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Men's Basketball Announces All-Decade Teams
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Published: March 05, 2008, 07:00 PM (CT)
Updated: October 29, 2009, 03:32 AM (CT)
by (@LSUsports), LSU Sports Interactive

BATON ROUGE -- Southeastern Conference and national Players of the Year, All-SEC selections, players who went on to great careers in professional sports, all help make up the all-decade teams for LSU men’s basketball from the 1940s through the 2000s as the Tigers complete their 100th basketball schedule at home against Alabama Wednesday night where the teams were announced.

Ten players were chosen from among thousands of votes cast by fans at for players nominated in each decade (the 1940s through the 2000s) and the top 10 selections were chosen. The 1970s has an 11th selection because of a tie for the final choice. The early years of the LSU men’s basketball program, 1909 through 1939, will have a 10-player team selected by the members of the centennial committee later in the spring.

“Speaking for the centennial committee, we are very proud of the several thousands of fans who cast vote for one or all or the all-decade teams over the past six weeks,” said LSU Centennial Co-Chair Kent Lowe, the senior associates SID and basketball SID at LSU. “The voting for some of the final spots was so close and as you can see we had a tie for the final spot on the 1970s team. The committee felt that a tie should be treated as such and so we have 11 players on that decade team.

“Our research team is in the process of gathering the information that the committee will use to put together the early years’ teams that will encompass the years from 1909 (the date of the first recognized varsity intercollegiate game) to 1939 and there were some exceptional players that people may not these days be familiar with.”

Of course, highlighting the players on the decade teams announced were the three whose jerseys hang high over the Maravich Center Bob Pettit (on the 1950s team), Pete Maravich (on the 1960s team) and Shaquille O’Neal (on the 2000’s team).

Frank Brian, this year’s “Living Legend” at the SEC Tournament in Atlanta next week representing LSU is a member of the 1940s decade team along with two players who would go on to have prominent careers in the major leagues Joe Bill Adcock and Alvin Dark.

The 1950s featured LSU’s first Final Four team and Pettit, a Naismith Hall of Famer and an NBA legend, is joined by teammate Ned Clark who thanks to research by the NCAA shortly before the 2008 season was given his long missing freshman rebound total that moved him to fifth all-time at LSU with just under 1,000 boards.

The 1960’s team featured Dick Maile who was a first-team All-SEC selection in 1964 and 1965 along with of course, the amazing Maravich, also a Naismith Hall of Famer and the game’s all-time Division I scorer.

The 70’s decade saw the move from Coach Press Maravich and his players Bill Newton and Al “Little Apple” Sanders to the first group of stars who played for Dale Brown Kenny Higgs, Eddie Palubinskas and DeWayne Scales.

In the 1980s, LSU had two NCAA Final Four teams which may have made this decade the most difficult to choose from but they certainly remembered the star status of players like Ricky Blanton, Durand “Rudy” Macklin, Don Redden and Jerry Reynolds in their selections. Of course, the 1990s team belonged to O’Neal and the amazing Chris Jackson along with high scoring Ronnie Henderson.

John Brady brought the Tigers two SEC titles and a Final Four appearance and the 2000s team reflects that with Players of the Year Brandon Bass, Glen Davis and Stromile Swift on the list along with the one player remaining with eligibility Tasmin Mitchell.

All the members of the Decade teams along with the early years team that will be selected are eligible for the ballot for the LSU Basketball All-Century team. That voting will begin late in the summer and the team will be announced at basketball players reunion gala scheduled for Jan. 30, 2009. The Tigers will then play an SEC game in the Maravich Center on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009. There are also plans in the works for an alumni game of some shape to be played that same day.

The LSU Basketball All-Decade Teams (Players are listed under each decade alphabetically):

The 1940s
Joe Bill Adcock C 1945-47 Second Team All-SEC, 1946; SEC leading scorer, 1946 (18.6 ppg)
Charlie Bozeman C 1938-41 Leading scorer, 1941, 13.4 ppg; SEC leading scorer, 1939
Frank Brian F 1942-43; 1945-47 First Team All-SEC, 1943, Second Team All-SEC 1947
John Chaney F 1940-43 Second Team All-SEC, 1943
Alvin Dark G 1942-43 Team 19-5 in the SEC during his two years.
Richard “Whitey” Hoskins, Jr. G 1942-44 Second Team All-SEC, 1944
Clyde Lindsey F -- 1944-46 Three sport athlete; 15.7 ppg as a senior
Bobby Lowther F-- 1942-43; 1946-48 First Team All-America, Basketball, Track, 1946
Gene Murphy G -- 1948-51 Second Team All-SEC, 1949
Bill Walters G 1942-43; 1945-47 51-16 in three seasons at LSU

The 1950s
Don Belcher F 1952-55 Averaged 12.4 points in 1953; Member NCAA Final Four Team
Ned Clark F 1952-55 Member 1953 NCAA Final Four Team; 5th leading rebounder at LSU
Joe Dean G 1950-52 All-SEC First Team, 1952; NABC Silver Anniversary Team
Bob Pettit F 1952-54 Member 1953 NCAA Final Four Team; First Team A-A, 1953, 1954
Benny McArdle G 1951-54 All-SEC Second Team, 1953; Third Team, 1954
Bob Meador F 1948-51 All-SEC Third Team, 1950; 1st player to start ever game over 4 years
Lynn Moon C 1956-59 Best season of 10 points, 6.4 rebounds in 1959.
Wayne Munson F 1957-59 Averaged best of 10.2 points and 10.3 rebounds in 1958
Don Sebastian C 1953-56 Averaged 7.4 points, 1955; 11.5 points, 1956
Roger Sigler F 1953-57 All-SEC First Team, 1956 ... 22nd career scoring (1,318), 18th rebounds (713).

The 1960s
Tom Conklin C 1959-62 Averaged 10.7 ppg in 1960; leading rebounder in 1960 (7.4) and 1961 (9.0).
Ellis Cooper G 1961-63 All-Sec Second Team, 1963; Averaged almost 5 assists last two years.
Kenny Drost G 1965-67 Best year was 16.5 ppg in 1967
Maury Drummond C/F 1961-63 All-SEC 3rd team in 1962; 16th all-time in rebounds at LSU (736).
Ralph Jukkola F 1967-69 Second Best FG pct (63.8) in 1968; 24th on rebound list (601)
Dick Maile F 1963-65 First Team All-SEC in 1964, 1965; Averaged 20.7 points in 1964; 17.1 in 1965
Pete Maravich G 1968-70 National Player of the Year, 1969, 1970; Member Naismith Hall of Fame
George Nattin G 1960-62 All-SEC First Team in 1961; Third team in 1962; 16.5 ppg in 1961.
Dave Ramsden C 1967-69 Career field goal percentage leader 64.3; single season best of 67.5 (’69)
Bill Wilson C 1963-65 Averaged 11.0 points and 10.7 rebounds in 1964...28th on rebound list.

The 1970s (11 players because of a tie)
Al Green G 1979 One season at LSU; First Team All-SEC; Second Team All-American.
Lionel Green C 1976-79 In 1979, SEC title year, averaged 9.7 ppg, 11.1 rpg, 61 blocked shots
Glenn Hansen F 1974-75 20.5 average for 50 games; All-SEC 1974, 1975
Kenny Higgs G 1975-78 Single season (239) and career assists (645) lead at LSU.
Jordy Hultberg G 1977-80 34th on school scoring list, 1,067 points.
Ed LeBlanc C 1973-76 One of the first players in modern era to earn four letters ... 15th in rebounds
Bill “Fig” Newton F 1970-72 Averaged 18.8, 18.9 last 2 years...All-SEC 2nd team, 1971,  3rd team (’72)
Eddie Palubinskas G 1973-74 All-SEC 1973, 2nd team 1974; 18.6, 18.4 ppg in his two years
Al “Little Apple” Sanders C 1970-72 Premier rebounder of his time ... consensus All-SEC In 1971
DeWayne Scales F 1978-89 SEC Freshman of Year, 1978; HM A-A in 1979; MVP 1980 SEC Tourn.
Collis Temple, Jr. C 1972-74 Career best 15.0 points, 10.5 rebounds, 1974 ... SEC third team, 1974.
The 1980s
Ricky Blanton F 1985-86; 88-89 All-SEC 1988, 1989 ... Member NCAA Final Four team (1986)
Howard “Hi-C” Carter G 1980-83 All-SEC 1982, 1983 ... Played school record 4,265 minutes
Durand “Rudy” Macklin F 1976-78; 1979-81 Second all-time scorer (2,080 pts); leading rebounder.
Ethan Martin G 1978-81 Point guard, 1981 NCAA Final Four Team; 3rd team All-American, 1981
Leonard Mitchell F/C 1981-84 1st team All-SEC 1982 ... 1981 NCAA Final Four; 6th in rebounds (822)
Don Redden G 1983-86 NCAA Final Four member in 1986 .... 3rd all-time in free throw pct. (84.0 pct)
Jerry Reynolds G/F 1983-85 1st Team All-SEC 1984 ... In both career LSU scoring and rebound lists.
Derrick Taylor G 1982; 1984-86 Point guard on 1986 NCAA Final Four team ... 9th career scoring list.
John Williams F 1985-86 Member 1986 NCAA Final Four team ... Consensus All-SEC, 1986.
Nikita Wilson F/C 1984-87 First Team All-SEC 1985 ... 3rd Team All-SEC 1987 ... 17th in scoring.

The 1990s
Jamie Brandon G 1992-94 2nd team All-SEC 1993, 1994 ... No. 2 career 3 pt FG pct (43.8).
Maurice Carter G 1996-99 1st team All-SEC, 1999 ...17.3 points, 1999 ... 23rd in scoring, 1,299 points
Clarence Ceasar F 1992-95 Member 1,000 point500 rebound club ... Career leader steals all-time
Ronnie Henderson G 1993-96 1st team All-SEC, 1995, 1996 ... Led SEC in scoring (1995 and 1996).
Chris Jackson G 1989-90 SEC POY in 1989, 1990, First Team A-A, 1989, 1990 in scoring.
Randy Livingston G 1995-96  -- Injury-filled career, but one of most talent point guards ever
Shaquille O’Neal C 1990-92 Number retired ... 1st Team A-A in 1991, 1992 ... AP POY, 1991
Wayne Sims   F -- 1988-91 29th on school scoring list, 23rd on school rebound list.
Vernel Singleton   F -- 1989-92 All-SEC 1991 ... 13th all-time scoring (1,513 points), 11th rebounds (6.3).
Maurice Williamson G 1990; 1991-93 3rd team All-SEC, 1990; 12.2 pts in 1990, 10.4 pts in 1003.

The 2000s
Brandon Bass F -- 2004-05 SEC FOY in 2004; SEC POY in 2005 ... 17.3 pts, 9.1 rebounds in 2005.
Torris Bright G -- 2000-03 SEC FOY in 2000 .... Started 128 of 129 games, 2nd minutes played (4,250).
Glen Davis F -- 2005-07 SEC FOY in 2005; SEC POY in 2006 ... Wooden Award A-A (2006).
Ronald Dupree F -- 2000-03 2nd Team All-SEC 2002, 03 ...8th scoring (1,726), 8th rebounds (908)
Darrel Mitchell G 2003-06 Member 2006 NCAA Final Four team...All-SEC, 2006; 11th in scoring
Tasmin Mitchell F 2006-active Only active player named ... Member 2006 NCAA Final Four team
Jabari Smith C 1999-2000 2nd team All-SEC, 2000 ... Averaged 12.7 points 1999, 12.2 in 2000
Stromile Swift F 1999-2000 SEC POY in 2000, 16.2 points, 8.2 rebounds in 2000, 95 blocks
Collis Temple III G 2000-03 Averaged 10.2 points for 115 games, 27th all-time in scoring
Tyrus Thomas F 2006 SEC FOY, 2006 ... 2006 NCAA Final Four member ... Co-Defensive POY

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