LSU Football Credentials - Request Submitted

2008 Media Request Information

Thank you for taking time to submit this request online. If you do not receive a reply from the LSU Sports Information Department by the Thursday prior to the game, please call (225) 578-8226.

Please read the policies and procedures below for information on how media credentials are issued and how to access media areas on LSU Football GameDay:

Media Credential Policies and Procedures

Credentials for LSU home games are issued for working media only. Because of severe space limitations and demand, the deadline for all season credential requests is Aug. 15. Individual game credentials must be requested two (2) weeks prior to the date of the game.

All members of the media must request credentials online at

Please keep in mind that credentials authorize an accredited organization for news coverage of the game. ANY unauthorized use of credentials subjects the bearer to ejection from the stadium and the accredited organization to revocation of all its credentials for future LSU athletic events.

Press box seating and field access will be determined using the following criteria:

1. Sports editors of daily newspapers and sports directors of television and radio stations.
2. Daily radio and television shows.
3. Weekly radio and television shows providing sound and/or video highlights.
4. Weekly magazines specifically dedicated to LSU Athletics.
5. Other weekly and monthly publications (monthly publications may be limited to one (1) photographer shooting non-conference games at the discretion of the LSU SID).
6. Websites (please see restrictions below).

The official website of LSU athletics and the official website of the visiting school will be credentialed. Also, the official online service of the national over-the-air or cable television network that owns broadcast rights to the game will receive credentials. Other websites will not be credentialed unless they meet specifications outlined below:

1. Must be a legal corporate entity that has been in business at least one full calendar year and has provided coverage of LSU or the visiting team for at least one year.
2. Must provide daily coverage of ALL athletic teams from LSU or the visiting team with its own staff of reporters, photographers and equipment.
3. Must travel to and cover all football away games and all major postseason events.
4. Must provide coverage of all press conferences of ALL athletic teams at LSU or the visiting team.
5. Must be accredited by home university as working media.

Note: Websites that sponsor message boards, message centers or chat rooms where people are allowed to post anonymous information will not be issued credentials. If a medium has an online site and they sponsor these anonymous forums, they may continue to request credentials under its traditional medium (newspaper, magazine, radio, television), but will not be granted additional passes for online staff.

Requests from individuals not employed by an accredited media outlet will not be considered.

Requests from radio stations must come from the sports director of that radio station and may be filled with a ticket in the stands of Tiger Stadium due to space restrictions in the LSU press box.

Press Box Procedures

Spouses, dates, non-workers, and anyone under 18 years of age are not permitted in working press areas.

The entrance to the Tiger Stadium press box is through the press elevator, located near Gate 5 on the southwest side of Tiger Stadium. The elevator will be in operation three hours prior to kickoff. Media Will Call and stadium entrance is located at the south corner of the west side stands closest to the Athletics Administration Building.

Located on the main press level, there is a primary live television broadcast booth and a booth available for tape-delay telecasts. This level also accommodates booths for both home and visiting radio crews and the LSU and visiting coaches' booths.

Photo Deck
This level offers space for network TV cameras and coaches' film crews. Due to lack of space on the photo deck, no video cameras will be allowed on the photo deck other than the originating network cameras, home and visitor coaches' video and scoreboard video cameras.

LSU follows NCAA and SEC rules regarding media representatives on the sidelines.

Armbands must be worn on the arm -- not on the leg or camera -- in order to gain access to the field.All photographers/ videographers on the sideline must be in a working capacity with equipment. Photographers are not permitted to shoot between the 25-yard lines and must wear armbands at all times. All photographers/videographers on the sideline must kneel while play is in progress.

No credentials will be issued to freelance photographers, cutline writers, equipment carriers or radio station representatives, except for the two teams' broadcast originating networks. Armbands will not be mailed or otherwise issued prior to gameday. Armbands must be picked up at Media Will Call, located at the south corner of the west side stands closest to the Athletics Administration Building, no earlier than three hours before kickoff. Only one armband will be issued per person at the press gate and identification will be requested. Affiliate TV stations are not allowed the services of a grip and armbands will not be provided for them.

Due to space restrictions, those media wearing armbands will not have access to the press box at any time without other proper credentials. A box lunch will be served at ground level for photographers. No one under 18 years of age will be issued an armband for sideline access without prior approval of the SID.

Photographers or videographers are considered working members of the media and they are to refrain from cheering or talking to players, coaches or officials.

Photographers needing to send photos from the stadium may do so at the LSU Photo Office, located in the northeast corner of Tiger Stadium, inside Gate 10. Photographers should contact Steve Franz, Staff Photographer, for further information at (225) 578-4193 or (225) 571-3532 to reserve space.

Press Box Services
Complete individual and team statistics, running play-by-play, postgame coaches' quotes and game facts will be distributed to members of the working media.

Press kits are provided 60 minutes prior to kickoff, or earlier upon request. Press kits include program, flip card, updated statistics for each team, conference statistics and gameday notes. A pregame meal will be served beginning two hours before kickoff. Soft drinks will be available throughout the game.

Media parking is located in lots near Tiger Stadium. Because of limited space, requests for parking should be made with credential requests. It should not be assumed that parking passes will be provided with all media credentials.

There are a limited number of telephones available in the press box, therefore writers on a deadline are encouraged to order phone lines from BellSouth in Baton Rouge (1-800-238-5501). When ordering phone lines for the press box, the physical address for Tiger Stadium is 3800 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

Wireless/Ethernet Internet
Wireless internet is available in the Tiger Stadium Press Box. In addition, a limited number of Ethernet lines are also available.

Pro Scouts
Due to severe space limitations, scouts of professional football teams are not issued press credentials. Tickets will be made available to pro scouts at regular price. Tickets should be requested two weeks prior to the date of the game to guarantee availability and should be requested through LSU Sports Information Administrative Secretary Pat Fredericks at (225) 578-8226.

Satellite Trucks
Any outlet using a satellite truck must request satellite truck access and must have a truck in place at least five hours prior to kickoff (example: 2 p.m. for a 7 p.m. kickoff). Any satellite truck arriving less than five hours prior to kickoff may be denied access to the stadium. Requests for parking area for satellite trucks must be made by noon on Wednesday prior to Saturday games and must be confirmed through Director of Television Kevin Wagner. No other vehicles will be allowed to park with the satellite truck and all credentials for personnel must be included in the online request.

Head Coach Les Miles
Requests for interviews with Les Miles should be coordinated through SID Michael Bonnette at (225) 578-8226 or
Coach Miles, besides his weekly press luncheon and after Wednesday practice, is also available by request Tuesday through Friday during the season between 12:15 and 12:45 p.m. through Michael Bonnette.

LSU football practices are open to the media Monday thru Wednesday during the individual portion of practice each day. Media members should request to have their name placed on a practice pass list for admission to practices. Media members are asked to remain at least three yards off the sideline at all times.

All player interviews must be coordinated through the LSU Sports Information Office at least one day in advance. Player interviews will be held each Monday after coach Miles' Press luncheon at a time TBD and then following practice on Monday and Tuesday. All player interviews will be held at the Indoor Practice Facility.

Phone interviews should be requested through SID Michael Bonnette ( and Associate SID Bill Martin (

Players are available through Tuesday of game week. No player interviews will be conducted after Tuesday. Team locker rooms are off limits to media representatives at all times.

LSU abides by Southeastern Conference policy regarding equal access to all members of the working media.

Coach Les Miles will conduct his postgame news conference at home games approximately 10 minutes after the game in the Media Interview Room located just off the chute area leading to the LSU locker room. His postgame press conference can also be heard in the press box.

The LSU locker room is closed. Several players will be brought into the Media Interview Room following coach Miles' postgame news conference.

The opponents’ coach will conduct his postgame news conference in the interview room located across from the visitors' locker room in the southeast portal of the stadium. TV lighting and adequate electrical outlets are available in the visitors' interview area. The opponents’ coach interview will be played in the press box on a tape-delay basis.