went real well today.”

On how he feels he performed at Pro Day... 
“I did pretty good today. I definitely improved from the combine. At the combine I was kind of sore from my injury from the Chick-fil-A bowl, but today I did pretty good and bounced back.”
On what he’s hearing about where he may get drafted...
“To be honest, I haven’t really been paying attention to any of that stuff. I’m really just grinding and trying to get right with the drills and stuff. I let my agent deal with that and he’ll call me sometimes to update me.”
On what advice he’s received from his agent regarding the draft...
“Mostly just to show more character and more maturity. They were saying that I wasn’t mature during the season. I was getting frustrated a lot. HE just wants me to meet with them and show them that I have good character.”

On if he liked his performance at Pro Day...
“I feel really good. I feel like I had a really good day. God blessed me with the ability and I feel like I came out and made the most of it today.”
On how much time he shaved off his 40-yard dash...
“A lot of time. A whole lot of time. It’s been a lot of training. Right after the bowl game, I went to Atlanta and trained with Chuck Smith and (former Olympian sprinter) Gail Devers. She taught me how to run all over again and really broke down the fundamentals of running and everything paid off today.”
On the responses from coaches and scouts after his workouts...
“A lot of coaches shook my hand and told me I had a great day. Some of the scouts told me I should be expecting a call from them. Everything’s looking up right now. I’m in high spirits and I have some really high expectations right now.”
On if he had a chip on his shoulder after not being invited to the combine...
“For a while. Once I found out I wasn’t going to the combine it upset me. That’s the reason you play the game, to be on the biggest stage at the highest level. That is the highest level and I wasn’t able to go and I was bitter for a while, but a day or two after that, I was good to go and ready to face the challenge o preparing for Pro Day.”

On his thoughts about how he did at Pro Day...
“I think I did real well, especially on the 40-yard dash. That was something I really wanted to focus on after the combine. I felt like I did pretty good today.”
On the draft process...
“This process is tough. Don’t let anybody fool you, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and effort from interviews with teams to getting ready for your workouts. It’s a big deal and it really takes a lot of work to do it.”
On his favorite part of the process...
“Just being around the guys and being able to come back home and do this Pro Day with them. Just being around the guys and putting in the effort together to try to accomplish something and make it to the next level.”

Information measured and provided by Sparq
* NFL Scouting Combine Mark (Feb. 18-24, 2009)
** former LSU player

2009 Pro Day Scorecard

Demetrius Byrd WR 6-0.4
32 3/8
8 3/8 
4.52 7.08 9-9 35 1/2
6 Colt David PK 5-9.1
28 3/8
8 3/4
27 Curtis Taylor FS 6-2.2
33 1/2
9 1/8
45 Quinn Johnson FB 6-1.2
32 1/8
8 3/4
16* 4.40 7.52 8-9 30
47 Tremaine Johnson DL 6-2
31 3/4
9 1/4
5.06 23 4.63 7.65 8-1 25 1/2 
48 Darry Beckwith ILB 6-0.1
31 1/4
9 5/8
49 Kirston Pittman DL 6-2.5
9 1/8
4.68 28 4.53 7.43 8-8 30 
63 Ryan Miller OL 6-5
33 7/8
8 3/4
5.39 17 5.01 8.28 7-10 24
74 Brett Helms C 6-1.6
31 1/4
8 7/8
5.39 25* 4.78 7.93 7-4  
79 Herman Johnson OG 6-7.1
35 3/5
11 1/4
5.53* 24
5.12 8.5 7-10 26 1/2 
91 Ricky Jean-Francois DT 6-2.4
33 3/8
10 1/4
5.19 25 4.72 7.89 8-0 27 1/2
93 Tyson Jackson DE 6-4.1
34 1/8
9 5/8
4.91* 20         
99 Marlon Favorite DL 6-1
32 3/8
10 7/8
5.09   5.27 8.02 7-0 18 1/2 
Bennie Brazell ** WR 6-0.4
8 7/8
4.48       9-2 32 
  Raion Hill ** DB 6-0.1    4.65          
Trev Faulk ** LB 6-2.5
32 1/8
10 1/2
5.04         24

About 2009 LSU Pro Day

Pro Day at LSU begins on Monday, March 16, starting at approximately 11 a.m. CT. NFL scouts, coaches and executives will attend the event that will feature measuring and workouts of NFL draft-eligible LSU football players.

Players will be measured in the following manner

  • Physical Measurements
    Each player in attendance will be measured for height, weight and arm and hand length. Offensive and defensive linemen, as well as running backs, may also be measured for body fat percentage.
  • NFL Team Interviews
    Each NFL team is afforded the opportunity to interview up to 60 of the prospects in attendance. The interviews take place in the player hotel, and typically contain questions designed to test a player's character, mental toughness and football intelligence.
  • The Wonderlic Test
    The Wonderlic test is designed to test a players I.Q. The test is 50 questions long, and each player is only given 23 minutes to complete it. Though the test is very rarely completed, the Wonderlic is typically regarded as a good way to measure a player's intelligence.

Players will workout in the following manner:

  • 40-Yard Dash
    The 40-yard dash is a test of speed and explosion. The player starts from a three-point stance and runs 40 yards as fast as possible. The player is timed in 10, 20 and 40 yard increments, to gauge the player’s explosion of the line and time to top speed.
  • Bench Press
    All players, with the exception of quarterbacks and wide receivers, participate in this test of strength. The player’s goal in this event is to bench press 225 pounds as many times as possible.
  • Vertical Jump
    To measure vertical jump, a player stands flat-footed in front of pole with a multitude of plastic flags sticking out. The bottom of the pole is adjusted to the height of the player’s fingertips when raised straight above his head. The player then jumps from a standing position, and tries to swat as many of the plastic flags as he can. The flags, staged every half inch on the pole, rotate and give the event judge a reading of the height the player jumped.
  • Broad Jump
    The broad jump is also done from a standing position, but this drill measures how far a player can jump. This drill is most important to positions that use lower body strength to gain an advantage. The length of the jump is measured from the starting point to the back of the heel closest to the starting point upon landing.
  • 3-Cone Drill
    Tests speed, agility and cutting ability. Three cones are set up in a triangle or L shape, with each cone 5 yards apart. The player starts in a 3-point stance at the first cone. The whistle blows and the player sprints 5 yards ahead to the first cone, reaches down and touches a white line and then sprints back to the starting cone. At the starting cone, he reaches down and touches a white line, then heads back to the second cone. This time, he runs around the outside of the second cone, and cuts right to the third cone. He runs a circle around the third cone from the inside to the outside, then runs around the second cone before returning to the first cone.
  • 20 Yard Shuttle
    The 20 yard shuttle test lateral speed and coordination. The player starts in a three point stance, straddling a yard line facing the sideline. When the whistle blows, the player runs 5 yards to one side, touching the yard line. He then sprints 10 yards in the other direction and again touches the yard line, at which point he sprints back to the yard line he started from.
  • 60 Yard Shuttle
    The 60 yard shuttle is basically the same drill as the 20 yard shuttle. The only difference is that instead of running 5 yards, 10 yards then 5 yards, the player runs 10 yards to one side, then back 20 yards and then 10 yards to the starting point. This drill is probably the best test of endurance in the entire combine.
  • Position Specific Drills
    Maybe one of the best ways to test a player’s ability to play a position is to run them at drills specifically designed for players of their position. Coaches and Scouts typically run the players through the drills, taking note as to their performance. These drills are typically overlooked for some of the sexier drills, like the 40 yard dash and bench press.




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