LSU Introduces Unified Point System for Ticket Distribution

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BATON ROUGE -- Beginning with the 2006 football post-season games, LSU is introducing a unified point system to determine distribution of tickets and allocation of seat locations to season ticket holders for road events and new season ticket purchases, giving point credit for the first time to Tradition Fund contributors and other donors to the University.

The new LSU Priority Point System combines points earned by members of the Tiger Athletic Foundation through the TAF’s existing point system with points to be awarded to contributors to LSU’s Tradition Fund, as well as future donations to the LSU Foundation and LSU Alumni Association.

The point system will be used to distribute tickets for games in which the requests for tickets outnumber the tickets allotted to LSU, and also to determine seating location for all road events.

The point system will first be used for post-season games in 2006, such as the SEC Championship Game and any bowl game in which LSU participates, and regular season road games beginning in 2007.  The system will also apply to the allocation of available season tickets in all LSU sports and to away events in all sports, affecting high ticket demand events such as the Final Four and the College World Series.

“This unification of TAF and LSU points provides for a fair and equitable distribution of tickets when LSU plays in games of high ticket demand,” said LSU athletic director Skip Bertman.  “It gives credit to those fans who are now contributing to LSU’s Tradition Fund, as well as those who contribute to the Tiger Athletic Foundation for tickets or for philanthropic purposes.  Plus, it will provide points for those who donate to the University for academic purposes.”

Points are awarded based on one point per $1,000 contributed to either TAF or LSU’s Tradition Fund.  In addition, three bonus points are awarded annually when a fan contributes more than $100 to TAF.  Two points are awarded for each $1,000 contributed to TAF for philanthropic purposes.

Tradition Fund contributors will receive point credit for contributions retroactive to the 2004 season when the Tradition Fund was first introduced, as well as three bonus points for each of the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

Tradition Fund members will continue to receive credit each year for their Tradition Fund  contributions based on one point per $1,000, but they will be responsible for making a minimum annual donation of $100 to TAF if they choose to acquire any future bonus points.

Donors to either the LSU Foundation or LSU Alumni Association will receive one-fourth of a point per $1,000 of contributions for donations made on or after May 18, 2006.  Points to LSU Foundation or Alumni Association contributors will be awarded beginning July 1, 2006.

LSU season ticket holders in all sports will receive further information about the LSU Priority Point System by mail in early August.  This mailing will include individualized point status and information for obtaining point status information online.

For the 2006 post-season games, all points will be calculated as of October 31, 2006.  If LSU plays in a game in which fans order more tickets than LSU is allotted, tickets will be distributed based on LSU Priority Point order.  Seat locations will also be assigned based on LSU Priority Point order.

Bertman said a limited lottery will continue to be held for high ticket demand events to give all fans some opportunity to get tickets regardless of priority point standing.  This will give fans who are not Tradition Fund or TAF contributors an opportunity to have access to tickets.

“We will designate a limited amount of tickets for an open lottery each time we have a high demand for tickets,” Bertman said.  “This will give everyone, regardless of contribution level, a chance to have access to tickets.”

In the distribution of tickets, LSU will allot a portion of its allotment for official University purposes, with all other tickets awarded through the unified LSU Priority Point System, with the exception of a limited portion to be used for a lottery.  Per athletic department policy, season ticket holders in each sport have the first opportunity to purchase tickets in each of the respective sports.

In the last 10 years, LSU has had to utilize a lottery for tickets for only five football games: the 1998 game at Notre Dame, the 2002 Sugar Bowl, the 2004 game at Georgia, the 2004 Sugar Bowl and the 2005 game at Alabama.




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