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LSU's Glenn Dorsey
LSU's Glenn Dorsey (@LSUsports) (@LSUsports)
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BATON ROUGE As many as 12 former LSU Tigers have put themselves in position to be drafted this weekend as the annual NFL Draft takes place in New York City on Saturday beginning at 2 p.m. on ESPN.
The first two rounds are held on Saturday with rounds three through seven taking place on Sunday. ESPN and ESPN2 will televise Sunday’s action starting at 9 a.m.
Since taking over at LSU in 2005, Miles has coached 12 players who have gone on to be selected in the NFL Draft, including a school-record tying seven players in 2006.
“Year in and year out, the LSU football program has been a big part of the NFL Draft and this year will be no exception,” LSU coach Les Miles said. “At LSU, we run the type of program that allows players to get a degree, compete for championships while at the same time developing so that they can take their game to the next level.
“I’m excited for the seniors from the 2007 team who have put themselves in a position to get drafted this weekend. When you consider that half of our 2007 senior class has already graduated and they were the winningest class in the history of the school, that tells you this is a very special group and I’m proud of every one of them.”
As a program, LSU goes into this year’s NFL Draft having had at least one first round selection in each of the past four years. A year ago, the Tigers set a school record with four first round picks, including the top overall selection in quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who was selected by the Oakland Raiders.
Other first round picks for LSU a year ago include safety LaRon Landry as the sixth overall pick by the Washington Redskins; wide receiver Dwayne Bowe 23rd overall to the Kansas City Chiefs and wide receiver Craig Davis 30th overall to the San Diego Chargers.
In its history, LSU has had a total of 30 players selected in the first round of the NFL Draft with five of those having player under current coach Les Miles.
LSU All-American Glenn Dorsey has been rated as one of the top players in this year’s draft and could be taken as high as the second overall selection on Saturday. The Miami Dolphins have the first overall pick in the draft and they have already settled on Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long.
Dorsey could go second to the St. Louis Rams or third to the Atlanta Falcons. Dorsey was invited to New York by the NFL and he will be on hand when the announcement is made on Saturday.
Dorsey capped his LSU career as the most decorated defensive player in school history, earning first-team All-America honors as both a junior and senior, while also collecting the Lombardi, Outland, Nagurski and Lott Trophies following the 2007 season.
Joining Dorsey as potential first, second or third round picks for LSU this weekend include wide receiver Early Doucet, running back Jacob Hester, linebacker Ali Highsmith, and defensive backs Craig Steltz and Chevis Jackson.
Outside of Dorsey, Doucet is the highest-ranked player as he’s projected as high as a late first round pick to an early third round selection. Hester and Steltz have both been projected by ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper as third round picks with Jackson thought to be going in the fourth round.
Other Tigers who are expected to get picked day two of the draft include quarterback Matt Flynn, cornerback Jonathan Zenon, tight end Keith Zinger, punter Patrick Fisher, and possibly offensive guard Will Arnold and linebacker Luke Sanders.
Quotes from LSU Players going into the NFL Draft
QB Matt Flynn
On his expectations for the NFL Draft this weekend...
“I don’t really have any expectations. It’s one of those things where the main thing is getting on a team and in a good situation and hopefully be on a team where I can really learn a lot and learn fast. I want to be put in a good position where I can go out there and get some good reps and really prove what I can do.”
On what he’s learned since the end of the season that has made him a better NFL prospect...
“I’ve had a lot of training with former NFL general managers and what they all taught me dealt mostly combine training and pro day training; stuff like that. I’ve just talked to a lot of the ex-LSU guys who are in the NFL about what to expect with OTAs and the other things that go on like training camp. That’s really the main thing I’m focused on is trying to get tips about camp from the older guys. What it boils down to is just going out there and playing your game and doing the same things you’ve been doing.”
On if he feels like any particular team is interested in him...
“It’s hard to say. I’m in a position right now that if a team really wants me they’re going to try to keep it quiet and get me as low in the draft as they can. I’ve had some talks with teams and a few visits. I feel confident about it, but when it gets down to it I just want to be on a team and keep playing football.”
S Craig Steltz
On what he’s heard from teams coming into the draft...
“You hear all kinds of stuff. A lot of people aren’t going to show their hands until the draft.
There’s going to be variables that have to go right or wrong for you to get chosen either way.”
On what round he thinks he may be drafted...
“I’d say around the fourth round; in the middle somewhere.”
On what he’ll be doing during the first two rounds of the draft on Saturday...
“I’m sure I’ll be watching it to see what tigers are picked that day. Not that I’m expecting to be chosen that day, but it should be fun to see some of my teammates get chosen. I’m sure I’ll be spending Sunday with the family, but we haven’t made any plans yet.”
On what teams he’s worked out for...
“I went to Baltimore to work out for the Ravens. That was just a visit to see the organization.”
On if he’s nervous...
“Not really. All the hay’s in the barn; there’s nothing really left to do. I’ve been telling people that this weekend will be nice knowing that I’ve done everything possible to be the best I can be.
There’s nothing to be nervous about.”
On how his shoulder feels and if his workouts have been affected by it...
“It feels great. I didn’t work out at the combine and that brought up some concerns. The shoulder’s been feeling fine for probably a month now.”
On if he’s grown tired of the pre-draft routine...
“No, I haven’t. Since we finished our final game I haven’t had any school so I’ve just been working out, and to do that as a job is wonderful because I love working out. It’s not work to me. I don’t say I’m going to workout, I say I’m going to work. “
On how his parents are feeling...
“They’re excited like any parents. To see the day your son’s hard work and effort pays off is nice for them I’m sure.”
On if he was a fan of any NFL team growing up...
“I was always a Saints fan growing up. I’ve always said that the Superdome has been good to us here at LSU. We’ve won quite a few big games in that building.”
OL Will Arnold
On how much different the NFL Draft process is from recruiting...
“I don’t think so. Really, you kind of sit around, and you have your agent there. I remember before college, it was crazy. You have every school in the nation after you. In this, you’re waiting around. People call your agent, and you talk to them. They get your number, and that’s it. They want to know where you’re going to be on draft day. You just kind of wait around. You have no clue where you’re going to go. You don’t get to pick. It’s different for sure.”
On the feedback he’s gotten from scouts and coaches...
“It’s been good. At Pro Day, I talked to some guys. I’ve been out for so long. People hadn’t really seen me play or do anything. Afterward, I talked to some of the scouts. They said that it was really good to see me work out again, and they think I helped myself. My agent has heard from some teams and given them my number. It’s really what I expected. That’s all I can hope for.”
On where he’ll be on Draft Day...
“I am probably going to be at my home in Mississippi, or I might be here boiling crawfish on Sunday.”
CB Chevis Jackson
On if he ever gets tired of the physical demands of football...
“Not really. If I didn’t have football, I don’t know what I would do. I enjoy it. I look forward to waking up, especially with these guys and sweating and doing two-a-days. I’m excited about the opportunity and blessings I’ve had to be able to be in this position.”
On the anticipation of draft day...
“I’m anxious and just ready for it to be over with. It’s been a long three months with the Combine, Senior Bowl, Pro Day and everything. Now, it’s right around the corner. I’m just waiting for it to be over.”
On his draft weekend plans...
“Hiding. Staying away from everybody. I’ll be with my family, probably hiding from them, too.”
TE Keith Zinger
On the process coming to a close...
“It’s kind of the culmination of my college career and just everything that I’ve been through in the last five years. It’s exciting and unknown as you don’t know where you’re going. I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen with the rest of my life.”
On his draft weekend plans...
“I’ll be back home in Alexandria relaxing with my family.”
On his health...
“I pulled a hamstring in Pro Day, but I’ve been running on it, and it’s better now. I think I’ll be ready to go by the time rookie minicamps come around.”
LB Ali Highsmith
On what he’ll be doing on draft day ...
“I don’t know yet. I’m still thinking about that. I don’t even know where I’m going to be. I’d like to be out on a lake somewhere. I’m not really nervous about this. I can’t really control what happens. I’m just waiting on a phone call. Whoever calls first. Being nervous would stress me out, so I’m not being nervous about it. But hopefully I’ll get past all that the first day so I don’t have to worry about it on Sunday.”
On the whole pre-draft process ...
“I guess my favorite part was going to the combine and talking to all of the other players. The Senior Bowl was fun too. The waiting part hasn’t been so fun. There’s too much anticipation. I don’t watch much TV, so as far as mock drafts and all of that, I don’t know much about it.”
On possibly playing for a team in a cold climate with an open stadium ...
“I played outdoors here. It gets cold here. I’m from Miami. Anywhere is cold compared to Miami. It doesn’t really matter where I go. I’ll play anywhere.”
On talking to NFL teams ...
“I’ve talked to five teams this week. I never visited anyone. The phone calls this week were about getting phone numbers for draft purposes. Other than that, I haven’t really spoken to anyone.”
On what he’s done since his senior year ended ...
“I’ve done a lot of working out. With all of the time I have on my hands, I devoted more time to working out.”



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