Sports Teams Lend a Hand on LSU Move-In Day

LSU football freshman wide receiver Malachi Dupre.
LSU football freshman wide receiver Malachi Dupre.
Chris Parent (@chrisparent)
Dimitri Skoumpourdis
Dimitri Skoumpourdis

BATON ROUGE – As the class of 2018 descended upon the LSU campus to make their dorm rooms their new homes on Wednesday, over 200 student-athletes from 11 LSU athletic programs put down their helmets, rackets and balls to help haul an endless stream of mini refrigerators, microwaves and stationary fans.

This was the second consecutive year that LSU student-athletes and coaches offered assistance to freshmen on move-in day, and the budding tradition has already produced many memorable moments.

“We sincerely appreciate the student population,” said football head coach Les Miles. “We play for the state of Louisiana and the student section. A great majority of the team did it last year, and they brought back some nice stories and memories.”

“Parents are dreading this day because they’re saying goodbye to their son or daughter, but what happens when these students and their families get to campus is they have the entire university family here to help them move in,” said LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander. “It turns out to be a very enjoyable experience. The parents will go back to their various parishes, their counties and their cities all over the United States. Everyone will ask them how was move-in day, and they’ll say you won’t believe the way LSU treated their son or daughter.” 

From Herget Hall to the Pentagon, LSU student-athletes mingled with the newly-arrived freshmen and offered extra muscle to ease with the moving process.

Some student-athletes did not hesitate to make themselves right at home and got a chance to have some fun with the newest LSU students.

“We walked in on some guys playing FIFA,” said senior tennis player Chris Simpson. “We just stood and watched them play for about five minutes. That was fun.”

While brawn and strength came in handy for moving, the student-athletes and coaches hope their presence also served as an introduction to what it means to be a member of the Tiger family.

The event helps freshmen realize that meeting new people is fun and the majority of students on campus are friendly and willing to help.

“Our track and field program is excited about being able to help everyone with the move-in process,” said track and field head coach Dennis Shaver. “We enjoy welcoming these freshmen to our campus as new members of our LSU family.”

Move-in day served as a great opportunity for student-athletes to share their appreciation for the support given to the athletic programs throughout the year.

“It’s fun to give back to our loyal student fan base that supports us on and off the field,” said senior running back Terrence Magee. “Helping them out is something that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”




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