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IN FOCUS: Corey Thompson

Hannah McDuffie
Hannah McDuffie
Communications Student Assistant

With two injuries holding him back in previous seasons, linebacker Corey Thompson is eager to step back onto the field and motivate his teammates in the 2017 season.

“From a leadership standpoint, I want to motivate my teammates to be better football players and to be better outside of the game,” Thompson explained.

Looking back at his years at LSU, Thompson is grateful that he signed and attended LSU as a student-athlete despite challenges he faced.

“It’s not easy being a student-athlete,” Thompson said. “I learned a lot from school and from the football program. I did a lot of growing, learning and it challenged me, but looking back at it, I appreciate everything I went through.”

Thompson is entering his sixth season as an LSU Tiger and plans to accomplish big goals on the field.

“It stems from within,” Thompson said. “I believe that I have a lot left on the table. I want to get my stats up and have an impact on the game for my last year here.”

Thompson also hopes to learn and grow more as a leader on the defensive team and leave behind a legacy.

“My legacy is probably that I stepped up as a leader my last year,” Thompson said. “I flew under the radar and got the job done. I can have people look back and say, ‘Yeah, he did what he was supposed to do and he was a great football player.’”

However, one thing Thompson said he couldn’t compete with is head coach Ed Orgeron’s energy.

“He’s got a lot of energy,” Thompson said, laughing. “He has so much energy I couldn’t even think of having before. I have nothing but love for him. We have a good relationship.”

Thompson described Coach Orgeron as being a “cool guy” and easy to talk to and be around.

Thompson’s decision to sign with LSU in 2012 was determined by LSU’s defense.

“LSU was the most elite school for defensive players to attend at the time I came through,” Thompson explained. “I thought, ‘Yeah, I need to make my way here.’”

Since being at LSU, Thompson has a plethora of great memories that he said he will always remember.

“There are a lot of memories. I can’t really pick out one,” Thompson said. “Just, you know, good times with the fellas. I particularly enjoy the bowl games, always have fun, and playing a different team you normally don’t see.”

A native of Missouri City, Texas – which is located in the Houston metropolitan area - Thompson expressed concern for those in and around Houston going through the historic flooding.

“I’ll say the main thing I’m worried about is flood damages,” Thompson explained. “I’m not worried about the flood itself, but what people will go through after. My house is good, I’m blessed enough to say that, but not everybody is as fortunate.”

Thompson has been in touch with his family throughout Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath and said his family is doing okay.

“Houston will bounce back,” Thompson said. “I’ve been talking to all my folks at home and they’re all good.”

Once Thompson completes his master’s degree in liberal arts, he hopes to be drafted into the NFL.

“I definitely want to go pro,” Thompson said. “While I’m doing that, I have some goals that will set me up for life.”

Off the field, Thompson’s aspirations are different than most NFL hopefuls. Thompson plans to franchise several restaurants, including one restaurant he discovered in Los Angeles called SlapFish.

“SlapFish was probably some of the best food I ever had,” Thompson said. “I’m all about fun and food and want to continue that with a franchise.”




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