Miles Briefs Media; Bowl Announcement Sunday

LSU head coach Les Miles
LSU head coach Les Miles (@LSUsports) (@LSUsports)
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BATON ROUGE -- In between stops on the recruiting trail, LSU coach Les Miles spent a portion of his day holding a briefing with members of the print media. Among the topics discussed on Tuesday included recapping the Arkansas game and bowl game preparations for the Tigers.

The following is a transcript of Miles’ comments on Tuesday.  

Opening statement...
“We reviewed the game as a staff. There were certainly different ways to win it, and certainly we’re not happy. We now have the opportunity to get healthy in the next couple of weeks and that will put us in a position to do the right things as we head into a bowl game. If you look at how we finished last year, we limped through the SEC Championship game and then got healthy. We played fast in a big game thereafter to win. That’s what we have to do. The next two weeks must be looked at as an opportunity to get healthy, get in shape and get ready to play. We really still don’t know officially the bowl. Speculation is what it is. The opportunity to be healthy, play fast and play for victory is what we’re looking at. I certainly think that’s the upside.

“I’m not going to address other issues at this point. I’m just going to operate from the premise that there are going to be some adjustments made without question, first and foremost, attitude and doing the right things. I think that we will. I think that we will in the short term.”

On what he anticipates the quarterback situation will be going into the bowl game...
“It will be healthier than it’s been. I would anticipate Andrew Hatch being ready to play. I don’t know that he really has been. I think that Jarrett Lee may well be ready to play. I know that they’re much improved and will be but don’t know to what extent. I would have to think that we would be fresh at all three spots and have three quarterbacks.

On if Jordan Jefferson will start the bowl game...
“I would think that it’s fair to go into this game with him (Jefferson) as the starter.”

On if he regrets anything he did with the quarterbacks...
“From the start of the season, to the distance where Jordan Jefferson has come now has been tremendous. With (practice) reps, the moving to the backup position at one point and then suddenly the starter, he improved tremendously. We’re certainly pleased with his progress at this point.”

On Jarrett Lee...
“I think certainly he’s improved with the length of time that he was our quarterback. The injury certainly has slowed him at the back end of the season. I don’t know exactly how his health will be as we go into the bowl. Is it reasonable to assume that he’ll play better next fall or in the bowl? Yes.

On looking at bowl preparation when the team is not playing for a national championship...
“We look at a number of things. First, we bring on those young players. There are points in time where we put things in during the bowl season to prepare for the following fall. Obviously, it’s something that you would use based on the personnel that you have now and the personnel that you will get.”

On if he discussed the defensive mistakes in the second half with his defensive coaches...
“We went through each play, but not only that, we went through the first two drives as well. My point is that there were great opportunities in that game to win, and certainly, we can’t make mistakes that allow our opponent to beat us.”

On the upcoming schedule for the team...
“A week from this Sunday we’ll have our first workout. These two weeks will be used primarily to study, weight and strength development, conditioning and to get healthy. There are a couple of health issues that we are taking care of right now.”

On the season...
“I think we all want success. I think there is a want to improve, and I think there’s an understanding that some guys to this point have not had the years that they wanted to have. As a team, we’d all say that. The opportunity to play for eight (wins) is what they have left, period. That’s what this team has to focus on and play for. Today, we voted for the MVPs and the captains. I looked at that room, and there were some great performances. I looked at that room, and there were some great leaders. We didn’t have the year we would have all scripted, but certainly there was achievement and there were some guys who played extremely well.”





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