LSU's Glenn Dorsey is projected to be an early first-round pick.
LSU's Glenn Dorsey is projected to be an early first-round pick.
Photo by:, LSU Athletics Publications
Football Seniors Showcase Talent at '08 Pro Day
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Published: March 26, 2008, 12:00 AM (CT)
Updated: October 29, 2009, 03:32 AM (CT)
by (@LSUsports), LSU Sports Interactive

BATON ROUGE -- LSU's 2007 senior class was on display for the NFL on Wednesday, as 16 Tigers went through a series lifts, runs and jumps as the school at the annual Pro Day at the LSU Indoor Football Facility.

Over 100 NFL personnel were on hand for the event, which featured LSU All-American defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, wide receiver Early Doucet, quarterback Matt Flynn, and running back Jacob Hester

Other Tigers taking part in Wednesday’s workout were offensive guard Will Arnold, punter Patrick Fisher, linebacker Ali Highsmith, cornerback Chevis Jackson, fullback Shawn Jordan, wide receiver Josh McManus, deep snapper Jacob O'Hair, linebacker Luke Sanders, safety Craig Steltz, offensive tackle Carnell Stewart, cornerback Jonathan Zenon and tight end Keith Zinger.

The players went through a series of testing with the scouts that included the 40-yard dash, the 225-bench press, vertical leap, broad jump, shuttle run and the 3-cone drill. The players also had their measurements in height, weight, hand span and wing span taken.

In addition to the NFL scouts and other personnel on hand, the NFL Network, ESPN, USA Today along 75 other members of the media were in attendance to watch the Tigers in action.

Video highlights of all of the day’s action can be seen in the Geaux Zone on In addition, had a running scorecard for each player’s results in the different testing categories.

LSU Football Pro Day
March 26, 2008

LB Ali Highsmith

On improving his time in the 40-yard dash...
“I wanted to go out there and show them that it was a fluke. Things happen, and you can’t do anything but get better or get worse. My goal was to go out there and show them that I can overcome adversity. I just went out there and did better from what I did at the combine. I really showed them that I can go tout there and improve whenever I need to. I think I could have run a 4.5 if they would have let me do it again.”

On working out in a more comfortable environment at LSU...
“It was good being around the guys that you went through blood, sweat and tears with all year. Coming back out here and running with them is pretty comfortable, and being able to go out there with them one more time is great. You give it your all that way.”

On having the opportunity to work out in front of so many NFL teams...
“There’s diamond in the rough everywhere. With him (Glenn Dorsey) getting the attention and everybody coming in to see him, they might see something that they really weren’t paying attention to. We got a little bit of the spotlight today.”

CB Chevis Jackson

On running a 4.63 in the 40-yard dash...
“I’m fine with it. I’m not a track guy or anything. I make plays, and you never see me get beat for touchdowns going over my head or anything like that. I make plays. I’m a ball player, so hopefully a team will recognize that and pick me up. I’m pretty sure that they have looked at the tape and have taken that under consideration. Hopefully, my body of work will speak for itself and I will get picked up.”

On if the NFL considers the time in the 40-yard dash too much...
“That’s just the way it is. The NFL is all about being bigger, faster and stronger. If you can run fast, you get paid a little bit more. It is what it is, and you can only be what you are. I’m fine with it.”

On working out in a comfortable environment at LSU...
“I’m out here where I’ve grown accustomed to the surroundings and everything like that. It’s a lot more comfortable than it was in Indianapolis.”

WR Early Doucet

On what he brings to a team...
“I’m a tough guy. I don’t mind doing the dirty work. Whatever I’ve got to help the team, whether it’s blocking, going across the middle, playing on special teams, I’m willing to do anything to help the team be successful.”

On his time in the 40-yard dash...
“I figured I would have run somewhere in the 4.5 range. The 40 is not what really makes a football player. On film, I think I’m a lot faster than I actually time out. Playing the game of football, you’re not just going to run in a straight line all day long. If you go back and watch my film, I think it’ll help you understand and realize that I play a lot faster than I actually time out.”

On his touchdown against Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game...
“Just having the will and determination to try to get in the endzone is the type of guy that I am. I just try to play the game with a lot of passion and pride.”

On recovering from his injury suffered during the Senior Bowl...
“That was my main purpose to come out here and show everybody that I’m 100 percent healthy. I probably could have run all day long. That’s how much work I’ve been putting in. My body feels fine. I even dropped about eight or nine pounds since the Senior Bowl, so I’m feeling great. I just wanted to show that to everyone.”


On how he feels after the workout...
“I feel great. I feel like I came out and did well today. I gave it my all, and I’m just excited to see how it turns out.”

On the toughest drill of the day...
“Probably the individual drills because everything was rapid fire. I didn’t do anything at the Combine. I didn’t go to the Senior Bowl, so they wanted to see what I had. I knew it was going to be tough, so that was probably the toughest part of the day.”

On trimming down...
“You have to be able to move, and I wanted to make sure that I was moving smooth, and I had my weight down.”

On the final drill of the day...
“They want to see how you react when you’re tired. Are you going to keep your technique, or are you going to get lazy? I said to myself that I wasn’t going to let them break me. I just wanted to come out and work hard.”

On the relief of today being over...
“You have no idea. You’ve been hearing that ever since the National Championship game. People have been talking about the draft and the individual workout, and since I didn’t workout at the Combine, it was even more pressure knowing I had to come out and do all the drills today. I’m just glad to have it behind me.”

On what team he would like to play for...
“It doesn’t matter. Whoever picks me is going to get my heart and soul, and I’ll just enjoy wherever I’m at.”

On if he thinks he should be the first pick...
“Without a doubt. It’s just like how everybody else thinks they should be the first pick. You come out and work hard just hoping that you are that guy. Just like all the other guys, I hope I’m the first pick also.”


On how he felt the day went...
“I think the day went well. It’s a little stressful with all the people here. As a whole, I feel like I had a pretty good day. Of course, you always want to do better than what it is, but I came out here, did my best and did what I could do. Pro Day was great. There were a lot of people here. A lot of guys had good workouts. It was a fun day.”

On his 34-rep bench press...
“I’m a little disappointed in myself. I feel like I should have gotten more, but I was nervous, and I didn’t think I would be nervous. It was ok. That’s pretty good. I would have liked to get more, but it was pretty good.”

On working with the professional coaches...
“There’s really not much different. It’s kind of weird because you’re thrown right into it, and you really don’t know what drills you’re going through, but it was good.”


On the throwing drills...
“I thought I threw well. I hit everything except for the corners. I thought they were good, but the balls were a little overthrown in the corners. Other than that, we (Flynn and his receivers) were pretty much perfect.”

On if this is the healthiest he’s been in awhile...
“Yes. I feel good right now. My arm feels good. My legs feel good. It was fun to come out here, cut loose, be able to air the ball out some and throw to these guys for perhaps, one last time.”

On any jitters going into the day...
“It’s kind of funny. I get here around nine (a.m.), so we could kind of get ready for everything since we knew it started at 11 (a.m.). Then, I didn’t do any of the running since I already did it at the Combine, so I had to wait around for nearly four hours before I had to throw. It kind of got a little nerve-racking just watching everybody go and biding my time, but it was fun. We just told each other that we are going to come out here and have fun. We’ve been in much more pressure-packed situations. Out here, it’s just pitch and catch and run and jump. It was fun.”


On what’s harder to prepare for: spring football or Pro Day...
“Preparing for Pro Day. Spring football is easy. Once you put the pads on, it just kind of takes over, and your football comes out. This kind of stuff is like a beauty contest. I’m not use to stuff like this. Everyone came up to me saying that I looked skinny. Well, they’ve got me eating junk food for two months, so I’m trying to get in shape. It was fun, but I’m definitely glad it’s over.”

On why he didn’t run the 40-yard dash...
“I ran at the Combine, and I thought my times were good enough, so I wanted to come out here and concentrate on the drills. At the Combine, the drills are kind of fast-paced, and there are 30 guys out there, so you don’t really get a good look at it. Out here, there was only four or five of us, so I really felt like I really wanted to come here and concentrate on that.”

On the draft process...
“It’s like nothing that I’ve ever done. Some people say it’s like recruiting, but it’s really not. It’s crazy. The Senior Bowl and Combine are the most stressful weeks, but they are also the most fun. You’re up until one in the morning, and then, they have you up at five in the morning just doing different things. It’s definitely a weird process, but I’m lucky enough to do it.”

On what skills scouts have questioned through the process...
“I think the questions coming in were if I could play running back in the NFL as well as fullback. They knew I could run the football, but they weren’t really sure about the fullback position and how strong I was. At the Combine, I did well on the 225-pound bench press, and I really showed them in the Senior Bowl that I could play fullback as well as tailback, so I think I helped myself a lot.”

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