'LSU 1' On the Road to Seattle; Follow It

Follow the LSU Equipment Truck (
Follow the LSU Equipment Truck ("LSU 1") as it travels to Seattle.
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BATON ROUGE -- "LSU 1", the Athletic Department's Peterbilt equipment truck, left Baton Rouge for Seattle on Monday morning. Follow the progress of the two-man crew (Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer) as they travel across America for the 2009 football season-opener against Washington.

Since 2004, LSU football has traveled in style around the southeast, but never as far as Washington state.

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Day 4: Sept. 3, 2009

3:30 p.m. PT
LSU 1 arrived at the Hyatt Bellevue. Three days -- and one important football game -- in Seattle before turning around and heading back to the southeast.

1:18 p.m. PT
LSU 1 just crossed the Washington state line. "It's gorgeous up here!" They're now "breaking the sound barrier," according to Bobby Duke, as the speed limit is up to 60 mph. They've got 140 miles left to Seattle.

9:50 a.m. PT
The crew of LSU 1 is having breakfast in Eugene, and hopes to get on the road for the final leg of their trip in the next hour. Today will be the shortest of the journey to the northwest, only 280 miles. LSU 1 should beat the team to the hotel in Bellevue, Wash., where it will unload some of its cargo for team meetings. The team is scheduled to arrive in Seattle around 9:30 p.m. PT.

3 a.m. PT
Day 3 ended early Thursday morning for the two-man crew of LSU 1. After a long day of travel through the foothills of northern California, the truck arrived in Eugene, Ore., around 3 a.m.

Good news: only 286 miles remaining to Seattle.

Day 3: Sept. 2, 2009
758 miles (Bakersfield, Calif., to Eugene, Ore.)

6:25 p.m. PT
LSU 1 is on Interstate 5 going north "in the foothill of some of the most beautiful mountains I've seen," Bobby Duke said. The mountain terrain is causing slow-going for the crew, as they're "lucky to do 30-40 mph going up these mountains."

Bobby had to hand the phone to Arnold while they took pictures driving over Shasta Lake in northern California (just north of Redding, between Sacramento and the border with Oregon). They've got about five more hours of driving before reaching Eugene, Ore., tonight. They had hoped to make it to Portland, but that's not going to happen until Thursday.

12:13 p.m. PT
The going is slow for LSU 1 today as Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer have been hampered by the 55 mph speed limit in Calilfornia for 18-wheelers. LSU 1 has gone through Fresno already and is about 100 miles south of Sacramento. Bobby Duke said, "this 55 miles per hour speed limit is killing us." Duke said that they’ve been able to stay around the 60 mph range but anything more than that is difficult because of the winding and hilly rounds that they are traveling.

6:40 a.m. PT
LSU 1 has yet to get rolling this morning as drivers Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer are still getting their eight hours of required sleep before getting back onto the highway. LSU 1 made it all the way to Bakersfield, Calif., last night and the plan today is go to roughly 865 more miles to Portland, Ore.

Springer noted that as they were driving through the desert last night they could see smoke and ashes floating through the sky from the wild fires burning in Souhern California. He noted, "it was an unbelievable sight." Today's route has LSU 1 going through such cities at San Jose, Oakland, and Sacramento before getting into Oregon, where the truck will go through Eugene, Salem and Portland.

Day 2: Sept. 1, 2009
976 miles (Tucumcari, N.M. to Bakersfield, Calif.) 
16 hours

7:40 p.m. PT
Bobby and Arnold have made it through another time zone and into southern California this evening. The down side is that the speed limit for trucks in California is only 55 mph, adding time to the trip. LSU 1 is about 70 miles east of Barstow, Calif., driving just south of Death Valley National Park for the next hour or so. With another 200 miles to travel before staying the night in Bakersfield, the day 2 log will be about 976 miles.

3:25 p.m. MT
LSU 1 has now made it across another state -- New Mexico -- and is now into Arizona. LSU 1 is 130 miles east of Flagstaff. Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer are trying to get to Bakersfield, Calif., sometime tonight. That means that LSU 1 still has another 550 miles to cover before calling it a day. Springer reports that Arizona is hot, and that they continue to be greeted along the route by LSU fans.

11:52 a.m. MT
Just received word that LSU 1 is at the Continental Divide (purple line on the Mapquest map) and they've stopped to take pictures. We hope to post these on Facebook with other images we've received from fans. 

The Contidental Divide of the Americas is "the principal, and largely mountainous, hydrological divide of the Americas that separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean from those river systems which drain into the Atlantic Ocean," according to Wikipedia.

It's located near Coolidge, N.M.

11:30 a.m. MT
The crew of LSU 1 is about 40 miles east of Gallup, N.M. (located about 20 miles from the Arizona border), where they plan to stop and switch drivers. Driver Bobby Duke says, "The weather's great and the landscape is gorgeous!"

8:40 a.m. MT
LSU 1 is back on the road, now 170 miles east of Albuquerque. Today, LSU 1 will continue through New Mexico and Arizona before getting into California sometime later today. Today's route will have Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer driving through the Continental Divide, Flagstaff, Ariz., as well as going just south of the Grand Canyon. Once into California, they will drive through the Mojave Desert where temperatures are expected to be in the mid 110s today. LSU 1's course will also take the truck just south of Death Valley.

6:30 a.m. MT
Bobby and Arnold are getting ready to start day 2 "On the Road to Seattle." After breakfast in the Mountain Time Zone, they'll start west on I-40 again.

Day 1 Log:
914 miles (Baton Rouge to Tucumcari, N.M.) 
16 hours, 15 minutes

11:30 p.m. MT
LSU 1 finished day 1 on the road by stopping in Tucumcari, N.M., for the night. Tucumcari is a small town on I-40 about 25 miles inside the Texas-New Mexico border.

8:50 p.m. CT 
LSU 1 has made it to Amarillo, Texas. So far, it has traveled 782 miles and burned 225 gallons of diesel fuel since leaving Baton Rouge at 7 a.m. Drivers Bobby Duke and Arnold Springer still have some gas in their tank and they are going to try to get to Albuquerque, N.M., (another 270 miles) before calling it a day. The trip has gone well so far, according to Springer. He added, "everytime we stop, people want to take our picture and they want a picture with the truck." 

5:15 p.m. CT
LSU 1 just checked in from the road as it is nearing Wichita Falls, Texas. After Wichita Falls, LSU 1 continues its trek west on US-287 with Amarillo hopefully in sight by nightfall.  

2:50 p.m. CT
After taking I-49 to Shreveport, LSU 1 moved into Texas on I-20 and is headed through downtown Dallas now!

11:30 a.m. CT
LSU 1 has reported that they have crossed into Texas. Be on the lookout for a huge purple and gold truck in the Dallas area soon!

7:15 a.m. CT
After loading over the weekend, LSU 1 and its two-man driving crew has left the LSU Football Operations Center and is en route toward Seattle. The 44-hour trip is underway.

Click here for the route "LSU 1" will take to Seattle.



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