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BATON ROUGE -- Members of the LSU football team spoke about this week's Top 5 matchup between LSU and Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Read the transcript here.

LSU Defensive Player Quotes -- Alabama Week

LSU DE Melvin Oliver
On Alabama...
"They are a good team. Their offense has been struggling in the past two weeks, but they are still a good overall team.  Their defense is playing well, and I think it is coming down to whose defense is playing better."

On what the defense has improved on throughout the season...
"Getting better at good eye coordination, seeing what is all going on and reacting to it properly.  I think that we have done a better job as the season has progressed in doing those things."

On playing back at home in Alabama...
"It's going to be just like a home game for me.  I am going to have about thirty tickets, and they are all going to be in purple and gold.  Even though most of them are Alabama fans, I grew up watching Alabama football, I expect there to be some mixed feelings with some of my people that are coming.  I think it's going to be a good game."

About the LSU defensive line...
"At this kind of a school, we are at a big school, every year you are going to have good guys.  One guy goes out to the draft, another guy has to be ready to step in and share the load." 

LSU DE Chase Pittman

On the feeling of the Alabama game...
"After the game, walking back to the tailgate on Saturday the fans were talking about, I'll see you in Alabama, so it's already jacked up.  It's going to be a real interesting environment in Tuscaloosa Saturday."

On playing in a loud atmosphere...
"It fires me up a lot.  I like loud, noisy places."

On the comparison of the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry with the LSU-Alabama rivalry...
"Every year Texas and OU is just a given that it is going to be an exciting game.  I don't know how it usually is here with Alabama, but this year they are undefeated, so it is pretty hyped up.  Our destiny is in our hands."

On his role at DE each week...
"It's something that we do for certain formations on the offensive side of the ball.  I wont be standing up too much this week since they run the ball heavy.  Appalachian State and Florida ran a similar offense, so I was standing up a lot in those games."

On defensive coordinator Bo Pelini...
"I like his intensity, he has good intensity.  He is really smart when it comes to game planning, he puts us in the right position at the right times.  He is one of the smartest guys that I have ever been around as far as defensive scheme and stuff."

LSU DT Kyle Williams

On Coach Miles' mood going in to the Alabama game...
"I haven't been around him since after the Appalachian State game, but I am sure that he has a little chip on his shoulder because he is excited to play this game.  I think all of us are.  I think when you go from playing really big conference games to non-conference games and then you go back, there is going to be a big jump in enthusiasm throughout the team and with the coaching staff.  We are excited to play, coach is excited to play, so it will be fun over there."

On the big game against Alabama...
"It's obvious that this is why you come to a school like LSU, Alabama, Florida, or Tennessee, to play in really big football games like this.  There are not many schools in the country that can say they had a match up where the No.4 and No. 5 teams in the country played and had their division lead at stake in the game.  It is definitely something that you are thinking about when you are picking a school."

On playing another big game...
"Yeah, we have had a few ones this year, it's been fun.  Over the past four years it seems that we have played in a few of the biggest games.  Nothing new to all of the guys on this team, so we are excited and embrace the challenge of doing it again." 

LSU Offensive Player Quotes -- Alabama Week
OL Andrew Whitworth
On preparing for Alabama...

"It's going to take a total focus this whole week and being intense to get prepared for these guys.  They're going to be talented.  You know it's always a big battle with Alabama. We're going to be ready to go and we're going to prepare that way this week."
On the intensity of the rivalry...
"I compare it to the Auburn game.  I think it is going to be a physical game.  It's going to be a heated game.  It's about trying to establish yourself in the SEC.  Both of the teams are going to come into the game upbeat.  I don't think will be any lack of emotion.  I think both teams will be very excited and pumped up about playing.  It's going to take focus and taking care of business." 
On his knowledge of the Alabama defense...

"I played against (Mark) Anderson last year and Odom the year before that. I thought Anderson was a good player.  I said that when he came in for Odom a couple of times in the 2003 season. He's a tall rangy guy with a lot of speed and power.  (DeMeco) Ryans is a very good player, a very smart player and also seems to be a very good person.  Alabama's a talented team and it's going to be all about focus and execution."  
OL Rudy Niswanger

On being excited to return to SEC play...
"At the time we wanted to focus on those games because they were important also.  Once the game was over on Saturday night it was kind of a relief because now we can focus on Alabama.  We can get back to the SEC and back to the big games we like playing in."
On the Alabama defense...
"They're a lot of big, talented guys.  They're going to play hard. They're going to line up and come after you.  I don't remember them doing anything special in terms of special techniques or anything.  They're just a bunch of big, physical, talented people."




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