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LSU Recognizes Spring 2018 3.0 Student-Athletes

Judy Willson
Judy Willson
Communications Associate

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes introduced its recent class of 3.0 Student-Athletes at halftime of the LSU football game on Saturday night.


A total of 202 LSU student-athletes were recognized for finishing the 2018 Spring semester with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The CCACSA is comprised of academic affairs, student affairs and information technology teams that serve more than 500 student-athletes. The purpose of providing an all-inclusive, student-centered support structure for all student-athletes from matriculation, through graduation and life beyond.


2018 Spring CCACSA 3.0 Honor Roll

Matthew Beck, Baseball

Antoine Duplantis, Baseball

Devin Fontenot, Baseball

Caleb Gilbert, Baseball

Hal Hughes, Baseball

Beau Jordan, Baseball

AJ Labas, Baseball

Brandon Nowak, Baseball

Taylor Petersen, Baseball

Todd Peterson, Baseball

Cam Sanders, Baseball

Nick Webre, Baseball

Emmy Allen, Beach Volleyball

Ashley Allmer, Beach Volleyball

Tatum Ballard, Beach Volleyball

Jeni Clark, Beach Volleyball

Claire Coppola, Beach Volleyball

Megan Davenport, Beach Volleyball

Nicole Decker, Beach Volleyball

Hunter Domanski, Beach Volleyball

Emily Hardesty, Beach Volleyball

Lilly Kessler, Beach Volleyball

Haleigh Nelson, Beach Volleyball

Kristen Nuss, Beach Volleyball

Mandi Orellana, Beach Volleyball

Olivia Powers, Beach Volleyball

Savannah Wininger, Beach Volleyball

Riley Young, Beach Volleyball

Dee Anderson, Football

Colby Brunet, Football

K’Lavon Chaisson, Football

Breiden Fehoko, Football

Blake Ferguson, Football

Lanard Fournette, Football

Trey Gallman, Football

Jack Gonsoulin, Football

Josh Growden, Football

Kody Hall, Football

Todd Harris Jr., Football

Justin Jones, Football

Wesley McKoy, Football

John David Moore, Football

Michael Ostrom, Football

Jacob Phillips, Football

Andre Sale, Football

Tiger Scheyd, Football

Turner Simmers, Football

Zach Von Rosenberg, Football

Julianna Cannamela, Gymnastics

Christina Desiderio, Gymnastics

Kennedi Edney, Gymnastics

Sarah Finnegan, Gymnastics

Olivia Gunter, Gymnastics

Myia Hambrick, Gymnastics

Ruby Harrold, Gymnastics

McKenna Kelley, Gymnastics

Ashlyn Kirby, Gymnastics

Erin Macadaeg, Gymnastics

Lexie Priessman, Gymnastics

Gracen Standley, Gymnastics

Aaron Epps, Men’s Basketball

Skylar Mays, Men’s Basketball

Duop Reath, Men’s Basketball

Reed Vial, Men’s Basketball

Alex Harp, Men’s Cross Country

Josef Schuster, Men’s Cross Country

Philip Barbaree, Men’s Golf

Jacob Bergeron, Men’s Golf

Blake Caldwell, Men’s Golf

Luis Gagne, Men’s Golf

Drew Gonzales, Men’s Golf

Nathan Jeansonne, Men’s Golf

Carter Toms, Men’s Golf

Trey Winstead, Men’s Golf

Harry Ackland, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Tyler Harper, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Harrison Jones, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Cameron Karkoska, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Alarii Levreault-Lopez, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Karl Luht, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Jake Markham, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Braden Nyboer, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Mitchell Petras, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Luca Pfyffer, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Sven Saemundsson, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Thomas Smith, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Nikola Samardzic, Men’s Tennis

Rafael Wagner, Men’s Tennis

Jace Attuso, Men’s Track & Field

Tommy Brocato, Men’s Track & Field

Harrison Martingayle, Men’s Track & Field

Jonathan Nelsen, Men’s Track & Field

Arthur Price, Men’s Track & Field

Bryan Stamey, Men’s Track & Field

Daniel Tanner, Men’s Track & Field

Jack Wilkes, Men’s Track & Field

Lily Alfeld, Soccer

Caroline Brockmeier, Soccer

Jordane Carvery, Soccer

Hannah Cuneo, Soccer

Lindsey Eaton, Soccer

Haley Garrett, Soccer

Emma Grace Goldman, Soccer

Debbie Hahn, Soccer

Courtney Henderson, Soccer

Zoe Higgins, Soccer

Meghan Johnson, Soccer

Alexis Larimore, Soccer

Mackenzie Manuel, Soccer

Lucy Parker, Soccer

Chrissy Pitre, Soccer

Dana Reed, Soccer

Chiara Ritchie-Williams, Soccer

Miranda Scotten, Soccer

Chelsea Stiebing, Soccer

Ellie Weber, Soccer

Caroline Weiss, Soccer

Aliyah Andrews, Softball

Taryn Antoine, Softball

Sydney Bourg, Softball

CC Caccamise, Softball

Amanda Doyle, Softball

Kara Goff, Softball

Maribeth Gorsuch, Softball

Emily Griggs, Softball

Carley Hoover, Softball

Sydney Loupe, Softball

Michaela Schlattman, Softball

Becca Schulte, Softball

Amber Serrett, Softball

Sydney Springfield, Softball

Shelbi Sunseri, Softball

Elyse Thornhill, Softball

Jacqui Armer, Volleyball

Olivia Beyer, Volleyball

Raigen Cianciulli, Volleyball

Khourtni Fears, Volleyball

Lindsay Flory, Volleyball

Katie Kampen, Volleyball

Sydney Mukes, Volleyball

Kelly Quinn, Volleyball

Toni Rodriguez, Volleyball

Milan Stokes, Volleyball

Cheyenne Wood, Volleyball

Anna Zwiebel, Volleyball

Raigyne Louis, Women’s Basketball

Khayla Pointer, Women’s Basketball

Rakell Spencer, Women’s Basketball

Kailyn McCarley, Women’s Cross Country

Sydney Cavin, Women’s Golf

Claudia De Antonio, Women’s Golf

Monica Dibildox, Women’s Golf

Kathleen Gallagher, Women’s Golf

Kendall Griffin, Women’s Golf

Marina Hedlund, Women’s Golf

Page Morehead, Women’s Golf

Sophia Bisch, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Clayton Black, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Leyre Casarin, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Helen Grossman, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Alexandria Ham, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kit Hanley, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Alyssa Helak, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Grace Horton, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lia Joslin, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Cassie Kalisz, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Haylee Knight, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Rileigh Knox, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Jane MacDougall, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lauren McIntosh, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Miranda Nichols, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Colleen O’Neil, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Gabrielle Pick, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lauren Thompson, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Leah Troskot, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kate Zimmer, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Ryann Foster, Women’s Tennis

Elizabeth Hotard, Women’s Tennis

Ashton Rabalais, Women’s Tennis

Eden Richardson, Women’s Tennis

Luba Vasilyuk, Women’s Tennis

Hannah Bourque, Women’s Track & Field

Heather Cizek, Women’s Track & Field

Kristin Delgado, Women’s Track & Field

Zakiya Denoon, Women’s Track & Field

Amber Desselle, Women’s Track & Field

Monica Guillot, Women’s Track & Field

Kortnei Johnson, Women’s Track & Field

Annie Jung, Women’s Track & Field

Erika Lewis, Women’s Track & Field

Rebecca Little, Women’s Track & Field

Cori Mitchell, Women’s Track & Field

Danielle Phillips, Women’s Track & Field

Allyson Seals, Women’s Track & Field

Savannah Sledd, Women’s Track & Field

Alicia Stamey, Women’s Track & Field

Amy Stelly, Women’s Track & Field

Kaitlyn Walker, Women’s Track & Field

Ashley Welborn, Women’s Track & Field

Amelie Whitehurst, Women’s Track & Field

Sidnie Wilder, Women’s Track & Field

Jurnee Woodward, Women’s Track & Field




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