Football Ranks Ninth Among Valuable Programs

LSU was listed as the ninth most valuable college football program in a study
LSU was listed as the ninth most valuable college football program in a study
Olivia Ramirez
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
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BATON ROUGE – LSU is rated as college football’s ninth most valuable program according to a study done by Ryan Brewer, a finance professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

Brewer, who also had LSU ranked No. 9 a year ago, had his rankings published today in the Wall Street Journal as well as online at

According to Brewer, the LSU football program has a value of 612.30 million dollars, which puts it firmly among the Top 10 programs in the nation. Ohio State is listed No. 1 with a value of 946.61 million, followed by Texas (885.05 million), Michigan (811.30 million), Notre Dame (723.59 million) and Alabama (694.87).

Oklahoma is No. 6 at 674.34 million, followed by Florida (670.86 million), Georgia (636.44), LSU and Penn State (481.39).

The ranking of other SEC teams in Brewer’s study include Tennessee No. 12 at 401.98 million, South Carolina No. 14 (398.18 million), Texas A&M No. 17 (359.14 million), Auburn No. 19 (319.32 million), Arkansas No. 20 (311.85 million), Ole Miss No. 32 (216.20 million), Kentucky No. 34 (208.00 million), Missouri No. 51 (108.88 million), Mississippi State No. 53 (103.03 million), and Vanderbilt No. 68 (55.64 million).

To determine his findings, Brewer analyzed each program’s revenues and expenses and made cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections to calculate what a college team would be worth on the open market, if it could be bought and sold like a professional franchise.




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